Did Israel Do a Deal With the Devil for the Nuclear Bomb?

A thin faced Adolf Eichmann listens to the reading of a 15 count indictment, accusing him of the murder of millions of Jews during World War II, as a guard stands beside him.
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Did Israel Do a Deal With the Devil for the Nuclear Bomb?

It’s now well documented that Germany’s postwar government was thoroughly infiltrated by Nazis. It’s also well known that these Nazis helped their more notorious colleagues escape. But the Times of London just gave us a much better picture of the role the State of Israel played in the cover-up.

On May 11, 1960, Israeli agents captured the infamous Holocaust organizer Adolf Eichmann and brought him to Jerusalem to face trial.

It was a nerve-wracking time for Berlin. The Central Intelligence Agency reported that Chancellor Konrad Adenauer’s government was following the Eichmann trial “with growing apprehension, sometimes bordering on hysteria.” A Foreign Ministry state secretary said it was “quite possible that incriminating material against employees of the federal and state governments will come to light.”

Germany was worried about the trial because “Eichmann was like a walking bomb because he knew so much … and if he had spilled the beans he would have sent quite a few people into a spin,” according to freelance journalist Gabriele Weber.

They had good reason to be concerned. For years, Weber has fought a legal battle over the German government’s files on Eichmann. Around 10 years ago, she forced Germany’s intelligence service to publish some of its material. They showed how Germany’s intelligence service helped Eichmann escape from a prisoner-of-war camp. The Catholic Church then helped him flee to Argentina.

Germany had known for years where Eichmann was. So did the cia. They were sweating bullets because they were afraid Israel would reveal it all. But Israel didn’t. And thanks to a report in the Times of London, we now know why.

Germany was concerned that Eichmann’s lead defense lawyer, Robert Servatius, was an undercover agent. He helped keep certain names out of Eichmann’s testimony. One of these names was Hans Globke, who wrote the definitive handbook on the anti-Semitic Nuremberg laws. His guidelines on how to apply the laws, state, for example, that no German female servant could work in the same household as a Jewish man because of the “racially pernicious sexual threat” he posed. During the war, Globke traveled across Europe drawing up new laws to strip Jews of property and issue guidelines on how to identify “lesser” races.

But after testimony from Cardinal Konrad von Preysing, the archbishop of Berlin, Globke was freed by the Allies in 1945. In 1949, he became a top adviser to Konrad Adenauer. Here, he worked with Reinhard Gehlen, a former Nazi spymaster who set up Germany’s postwar intelligence service. Gehlen used the service to spy on German politicians and passed the information on to Globke. Globke also helped restore backpay and pension to civil servants who had served the Nazis. From 1953 to 1963, he was Adenauer’s chief of staff. The Times called him the “true architect of modern Germany.”

For Eichmann to drop his name, among others, as one of his key helpers, would have been deeply embarassing to the German government. They stopped it coming out in court. They also pressured the cia to remove all mentions of Globke from Eichmann’s memoirs. But Eichmann was in Israeli custody. How could they stop the Israelis from publishing all the details?

Der Spiegel reported 10 years ago that Germany dangled hopes of much-needed military aid and weapons sales in exchange for Israeli cooperation over Eichmann. The Times claims the deals were even bigger; that, in fact, Germany went nuclear.

The Times reported that in the months before the trial, Globke and Adenauer worked on a secret deal to lend Israel 2 billion deutsch marks (us$5.5 billion in today’s money) for a “development project” in the Negev desert. Given that Israel spent nine months preparing for Eichmann’s trial, it’s likely the deal began after he was captured.

The Times reported, “The files released to Weber suggest this was in fact the atomic research facility and heavy-water reactor at Dimona, the cradle of Israel’s nuclear weapons program.”

The Times quoted a memo from the German foreign minister regarding a meeting between then German Defense Minister Franz-Josef Strauss and Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. The memo states: “Ben-Gurion addressed the production of atomic weapons. In the conversation, Ben-Gurion explained that the chancellor had promised him Germany would take part in the development of the Negev desert.”

Another Foreign Ministry document stated, “In no event can we make any undertakings before the conclusion of the Eichmann trial”—implying help with the nuclear program was in exchange for Israel’s cooperation over Eichmann. The Times said that another file “suggests that the U.S. president of the day, John F. Kennedy, who had met Globke in Bonn a few months earlier, was privately informed of the scheme a few weeks before his assassination in November 1963.”

But this isn’t the only time Germany has assisted with Israel’s nuclear program. The Times pointed out that Germany has supplied equipment to the nuclear physics department at the Weizmann Institute in Israel.

More recently, in 1991, Germany agreed to fund and build two diesel submarines for Israel. During the Gulf War, Israel had come under attack by Iraqi rockets built, in part, with German technology. The submarines were an apology. Since then, Germany has subsidized the construction of several more Israeli submarines. And the two have a contract in place for Germany to build the next generation of these subs, to be ready around 2027.

The Dolphin class submarines are believed to carry Israel’s nuclear weapons.

To construct its nuclear deterrent, its last and most powerful line of defense, Israel has turned repeatedly to Germany.

We at the Trumpet have warned for years that Israel’s peace process will soon fail, and in the ensuing crisis, Israel will turn to Germany. Hosea 5:13 states, “When Ephraim saw his sickness, and Judah saw his wound, then went Ephraim to the Assyrian, and sent to king Jareb: yet could he not heal you, nor cure you of your wound.” The Hebrew here shows that the Jews turn to Assyria—Germany in Bible prophecy.

Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon defines the word wound as “the pressing together, binding up of a wound; hence used figuratively of a remedy applied to the wounds of the state.” The cure applied is the wound. In Obadiah 7, the same word is used to describe a deceitful peace pact. Israel’s peace process is its wound.

When that fact is exposed, Israel turns to Germany.

Israel has already demonstrated that attitude. Its plan for what to do if the Jewish state were ever entirely wiped out relies on German technology: The nuclear missiles on board German submarines would avenge the nation’s death.

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry described this wound in his April 2020 article “Will the Trump Peace Plan Bring Peace to Israel?”:

Wound in Hosea means bandage. It’s as if a bandage is hopelessly applied to an open, running sore. From the beginning of the peace process, the Jews have looked to men, often their enemies, for help—not God. That is the unseen wound.

So little trust in God—so much trust in their enemies!

The real wound is spiritual: a lack of faith in God. The Jews keep trying to heal themselves by making peace pacts. They were strong when they trusted God.

The Israelis will finally see that their peace agreement with the Palestinians has failed. They really only see the effect of their wound, not the cause. That is why they turn to Germany for another peace pact, placing their trust in an even greater enemy! Once again they will fail to trust God. This will lead to the worst disaster in the Jews’ long history of suffering.

That is where this peace plan is leading.

The fact that Israel would do a deal with former Nazis to build their nuclear program helps expose this wound.

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