Canadian Politicians Team Up With Radical Islam

Conservative Party of Canada leader Erin O’Toole arrives on Parliament Hill August 25 in Ottawa, Ontario.
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Canadian Politicians Team Up With Radical Islam

If one thing unites the right and the left, it’s the tacit acceptance of Islamic fundamentalism.

Does Canada have an extremism problem?

For most, the mention of this mild-mannered country, known mostly for its ice sports, maple syrup and natural resources, does not bring to mind images of rampant corruption or extremist ideologies.

Canada is classified as a democratic First World nation, with an economy advanced enough to take part in the Group of Seven. Its armed forces have fought against Islamic terrorism, communism and fascism. Yet today, its battle with extremism is much closer to home.

In 2011, then Prime Minister Stephen Harper warned that even a decade after 9/11, radical Islam still posed a threat to Canada.

Today, it appears his warning is more relevant than ever. Recent developments in both the Conservative and Liberal parties of Canada point to a trend of tacit acceptance toward Islamic extremist ideology.

On August 24, Member of Parliament Erin O’Toole won the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership race, with 57 percent of the vote. M.P. Peter MacKay came in second place at 43 percent. O’Toole is looked on positively by many Canadians, who see him as an agent of change. He has spoken out against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s inaction on China and the ongoing conflict of interest scandal plaguing the Liberal Party.

However, beyond his repeated claims of being a “true blue” conservative lies a concerning lack of action against the spread of radical Islamic and anti-Semitic beliefs in Canada’s government.

This problem is not totally unique to Canada. It bears some resemblance to how United Kingdom Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-Semitic views were exposed in the lead-up to the 2019 general election. Yet there are two important differences: For one, the problem has not been discussed by any major media; second, the problem is not confined to one left-wing party. It affects both of Canada’s major parties.

O’Toole’s campaign chair is one example. On the surface, Walied Soliman is a highly decorated and successful Toronto lawyer. He is the global chair of legal firm Norton Rose Fulbright. He also served as campaign chair to Patrick Brown, who led the Conservative Party from 2015 to 2018.

Among Soliman’s many connections is the Muslim Brotherhood—chiefly through an organization called the Muslim Association of Canada (mac). This organization was named in a Royal Canadian Mounted Police search warrant, which discovered it had sent nearly $300,000 to the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy (irfan-Canada), a designated terrorist organization. irfan-Canada was designated as a terrorist organization in April 2014 after losing its charitable status in 2011 for funneling $14.6 million to Hamas-backed terrorists between 2005 and 2009.

Besides sending money to designated terrorist groups, mac runs a network of mosques known for extremist rhetoric. One video emerged showing an assistant imam praying, “Oh Allah! Purify the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews!” and “Oh Allah! Count their number; slay them one by one and spare none of them.” The meaning of the words has been disputed, but regardless of which translation one believes, it remains provocative.

mac has had other incidents of hate speech as well. It has hosted Abdurraheem Green, an imam living in Birmingham, England, who once told the New Zealand Herald that “dying while fighting jihad is one of the surest ways to paradise and Allah’s good pleasure.” He has advocated stoning and forced amputation, punishments in Sharia law. On another occasion, mac invited the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Imam Ekrima Sabri, to speak. He has called Jews “cowardly creatures” and spoken highly of child suicide bombers. “The younger the martyr, the greater and the more I respect him,” he told Egypt’s Al-Ahram Al-Ahrabi newspaper in 2000.

In 2019, mac recognized Soliman as its Global Citizen Laureate. Soliman is also currently involved with the growing field of Sharia law-compliant Islamic finance, which he has worked to advance for over a decade. Knowing this, Ontario Premier Doug Ford appointed him chair of the Capital Markets Modernization Taskforce, a consultation aimed at “modernizing” provincial investment and regulatory rules for the first time in 15 years and “supporting economic growth and job creation.”

Conservative Party connections to the Muslim Brotherhood do not stop with Soliman.

Member of provincial parliament Kaleed Rasheed is a supporter of Islamic Society of North America, which had its charitable status revoked for a year due to funding the Pakistani terrorist group Hizbul Mujahideen. Yet even more overt is his support for the Al-Qazzaz Foundation, which he promoted in an April 17, 2019, speech at the Ontario legislature. He stated that the organization is committed to “social justice” and “equity of access and outcome.” What he did not say is that the organization has Muslim Brotherhood links.

Khaled al-Qazzaz, the charity’s founder, served as foreign relations secretary for Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president who ruled from 2012 to 2013. Qazzaz was imprisoned when Morsi was driven from power. His brother-in-law, a Canadian citizen named Ahmad Attia, campaigned for his release. Attia is a member of mac. Peter MacKay, who came second in the Conservative leadership vote, later appointed Attia as his Muslim liaison minister.

The Conservative Party may be trying to gain favor in the eyes of Canada’s approximately 1 million Muslims, who account for 3 percent of the national population. More than half of this population lives in Ontario, Canada’s most industrialized province.

Yet the Conservatives are not open to all Muslims. Salim Mansur is a Muslim who has devoted his life to writing about the dangers of radical Islam. Growing up in India, he personally experienced the Indo-Pakistani war, losing members of his immediate family. He arrived in Canada as a refugee and began working as a journalist and an academic, warning about the dangers of Islamic extremism.

“I came to Canada. I went to university. I did all of that. And then, suddenly, I see the very people who had brought the disaster in the part of the world from where I fled were now ensconced right here in Canada,” Mansur said in an interview with True North Canada. “So I started talking about it. I started writing about it.”

Mansur had been on his way to joining the Conservative Party in Parliament when he was abruptly dismissed in June 2019 on the grounds of his views being “Islamophobic.”

It’s not only the Conservative Party that has partnered with radical Islam. Liberal politicians have plenty of connections to extremist organizations as well.

The most prolific is M.P. Omar Alghabra. While working for Human Concern International, he arranged for $68,820 to be given to irfan-Canada, the designated terrorist organization. From 2004 to 2005, he served as president of the Canadian Arab Federation (caf), a charity tasked with helping resettle Arab immigrants arriving in Canada. The group derived 74 percent of its budget from taxpayer money—about $1 million. In 2009, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney stated in an e-mail that this group was “radical and anti-Semitic,” calling the government’s funding of it “shameful.” That same year, the government cut off its funding. In 2014, the group launched an appeal against this decision. However, the court only found more evidence of extremism: caf officials had compared Israelis to Nazis, encouraged murder of Jewish children, and held an essay contest on the subject of “ethnic cleansing” in Israel. Alghabra was not the head of the caf when this happened, but Kenney told the National Post that Alghabra “criticized my decision to defund caf.”

This is not the only revealing criticism Alghabra has made. In June 2005, he wrote a letter to former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair, criticizing his involvement in the “Walk for Israel” charitable event. Also that year, Alghabra opposed an anti-terrorism bill while accusing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service of “systemic errors” in profiling potential terrorists.

Shortly before this, at the death of Yasser Arafat in November 2004, the caf under Alghabra’s leadership took a positive view of Arafat’s legacy, publishing a press release expressing their “sorrow and regret.”

Alghabra’s views do not appear to have shifted in recent years. On Dec. 1, 2019, he attended the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People hosted by the Arab Palestine Association of Ontario. Part of the program featured children dancing to songs promoting anti-Semitic violence. An outgoing member of the Green party was also present. Neither made any statements condemning the event.

While Alghabra is one of the most well-known supporters of these views, he is not the only one. Another Liberal member of parliament, Iqra Qalid, has also attended anti-Semitic events. In 2018, she represented the Trudeau government at a celebration of Land Day hosted by Palestine House.

Land Day is symbolic of the Palestinian Authority’s desire to wipe Israel out and claim the land for itself. Six years earlier, in 2012, Palestine House lost its government funding after Jason Kenny identified its “pattern of support for extremism.”

Acceptance of radical Islam in Canadian politics touches even the Canadian prime minister himself. Three years before being elected, Justin Trudeau spoke at an irfan-sponsored event, the annual “Reviving the Spirit of Islam” convention in Toronto. This was in 2012, one year after the cra had revoked its charitable status. At that time, Trudeau was running for leadership of the Liberal Party. He dismissed critics of his decision as “short-sighted.”

Neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives have faced backlash for allowing these connections to continue. The current liberal government is mired in controversy, albeit for a different reason.

For two months, Prime Minister Trudeau has battled through a conflict-of-interest scandal. It began when he appointed WE Charity, an organization focusing on humanitarian issues abroad, to handle a financial relief program for unemployed Canadian students during coronavirus. However, it later emerged that the prime minister, his wife, brother and mother had been paid tens of thousands to speak regularly at charity events.

If the Ethics Commissioner finds Trudeau guilty, this will be the third time since his election in 2015.

Not long after, Finance Minister Bill Morneau was also implicated in the scandal. In violation of the Conflict of Interest Act, Morneau’s family accepted a free trip by private jet to WE Charity’s property in Kenya. His daughters regularly spoke at the charity’s events. This led to Morneau’s resignation as finance minister and exit from Parliament on August 17.

The next day, Trudeau prorogued Parliament until September 23. This could trigger a crisis whenever Parliament does return—possibly even an election.

Looking at the corruption and confusion reigning in Canada’s government right now, it can be easy to either lose hope or to want to ignore the problems altogether. Many Canadians are distant from the troubles of Parliament, and assume that life will go on as it always has. But will it?

The Trumpet is different from other news websites because its forecasts about the future are informed by Bible prophecy. What could the Bible, a book written thousands of years ago by authors in the Middle East and Asia Minor, have to say about modern-day Canada? As Herbert W. Armstrong, author of The United States and Britain in Prophecy, wrote: “An exciting, pulsating, vital third of all the Bible is devoted to prophecy. And approximately 90 percent of all prophecy pertains to our time, now.”

He went on to prove in detail that Britain and the British people come from ancient Israel. This includes former colonies and dominions, such as Canada.

Prophecy is for our day, and the Bible records a stark warning for the U.S. and Britain, including Canada. This same book also gives the only real solution to current troubles.

Is there a solution to the widespread corruption plaguing both parties in what has been one of the world’s most stable democracies?

Politicians are unable to offer lasting solutions to curb corruption, stamp out extremism, or to fix any other problem mankind faces. At the best, they can stave off these problems temporarily. God describes our failure to deal with these problems: “The whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint. From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment” (Isaiah 1:5-6).

What does this inaction on our societal ills lead to? The prophecy continues, “Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers” (verses 6-7). Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry explains this in his free booklet on Isaiah: “Our cities in the United States and Britain will be burned by fire from rioting within. ‘Strangers,’ or Gentiles, within and without will play a major role in devouring our land.”

Could this happen in formerly peaceful, open, democratic Canada? Prophecy says it will. The entire world, including Canada, the U.S. and Britain, will experience a time of “great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be” (Matthew 24:21).

Canada has been blessed with stability, peace and wealth, but it is gradually losing those blessings. Our free book The United States and Britain in Prophecy will make plain the reason why. It will show you that beyond the coming suffering there is a bright future for Canada, Britain, the United States and all nations. It will give you hope that no politician can.


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It has to start in your own home.

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Perspective on America’s ‘Genocide’

A Rohingya refugee child at the Kutupalong Rohingya refugee camp in Ukhiya on August 25; around a million Rohingya refugees have been stuck in Bangladesh for three years since escaping Myanmar.
K M Asad/LightRocket via Getty Images

Perspective on America’s ‘Genocide’

Just how bad is racism and police brutality in ‘the land of the free’?

A shipment of $800,000 worth of hair was recently seized in the Port of New York. I’d like to show you why, in a minute.

I want to give you some perspective on the race problems that are hitting America so hard. We’ll look at some examples of racism, police brutality, and even genocide that help us to see just how serious this problem can be.

As we do, think about why you hear so much about “genocide” in the United States and so little about genocide in these places.

In the predominantly Buddhist country of Myanmar, a mostly Muslim minority group called the Rohingya is unwelcome. The government denies them citizenship, restricts their freedom of movement, and refuses them state education. It didn’t even count them in the country’s last census—it considers them illegal immigrants.

What are these people to do against such repression? Some came to believe the time for talk and peaceful protest was over—action was needed. In August 2017, militants calling themselves the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army attacked police posts and killed 12 officers.

Perhaps many Americans would say this act was justified, even praiseworthy.

Now, mark well the government’s response to this violent incident. We hear a lot about how “authoritarian” the U.S. government has been in controlling Antifa and Black Lives Matter protests and riots. Here is what the government of Myanmar did:

“Myanmar’s security forces responded starting August 25 [2017] with a scorched-earth campaign against the Rohingya population …,” the Washington Post reported. “Thousands of civilians were killed, their villages burned to the ground, and some 750,000 people fled for their lives to Bangladesh. The violence included massacres. On September 2, 10 Rohingya men from the village of Inn Din were roped together and killed. At least two had been hacked to death by Buddhist villagers, and the rest were shot by Myanmar’s security forces, according to Reuters, which interviewed witnesses to the massacre and exposed it. Later, the Myanmar authorities cleared away the Rohingya homes and paved over the Rohingya villages to create new government barracks.”

Villages across northern Rakhine state, home to more than a million Rohingya at the time, were razed. The government denies doing that; it says the Rohingya burned down their own homes, if you want to believe that.

Today about a million of these people live in refugee camps. Half of them are children. In January the International Court of Justice ruled that Myanmar must protect these people, and it wants to investigate whether a genocide took place. Myanmar’s government rejected the ruling and will not comply.

This is police brutality: villages burned, people massacred, thousands killed, a million refugees. The Post wrote: “It is time to call the Rohingya destruction what it is: a crime against humanity, and genocide.” It seems a good case could be made for that indictment.

Meanwhile in the U.S., police have somewhere between 50 million and 200 million interactions with citizens every year. Of these, about 1,000 involve deadly shootings. Last year, 28 unarmed black Americans were killed by police—out of 44 million black Americans. Less than 1 in 1.5 million. And virtually all of whom, though “unarmed,” were committing crimes or posing a deadly threat.

Yet people are calling this a “genocide.”

No one is arguing that America’s police don’t make mistakes, or that there aren’t some bad police. But think of the Rohingya for perspective. These people would willingly embrace the supposed police brutality suffered by minorities in America over what they have experienced as a minority in Myanmar.

In northern Iraq lives a religious minority called the Yazidis. They share some practices with Christians, others with Muslims—and some say they are one of the most violently persecuted minorities in the world.

In 2014, the Islamist extremist group Islamic State captured the Iraqi city of Mosul and targeted the Yazidis for extermination. “The men, and those women deemed too old to be auctioned off as concubines, were murdered,” Tom Holland and Gareth Browne recently wrote in the Spectator. “Girls were enslaved, sold, raped. Boys were abducted to be brainwashed and turned into killers for [the Islamic State]. Here is the closest comparison that the current carnage in the Middle East offers to the Nazi persecution of the Jews. If parallels with the Second World War must be drawn, then it is the Yazidis, of all the miserable peoples of Iraq and Syria, who have suffered the most terrible holocaust.”

At the time, journalists would not enter the area to report the atrocities because the terrorists were beheading journalists. The full horror of what happened only came to light after the Islamic State was defeated, much of it quite recently. Holland and Browne describe some of the details that have emerged: “Yazidis shot and thrown like refuse into pits; men and boys beheaded in front of their families; girls as young as 8 subjected to gang rape; beatings; forced conversions; torture; slavery. In a camp I visited, a woman who had been raped for an entire year, then shot in the head when her owner grew tired of her, then finally sold back to her husband, lay curled in a fetal ball in a makeshift tent, rocking and moaning to herself.”

The violence sparked a mass migration of Yazidis to camps in the nearby Kurdish region. Though some years have passed since the Islamic State was pushed back, many of these families have never returned because of the trauma they suffered there.

One emergency room doctor from Doctors Without Borders said, “Everyone here has lost at least one family member or friend, and all over the Sinjar region there is an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and loss. [T]he extent of loss in this community is incomprehensible and compounded by the trauma of extreme violence, humiliation, mass displacement, poverty and neglect.”

The United Nations has labeled what happened to the Yazidis a genocide.

This is what the word genocide means. For a blm protester to complain of genocide in America is not only fallacious, it is insulting to people like the Yazidis who are actually being destroyed in a genocide.

In the Xinjiang region in northwest China, evidence is continually emerging of the Chinese government actively working to exterminate the Uyghur population. The crackdown started in 2017, as authorities began punishing people for having too many children—even children born decades earlier. Investigations have revealed what some experts are calling “demographic genocide.”

“The state regularly subjects minority women to pregnancy checks, and forces intrauterine devices, sterilization and even abortion on hundreds of thousands, the interviews and data show,” the Associated Press reported. “Police raid homes, terrifying parents as they search for hidden children” (June 29).

Because of such policies, birth rates in Xinjiang plummeted 24 percent just last year.

AP quotes Joanne Smith Finley of Newcastle University: “It’s genocide, full stop. It’s not immediate, shocking, mass-killing-on-the-spot-type genocide, but it’s slow, painful, creeping genocide. These are direct means of genetically reducing the Uyghur population.”

People with too many children are sent to detention camps, which the government calls “vocational training centers.” There they are “reeducated”—forced to give up their religion, forced to learn Chinese, and forced to pledge loyalty to the state—on pain of torture.

Americans accuse their president of being a dictator. If you want perspective on what real authoritarianism looks like, look at China. This is happening as you read this article.

This brings us to the shipment of weaves and other beauty accessories seized in New York earlier this year. It was worth an estimated $800,000, and it weighed 13 tons. It came from China, a country on which Americans rely on heavily for cheap products—including hair extensions.

Why seize such a shipment? Because of evidence that these products are made of human hair stolen from women the Communist Party of China has imprisoned in these camps.

Is this not something that should provoke moral outrage? Are America’s racial justice warriors really concerned about justice? Is their motivation actually equality for minorities, freedom from tyranny, opposition to dictators? If so, shouldn’t they spare some of their outrage for what’s happening to the Uyghurs and other “marginalized” minorities being oppressed by obviously dictatorial regimes?

Are they willing to compare the injustices and inequality and tyranny and genocide supposedly plaguing America with what millions of other people are suffering right now?

To pretend like America is the epicenter of injustice is not “woke”—it is shutting your eyes to the world.

Look around. There are many more tragic examples—millions of them, in fact.

America’s national conversation on race keeps returning to slavery, and the evils of slavery in America—a practice that was painfully eradicated more than 160 years ago.

Yet today, at this moment, tens of thousands of black people are in slavery to Arab and Berber Muslims in the African nation of Mauritania. What do you suppose these slaves would think of free black Americans demanding reparations for slavery?

In Algeria and Libya, sub-Saharan Africans fleeing violence in their home countries are being captured by Arabs as they try to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. cnn actually filmed an auction where 12 Nigerians were sold for a few hundred dollars each. The Global Slavery Index estimates that Libya holds 48,000 black African slaves; Algeria, more than 100,000. Survivors report sex slavery and torture.

These black lives matter.

The latest report from the Walk Free Foundation estimates that some 40.3 million people live in modern slavery. That includes 15.4 million in forced marriages and 24.9 million in forced labor. Here is a 292-page report from this organization describing how this practice is still thriving the world over.

Incidentally, of the 167 nations about which the Walk Free Foundation has data, the United States is the 10th most free.

This perspective is critical. It vividly highlights how egregiously selective America’s leftists are in their moral outrage. They obsess over what they perceive as the sins and crimes of this nation—and are utterly silent about actual, obvious, documented, severe racism, slavery and genocide shattering lives in other nations right now.

Millionaire nba players are boycotting games to protest police brutality and genocide in their own country—while they and their league continue to make lucrative deals with China as it brutally stamps out protests in Hong Kong, tramples the rights of the people of Taiwan, and imprisons its own people in concentration camps, sterilizing their women, aborting their babies, and likely selling their hair for profit. How does that fit the nba’s heavily advertised sense of virtue?

Why is there such an glaring double standard? If people are so upset about racism, slavery and genocide, why focus on America?

There is a logical, eye-opening answer. You’ll find out what it is in “The Global Ambition to Destroy America and Its President.” If you want a sudden realization that explains exactly where this rampaging spirit comes from, please take a few minutes right now and read this article.


What Happened to ‘Never Again’?

Europe lately can’t criticize America loudly enough. But when it comes to another nation’s lies, theft and shocking human rights abuses, Europe is relatively silent.

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First-Ever Israeli Commercial Airline Lands in U.A.E.

U.S. Presidential Adviser Jared Kushner (left) and U.S. National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien (right) disembark from the the El Al’s airliner on August 31 after the first-ever commercial flight from Israel to the U.A.E. at the Abu Dhabi airport.

First-Ever Israeli Commercial Airline Lands in U.A.E.

The peace deal facilitates cooperation between Israel and the Gulf states, but will it last?

The first-ever direct flight from Israel to the United Arab Emirates by an Israeli commercial airline took place the morning of Monday, August 31. The El Al aircraft took off at 11:30 a.m. and landed just over three hours later carrying a host of Israeli and American delegates. The American delegation included White House Presidential Adviser Jared Kushner, United States National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien, U.S. Special Representative for International Negotiations Avi Berkowitz and U.S.-Iran envoy Brian Hook.

This flight is part of the peace deal made two weeks ago after Israel and the U.A.E., in a phone call with United States President Donald Trump, agreed to full normalization of relations. This is the first peace treaty between Israel and an Arab country in 25 years.

Kushner said, “This is a very hopeful time, and I believe that so much peace and prosperity is possible in this region and around the world.”

“I prayed yesterday at the [Western] Wall that Muslims and Arabs from throughout the world will be watching this flight recognizing that we are all children of God and that the future does not have to be predetermined by the past,” he added.

Shortly before boarding, O’Brien thanked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, U.A.E. Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan and U.S. President Trump for courageously “taking a risk for peace.”

Pilot Tal Becker told those assembled, “For the very first time, an Israeli-registered aircraft will overfly Saudi Arabia, and, after a nonstop flight from Israel, land in the United Arab Emirates. The duration of the flight with the shortened route over Saudi Arabia will be approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes, instead of what would have been more than 7 hours up to now.” He continued, “This will be another significant event in our history just as El Al was there when peace was signed between Jerusalem, Cairo and Amman. … Wishing us all salaam, peace and shalom.”

The Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli delegation of high-level officials was headed by National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat.

Before boarding, Ben-Shabbat said that Israel’s goal for the trip is “to reach a joint work plan to promote ties in a broad range of areas,” including tourism, innovation, health and more.

The peace agreement includes establishing embassies and exchanging ambassadors, investments into Israel’s economy, trade, direct flights between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi, investment in Israeli efforts to develop a coronavirus vaccine, and cooperation in matters of energy and water, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Upon landing in the U.A.E., Ben-Shabbat and his Emirati counterpart, Sheikh Tahnoon bin Zayed, had a lengthy meeting. Israeli and U.A.E. officials also met for round-table discussions of possible opportunities for cooperation, often with an American facilitator.

One U.A.E. diplomat said she expects many locals to visit Israel when there are regular flights between the countries—many have expressed interest in seeing Jerusalem.

Netanyahu, in a press conference in Jerusalem, said peace with the United Arab Emirates will be a “warm peace.” He also commented on his feeling of “immense pride,” stating, “This is a new age in our history.” He invited a U.A.E. delegation to Israel to be “welcomed on a red carpet, as well.”

Many of the officials also commented on the possibility of new relationships opening up with other Arab countries. Kushner said that the flight was “a manifestation of what is possible in the Middle East. … We can take it as a sign. It’s an encouragement for this progress.” O’Brien expressed his hopes that this “will lead to other nations deciding it is in their best interests to normalize ties with Israel.” Suggesting Israel is in talks with other Arab states, Netanyahu said, “There are many things I cannot tell you, but I am sure you will find out in time.”

Kushner criticized the Palestinians for rejecting the Trump peace plan. On the tarmac in Abu Dhabi, Kushner said of the Palestinians: “When they are ready, the whole region wants to move forward, but they can’t be stuck in the past. … Peace and opportunity will be ready for them as soon as they are ready to embrace it.”

But as Brent Nagtegaal noted in “Why the Arabs Embraced the Jews,” there is great danger in warming ties between Israel and Arab states. Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry forecast a quickly forming alliance between Arab states that are not aligned with Iran; this prophecy is found in Psalm 83. Israel currently finds itself as part of this security partnership and the warming ties that come with it. However, as that prophecy details, this anti-Iranian alliance will not always be so friendly to the Jewish state.

To make sense of Israel’s warming ties with the U.A.E. and other Arab states, please read “Why the Arabs Embraced the Jews.”

200826-Beirut rescue-1227923750_FadelItani NurPhoto Getty.jpg

Why We Told You to Watch Lebanon

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Chinese Navy Exercises in Five Locations to Demonstrate Capacity to Counter America

Soldiers stand on deck of the ambitious transport dock Yimen Shan of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy

Chinese Navy Exercises in Five Locations to Demonstrate Capacity to Counter America

The drills may show that the days of Taiwanese independence are numbered.

China has conducted five nearly simultaneous military exercises at locations along its coasts in recent weeks, demonstrating an unprecedented ability to mobilize forces for operations across multiple sea regions.

Two of the recent sets of drills occurred at locations in and around the South China Sea, one of which saw the military test-fire a series of advanced missiles into waters between Hainan and the contested Paracel Islands. The Chinese claim that among the tested missiles was at least one of the long-rumored DF-21 “carrier killers.” Another People’s Liberation Army Navy exercise was staged in the East China Sea, near Taiwan. A fourth was conducted in the northern part of the Yellow Sea, and a fifth was held further south in the Yellow Sea, in the Bohai Gulf.

The staging of these war games at five locations in three different seas represents a milestone for the pla Navy, as it showcases a new capacity to operate in multiple regions simultaneously.

And the specific locations of the exercises were not selected at random.

“By simultaneously conducting drills in the three seas,” Chinese military analyst Ni Lexiong told Reuters, “it means China is testing its ability to fight enemies coming from three directions at the same time—for example from Taiwan, from Japan and from the U.S. from the south.”

Japan and Taiwan remain allies of the United States. By conducting military drills at these specific locations, China intended to send a message mainly to the U.S. that even if it had both of those Asian allies on its side, the Chinese would be prepared to confront an assault from multiple directions.

Ni also pointed to the increasing frequency of China’s war games in these areas, saying it serves as an indication of Beijing’s bellicose intentions: “Historically, frequent drills are a clear predictor of war.”

The possibility of war—specifically one aimed at bringing Taiwan under Beijing’s control—has been weighing on the minds of U.S. Navy Adm. James Winnefeld (Ret.) and former acting director of the Central Intelligence Agency Michael Morrell. In a recent essay that has made the rounds in America’s Asia security circles, Winnefeld and Morrell emphasize the Chinese leadership’s intensifying determination to assert its power over Taiwan. And they warn that if the U.S. presidential election results end up being “contentious and contested,” then the Chinese will see it, correctly, as “an even more vulnerable time than usual for U.S. decision-making.”

As such, the Chinese would view a politically paralyzed America as an opportunity that “would only appear every few decades.” Winnefeld and Morrell say this perception could prompt the Chinese to “place in motion Operation Red Province—to bring Taiwan back into China.”

This is a chilling possibility. And one that Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has said is inevitable.

For decades, the Taiwanese have worried about the growing possibility of a Chinese military invasion. But they have succeeded in maintaining their independence so far because of political support, security assurances and weapons sales from their main ally, the U.S.

In recent years, though, America’s backing of Taiwanese independence has been called into question. In 1998, Bill Clinton became the first U.S. president to succumb to Beijing’s persuasion to publicly oppose Taiwanese independence. Mr. Flurry wrote at the time that Clinton’s stance showed it was only a matter of time until China would force Taiwan under its control.

“The Chinese leaders pressured the president and America to speak against our freedom-loving friends [in Taiwan],” Mr. Flurry wrote in the August 1998 Trumpet issue. He continued:

The people of Taiwan fear for their future. They feel betrayed. … Once again, America has showcased its broken will to the whole world. … How could anyone fail to see that Taiwan is destined to become a part of mainland China? These 21 million people [now 24 million] are going to be forced into the Chinese mold; and it is going to happen for one reason: because of a pitifully weak-willed America. Does freedom really mean so little to us?

Mr. Flurry’s comprehension of America’s “pitifully weak” will, and how it will play into the China-Taiwan dynamic, is founded on Bible prophecy. Leviticus 26 records God warning “Israel” that if the people of the nation despise Him and His law then He would punish them in some specific ways. One of these is recorded in verse 19: “I will break the pride of your power.” In this passage, Israel refers mainly to modern-day America and Britain, which is fully explained in our free book The United States and Britain in Prophecy, by Herbert W. Armstrong.

At the time that Mr. Flurry wrote that 1998 article, the likelihood that China would conquer Taiwan may have seemed slight. But today, with China staging numerous simultaneous war games to demonstrate its burgeoning military power—and with the U.S. increasingly divided and possibly heading toward a disputed presidential election—it is clear that Mr. Flurry’s forecast will soon happen.

In the August 2020 issue of the Philadelphia Trumpet, Mr. Flurry examined another angle of China’s rising power. In his article titled “Where Is the China-America Clash Leading?”, he showcased China’s dangerous domineering of the South China Sea and placed it in the context of another specific Bible prophecy. “In Deuteronomy 28:52,” he wrote, “God says that if the descendants of Abraham [the same people defined above as Israel] rejected Him, He would cause their enemies to take control of the gates.”

Mr. Flurry explained that “gates” in this passage refers to maritime locations that enable a nation to “allow or deny access” to a given region. By creating and militarizing artificial islands in the South China Sea, Mr. Flurry said, “China is prying the region away from American power by literally building new sea gates ….”

With some of China’s spate of simultaneous drills last month occurring in this vital sea, China’s determination to pry the region “away from American power” is on glaring display. To understand the significance of China’s burgeoning power, and what it means for the United States and the whole world, read “Where Is the China-America Clash Leading?


What Happened to ‘Never Again’?

Europe lately can’t criticize America loudly enough. But when it comes to another nation’s lies, theft and shocking human rights abuses, Europe is relatively silent.

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New Zealand Court Rules Lockdown Illegal

Police direct vehicles heading north on State Highway 1 at Warkworth in New Zealand.
Fiona Goodall/Getty Images

New Zealand Court Rules Lockdown Illegal

A challenge against New Zealand’s lockdown has been somewhat successful, while some similar anti-lockdown disputes around the world haven’t fared as well.

New Zealand’s High Court ruled on August 19 that the country’s coronavirus lockdown was unlawful for the first nine days of the restrictions. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern began enforcing the stay-at-home restrictions on March 26. The legislation to make them legal, however, was not passed until April 3. New Zealanders’ freedoms were illegally limited for those nine days.

New Zealand lawyer Andrew Borrowdale challenged the government in July and has found partial success with the High Court’s recent verdict. The court’s judges declared that the lockdown was “not prescribed by law and was therefore contrary to [Section] 5 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act,” which allows for freedom of movement and assembly. The judges have argued, however, that the measures were “necessary, reasonable and proportionate” to covid-19.

At the writing of this article, New Zealand has only 22 coronavirus deaths. According to the government, about 90 people die in New Zealand every day. Has the lockdown in New Zealand done more damage than good?

Other nations are also facing legal challenges over lockdown restrictions.

Australian businessman billionaire Clive Palmer has been engaged in a tense court battle with the government of the state of Western Australia over the state’s heavy border restrictions. Mr. Palmer was denied entry into the state in May, which prompted him to begin the legal struggle.

British businessman millionaire Simon Dolan challenged the government of the United Kingdom through the UK High Court over his country’s lockdown restrictions. Mr. Dolan raised at least $266,000 via crowdfunding to use in his bid for a judicial review of the UK government’s covid-19 measures. The UK High Court dropped his case in July. Following this failed attempt, Mr. Dolan wrote for the Independent on July 21:

According to the opinion of the judge considering the case, lockdown was entirely correct and proportionate. This means that in future, governments will have the right to impose a lockdown whenever they choose—and in doing so remove the livelihoods of millions—without having to legally justify its actions.

Another judge has subsequently allowed Mr. Dolan to appeal the decision, and his case will be heard at the end of September.

Though some judges deny it, covid-19 restrictions are in many instances unconstitutional. In many cases, they are the worst crackdowns on freedom in some countries’ entire histories. “In March, the [British] government imposed the most draconian set of rules on British citizens that this country has ever known,” Mr. Dolan wrote. Considering Britain’s history spans over 2,000 years, this is an issue worth contemplating.

Former chief justice and British historian Lord Sumption wrote in an article for the Times on March 26, “[W]e are entitled to wonder what kind of society we have become when an official can give orders and expect to be obeyed without any apparent legal basis, simply because it is necessary. … There is a difference between law and official instructions. It is the difference between a democracy and a police state.”

Trumpet contributing editor Richard Palmer wrote about this erosion of freedom in detail in his April 7 article “Coronavirus Has Infected the Rule of Law.” He wrote, “On Monday, March 23, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson put the UK in lockdown. With ‘immediate effect,’ no one could leave his or her home without a government-approved reason. The law authorizing Johnson to enact such restrictions, however, was not created until later in the week.”

Many states in the United States have enforced restrictions that have not followed the U.S. Constitution. “The Fifth Amendment states that no person shall ‘be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law,’” continued Palmer. “Courts have interpreted this amendment to mean that those with an infectious disease can be forcibly quarantined—but there must be some form of due process, where they are proved to be contagious.”

Judge Andrew Napolitano explained: “[A] government-ordered quarantine of all persons in a city block or a postal zip code or a telephone area code would be an egregious violation of due process, both substantive and procedural. Substantively, no government in America has the lawful power to curtail natural rights by decree.”

The U.S. and Britain have been successful in promoting peace and equality over the last 200 years because their laws are based on the Bible. America’s Founding Fathers were well versed in the Bible. They carefully framed the U.S. Constitution to limit politicians’ ability to rule by decrees. “But now we are going back to worshiping the will of the leader. If the government wants certain restrictions, the police will enforce them, regardless of what the law actually says,” explained Palmer.

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote on this important subject in his article “A Dangerous New Age of ‘Worshiping the Will’” in the May-June 2020 issue of the Trumpet magazine. “The radical left is casting aside the foundational law of the land, telling us that it is just getting in the way,” Mr. Flurry warned. “We don’t need that old law, they insist. We know what justice is. You can trust us! Such reasoning paves the way for tyrants! Tyrants hate facts and truths that limit their power.”

The politicians of the radical left are the foremost destroyers of freedoms because they don’t believe in the value of absolute law. They are subsequently more vulnerable to the negative spiritual influence that Satan broadcasts. “There is an evil spiritual force that seeks to destroy America. That spirit is working in the radical left to fulfill that goal,” Mr. Flurry wrote. In Ephesians 2:2, the Apostle Paul describes Satan as “the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.”

When people follow a human leader who disobeys laws and rules by decree, those people are worshiping the human will.

In that article, Mr. Flurry warned that we need to understand that there is an invisible force behind peoples’ rejection of law in favor of mass hysteria, writing, “We must recognize the evil spiritual force behind this push to undermine the law!”

To understand the deeper reality behind the erosion of freedoms by the radical left and to learn more about how you can escape the coming calamities into a world free of lockdowns, read “A Dangerous New Age of ‘Worshiping the Will.’

200826-Beirut rescue-1227923750_FadelItani NurPhoto Getty.jpg

Why We Told You to Watch Lebanon

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France, the ‘Tender Mother,’ Returns to Lebanon

French President Emmanuel Macron meets with UN representatives and NGOs mobilised for the reconstruction of the port, in the Lebanese capital Beirut on September 1, 2020.

France, the ‘Tender Mother,’ Returns to Lebanon

You can tell the future of a country seems bleak when people start calling for a return to colonial rule. And it’s equally surprising when the colonial power looks to grant that request.

Such is the hopeless case of Lebanon, which French President Emmanuel Macron visited today.

Almost a month ago, a massive explosion ripped through downtown Beirut blowing off the veneer that made Lebanon appear like a normal state. Decades of corrupt rule, foreign interference and government divisions had made Lebanon virtually ungovernable.

The people no longer respect their leaders, whose mismanagement and sectarian rifts made the reality of living in Lebanon harder with each passing year. A decade of rule by Iranian proxy Hezbollah has further sunk the nation. Rolling blackouts, mountains of uncollected trash, and food shortages had become the norm in the weeks leading up to the blast.

The August 4 explosion that killed almost 200 people and devastated much of the city was meant to be the wake-up call to the world that Lebanon needed help.

And for a couple of days, the world seemed to pay attention to Lebanon.

You probably paid attention too.

But as is the case with 2020, other serious events have taken away our attention, and we have moved on.

The Lebanese people have not moved on.

Stuck with their failed state, the people of Lebanon are still hopeful that the blast, destructive as it was, can be a catalyst for change in their nation.

With the same leaders in power today that have ruled the country for the past 30 years, the Lebanese people know that change can only come from the outside. Luckily, it seems France is willing to oblige.

As we noted at the time, French President Macron was the first leader to visit Lebanon in the wake of the blast. Within 48 hours, he was in the streets rubbing shoulders with victims as they started to pick up the pieces of their lives. Lebanon’s leaders were nowhere to be seen, but the French president was at ease with the people, offering hope where it seemed like there wasn’t any.

Before he left, Macron promised he would be back on September 1 to see if the Lebanese government had started to make changes that would qualify them to receive the massive financial aid package that France and other governments were willing to give.

Last night and today, that French president was back.

The symbolism of his return was not lost on the Lebanese, and it shouldn’t be lost on you.

On Sept. 1, 1920, 100 years ago from today, Greater Lebanon was created under the direction of the French government.

In the aftermath of World War i and the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, much of the Middle East was divided up among the victorious allied forces of Britain and France. Great Britain would go on to receive much of modern-day Iraq, Jordan and the area of Israel. France, already having a long history in the eastern Mediterranean, would receive control of a great swath of Syria, including the territory of modern-day Lebanon.

However, before the French could secure Syria, many of the Arabs of the region decided they would rather rule the territory themselves. Of particular concern to some of the Arabs was the area around Beirut, which was heavily populated by Maronite Christians, an offshoot of the Catholic Church. Aided by France, Mount Lebanon, as it was known then, had already achieved a level of autonomy within the Ottoman Empire and did not share the ideal of Arab nationalism espoused by those who wanted to cast off French dominance.

The Maronite rulers of Mount Lebanon then called on France to not only rid the Arab nationalist forces from Mount Lebanon but also create a larger state that would be called Greater Lebanon, inhabiting the same territory we know today as the state of Lebanon.

With a strong Catholic government in power in France, the army answered the call, sending French Gen. Henri Gouraud to implement Greater Lebanon.

When French forces landed in Beirut to put an end to the short-lived Arab government, Maronites and other Christians waving French flags cheered their arrival at the Beirut port. They hailed France as their “tender, loving mother” (Arabic, al-umm al-hanun). The Arab nationalists were soon run out of Beirut and defeated in July 1920 on the outskirts of Damascus.

Returning to the Pine Residence in Beirut, General Gouraud assembled with leaders of the Maronites, and the other religious sects of the newly forming country to announce the establishment of the new state: Greater Lebanon.

On Sept. 1, 1920, General Gouraud proclaims the creation and independence of the state of Greater Lebanon under the guardianship of the League of Nations represented by France from the porch of the Pine Residence in Beirut.
Public Domain

That was Sept. 1, 1920.

One hundred years later, France was back in Lebanon and once again meeting with Lebanese leaders and seeing how the country could be saved. As Macron said after the blast, “France will never let Lebanon go. The heart of the French people still beats to the pulse of Beirut.” Some Lebanese once again were celebrating “France, the tender mother.”

Yet change has not come soon enough for Lebanon. Several commentators have criticized Macron’s visits of being excessive on optics, but making little progress in concrete actions.

Indeed, it was somewhat bizarre to see French fighter jets stream the colors of the Lebanese flag across the sky over Beirut earlier today, all while Lebanese citizens protest the lack of government action. Ironically, the Lebanese security forces used French-made weaponry and teargas to disperse the crowds of protesters.

Still, with all the fanfare and the ongoing protests, change is in the air in Lebanon. Macron is certainly determined to lead Lebanon down the path to reforming its corrupt government. “It’s a risky bet I’m making, I’m aware of it. … I’m putting the only thing I have on the table: my political capital,” Macron told Politico en route to Beirut from Paris.

Just prior to Macron’s visit, the Lebanese parliament announced it had selected a caretaker prime minister to manage the reforming process. Mustapha Adib, who has been Lebanon’s ambassador to Germany since 2013, was charged with the task. The Sunni diplomat has some ties to a previous prime minister, which is upsetting those desiring a wholesale uprooting of the political establishment. Nevertheless, Macron has accepted the selection and will give Lebanon’s leaders a chance to make changes before he returns in October.

“It’s the last chance for this system,” Macron told Politico. If there are no concrete changes, he will “switch tack, taking punitive measures that range from withholding a vital international financial bailout to imposing sanctions against the ruling class.”

Clearly, Macron is showing himself to be the only world leader willing to not take his eye off the ball after the Beirut blast.

The Lebanese people are hopeful he can be successful.

Biblical prophecy indicates that eventually he, or another European leader, will be.

As we wrote in our latest print issue of the Trumpet, the Bible prophesies that massive changes are coming to Lebanon, which will see Iran removed from being the force of influence in that country. The Bible prophesies that a full Lebanese alliance with Europe will take place.

But the Bible is even more specific: It will be a German-led Europe that allies with Lebanon and other Arab states. France will be part of that union, but will eventually play a backseat to Germany’s lead.

Is it a coincidence, then, that the new caretaker prime minister of Lebanon has been stationed at the embassy in Berlin since 2013? After spending seven years rubbing shoulders with German leaders, Adib could be uniquely positioned to give Germany a greater role in Lebanon.

However it plays out, we can be assured that Lebanon is heading toward a huge clash between European influences supporting the people on the streets and Iran-backed Hezbollah. Today’s protests show that Lebanese anger has not dissipated since the blast.

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote in the latest issue, “Following the explosion, the streets of the capital are burning with anger against Hezbollah and the Lebanese government. France and Europe are watching and appear to be ready to support the people in throwing off Iranian influence.”

We are watching this start to happen.

As noted by many Middle East experts, what happens in Lebanon doesn’t stay in Lebanon. The tiny nation of 7 million people is a microcosm of the trends that play out throughout the region.

As Nadim Shehadi warned in his column yesterday, “On the centenary of Greater Lebanon, as many ponder the fate of a country teetering between the need for a strong state and a neutral one, my message is that the whole region is also failing due to the same phenomenon of bearded men in black preaching perpetual war. The idea of Lebanon is the exact opposite of that and, if Lebanon falls, the region will follow.”

Continue to watch Lebanon as this takes place. We at the Trumpet will do our best to keep you informed.

To help you understand more of the prophetic context and where events are leading, please read our coverage of Lebanon in the latest Trumpet issue, and request Mr. Flurry’s free booklet The King of the South. This booklet is essential reading to show how events in the Middle East will impact your life.