Russia’s Military ‘Dazzles’ With New Weapons

A Russian Army Mi-28 helicopter launches rockets during military exercises at the Raevsky range in Southern Russia on September 23.

Russia’s Military ‘Dazzles’ With New Weapons

Your move, nato.

Russia’s military budget is a well-kept secret. But between 2005 and 2018, military expenditure doubled to around $180 billion, according to Michael Kofman of the Center for Naval Analyses think tank. That amounts to about 4 percent of Russia’s gross domestic product, and three times more than Britain spends on its military. What has all this money purchased?

The Russian Federation Special Forces landed in Pakistan for joint military exercises on November 5 aimed at sharing experiences in counter-terrorism. The two began holding joint exercises in 2016, and have highlighted the growing military cooperation between these two nations.

But even next to Pakistan, which is a nuclear power in its own right, one can’t help but see how the Russian military forces “dazzle” after years of reform. It’s come a long way since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

“No army in the world is in as wretched a state as ours,” lamented Sergei Shoygu, Russia’s defense minister in 1994. Today, the army is transformed, in large part thanks to a lot of money.

A great deal of this money has been spent on innovative military equipment. Just last month, Russia state-owned defense corporation Rostec released footage of its new combat exoskeleton, the Stormer.

“The exoskeleton is hidden beneath the clothes and gear,” says Russian news agency tass. “It allows for easily carrying up to 60 kilograms of combat equipment and weapons, while its own weight is 6 kilograms.”

This is the sort of equipment the Pentagon has unsuccessfully pursued for the last four decades. Meanwhile, Russia is looking to adopt futuristic armored suits as its military’s stock combat outfit by 2025.

Much more money has been spent on the 600 new planes, 840 helicopters and 2,300 drones Russia has added over the last decade, according to Julian Cooper of the University of Birmingham. This overhaul has not only increased the sheer size of Russia’s military weapons stockpile, it has also vastly improved the machinery itself.

According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies (iiss), 99 percent of Russian armor was over three decades old in 2007. Today, 27 percent has been modernized. The same goes for Russia’s warplanes, going from 3 percent modern to 71 percent modern in that time.

However, the Economist noted that Russia’s “most important investments were in precision missiles like the land-based Iskander, sea-launched Kalibr and air-launched Kh-101, putting in range targets across Europe.”

Such missiles would allow Russia to accurately strike targets in Europe. According to Dmitry Stefanovich of a Moscow-based research institute, 10 years ago Russia only dreamed of being able to strike Syrian targets from the Caspian Sea. “Now it’s a reality,” he said.

Much more, in a European war, these missiles could also threaten areas west of the Rhine, past Germany and the Netherlands, into Belgium and France.

In a direct conflict with European powers, Russia would be ready for battle much more quickly than nato. The Economist stated that Russia could mobilize and arm 100,000 soldiers to a European hotspot within 30 days. It would take nato more than that time to assemble even half that number.

The ascendancy of the Russian military is taking away nato’s peace of mind. Even the advantages Europe currently has are slowly being eroded. According to the iiss, a long conflict would see nato ultimately outgun Russia. And so, Russian President Vladimir Putin has invested in a Russian blitz through hypersonic gliders, radioactive torpedoes and nuclear-powered cruise missiles capable of circling the Earth indefinitely.

This is all without even considering Russia’s partnership with other Asian states. As with Pakistan, Russia is the powerful focal point of ever strengthening military ties between other Asian states such as China and India.

Russia is the eminent military force though. According to Michael Kofman, Russia and China have similar weapons and troops, but because of actual Russian military experience, the difference between the militaries is “night and day.”

In Syria, Russia has been able to perfect and experiment with cyberattacks and drones, test precision strikes and unmanned vehicles, while measuring its air defense against hostile drone swarms.

Russia is perfectly placed to lead a powerful military alliance in Asia, one that poses a significant threat to Europe. And Bible prophecy says that it will.

Revelation 9:16 speaks of an army numbering 200 million troops. Where would such a large army come from? It would have to come from Asia. This can only be describing the Asian military behemoth which the Bible calls “the kings of the east” (Revelation 16:12).

“Current events show this Asian army is taking shape already,” Mr. Flurry writes. “You can see it in Putin’s growing authoritarianism, and also in his outreach to other Asian powers. Russia has supplied China with many military armaments over the last decade or so; it also helped the Chinese go nuclear. For many years the Russians have been allied with China, at least to some degree.

But there will also be other powers involved.”

Hence the joint military exercise with Pakistan, the multibillion-dollar trade pacts with China and India, even the warmer ties being fostered with Japan.

Europe is waking up to the fact that it would be woefully unprepared for conflict with Russia. Mr. Flurry writes that this growing European fear will result in a reaction that will lead to the fulfillment of another Bible prophecy, one that will trigger World War iii.

Fear of Russia will “cause 10 leaders in Europe to unite in a sudden and dramatic way” as the only way to safeguard against an aggressive and dangerous Russia.

Mr. Flurry writes:

The same Bible that accurately prophesies a powerful prince of Russia also prophesies that an Asian superpower will do battle in a final world war—primarily against a German-led Europe… War is coming between Russia and China and a German-led Europe—war on a scale that is hard to imagine! Millions and even billions of people will be killed. Nuclear bombs and other weapons of mass destruction are going to impact every nation on Earth!

But the Bible also prophesies that at the end of all of these wars, the world is going to see the greatest event ever in the universe: the Second Coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ! As Christ Himself said, if He didn’t return, there would literally be no flesh saved alive (Matthew 24:22; Moffatt). But before humanity annihilates itself, He will return and stop all this madness!

Please request your free copy of Mr. Flurry’s booklet The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia’ to prove these prophecies for yourself, from the Bible, and to gain full understanding of these events and the wonderful hope that lies beyond.