A World Without Police

Police officers kneel after a crowd of protesters called for them to “take a knee” in front of a police station in San Francisco, California on June 3, 2020.
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A World Without Police

The attack on law enforcement is part of a sinister plot decades in the making.

Law enforcement officers are public enemy number one in America. The death of George Floyd has set off an unprecedented level of rioting and protest. United States President Donald Trump has had his unfair share of blame for all that has taken place. White supremacy has also been decried as the source of all the trouble, as has systemic racism. However, the main channel through which all these purportedly pervasive evils are believed to have been sustained is through the police.

And so, a movement has begun to reduce, and in some cases completely abolish, law enforcement in America.

The subject of police brutality is based on the belief that racism is endemic in law enforcement. The issue has returned to the fore after four black people were killed by the police over six months in 2014. For many in the black community, it harkened back to the 1991 Rodney King beating and the subsequent acquittal of the responsible police officers, resulting in the Los Angeles riots.

Black Lives Matter was founded after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in 2013. Its mission is to “eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on black communities by the state and vigilantes.”

The organization aims to create a world where “Black lives are no longer systematically targeted for demise” (emphasis added throughout).

And so, in the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter is calling for “the national defunding of the police,” because “for black people, law enforcement doesn’t protect or save our lives. They often threaten and take them.”

Since 2015, the Washington Post has been tracking data and information on police shootings in America. In 2015, police officers killed 258 blacks. This is far fewer than the 669 white and Hispanic deaths. But the Post argues that the numbers for blacks are more significant because African Americans account for 26 percent of those fatally shot by police, despite being just 13 percent of the population.

Therefore, the touted evidence of racism within law enforcement is the fact that the rate of black deaths is higher than that of other races. However, the important metric to use is not of the whole race, but of police encounters within the races. Despite the black population being lower, it has a higher rate of criminal encounters with the police.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that blacks are responsible for 62 percent of all robberies, 57 percent of murders and 45 percent of assaults in the 75 largest U.S. counties.

According to Federal Bureau of Investigation data, black criminals have been responsible for 40 percent of the 1,627, police deaths over the last decade, an average of 163 per year. On the other hand, in 2019, police fatally shot nine unarmed blacks.

In addition, upon analyzing the Philadelphia Police Department, the Justice Department found that as far as actual shootings by the police of black suspects, white police officers are actually less likely than black or Hispanic officers to shoot unarmed black suspects.

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences concluded in a 2019 study that there is “no significant evidence of anti-black disparity in the likelihood of being fatally shot by police.”

The main reason for the comparatively higher rate of black deaths is due to the higher probability of a violent confrontation with a black suspect. In 40 percent of those cases, the officer is the one killed by the black suspect. And the numbers show that black police officers are the ones who more readily use violent force against black suspects.

How can racism be endemic when, in understandable context, black officers are the more likely to use violent force against black suspects?

‘Charge All the Cops’

Regardless, Derek Chauvin and three other officers were fired following the death of George Floyd. Chauvin was recorded kneeling on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Accordingly, he was charged with second degree murder and manslaughter. The other three officers have subsequently been charged as well.

But the only real solution being touted is to do away with the police completely.

In the protests and riots following Floyd’s death, no group has been more at risk than police. Amid the carnage and violence, rioters have specifically targeted law enforcement officers. Four police officers were shot in downtown Missouri. In Las Vegas, one policeman took a bullet to the head and is on life support in the hospital. In Richmond, Virginia, two policemen were injured after a shooting with a protester. In Buffalo, New York, a protester drove an suv into a group of law enforcement officers, seriously injuring at least two. A similar hit-and-run took place in the Bronx. Two other New York Police Department officers were shot, and another was stabbed in the neck while on guard against looting.

It is difficult to remember a time when the attitude toward law enforcement was worse than it is now. All this violence is representative of the animus against the police. As far as the public is concerned, the problem is not only with Derek Chauvin, but with all police.

The assertion that law enforcement is institutionally racist led to attacks on and murders of police officers during the Obama administration. The movement is now looking for a more permanent and exhaustive solution. That solution is to put away not only Derek Chauvin, but all the police.

Popular Women’s March activist Tamika Mallory, in a now viral video of her speaking at a rally, said, “Young people … are enraged. And there is an easy way to stop it. Arrest the cops. Charge the cops. Charge all the cops. Not just some of them—not just here in Minneapolis. Charge them in every city across America where our people are being murdered. Charge them everywhere! That’s the bottom line. Charge the cops.”

The video has been watched over 10 million times. It has been shared by multiple users across social media. The sentiment expressed in the video is gathering momentum. It is the same as that which is behind the movement to defund the police. The solution is to remove the police from the equation. That is the “easy way to stop” the violence—to get rid of the police.

Defund the Police

The movement to defund the police is gaining followers among the general public and celebrities alike. Alex S. Vitale, author of The End of Policing, explains: “It’s time for everyone to quit thinking that jailing one more killer cop will do anything to change the nature of American policing. We must move, instead, to significantly defund the police and redirect resources into community-based initiatives that can produce real safety and security without the violence and racism inherent in the criminal justice system.”

He argues that even policing on the most lawful and procedural level “assumes that the professional enforcement of the law is automatically beneficial to everyone.” However, procedures like a routine drug arrest are “still going to ruin some young person’s life for no good reason.”

“We don’t need school police, we need counselors and restorative justice programs,” he says. “We don’t need police homeless outreach units, we need supportive housing, community based drop-in centers, social workers.”

Late night talk show host John Oliver derided those who fear that defunding the police is a call for the dismantling of police forces entirely. “It means moving away from a narrow conception of public safety that relies on policing and punishment,” he says, “and investing in a community’s actual safety—things like stable housing, mental health services and community organizations.”

He continues, “The concept is that the role of the police can then significantly shrink because they are not responding to the homeless or to mental health calls or arresting children in schools or really any other situation where the best solution is not someone showing up with a gun—that’s the idea of defunding the police.”

In other words, law enforcement is violent. And so, people will riot. To stop them from rioting, defund the police, “charge them everywhere.” Because not only is law enforcement racist and deadly, it doesn’t help in all other aspects of society. Society is too policed, and the solution is to have fewer police in schools and decriminalization of prostitution and drugs, and this will result in freedom and happiness.

However, the idea of defunding the police seems to mean different things to different people.

While John Oliver, Alex Vitale and others believe it only means “significantly shrinking the role” of police, according to Tamika Mallory, the idea is to “charge the cops everywhere.”

And Patrisse Cullors, cofounder of Black Lives Matter, gave more insight of the ultimate goal behind defunding the police, saying: “We don’t disband law enforcement in just one day. That’s not logical. I think we should ultimately abolish [law enforcement]; but what we can do right now is drastically reduce law enforcement’s relationship to the community.”

Minneapolis has already reacted. The Minneapolis public school board unanimously voted to terminate its contract with the police department. They will now no longer provide security to the school because the district “cannot align itself with the Minneapolis police and claim to fight institutional racism,” a board member said.

Now, its city council has vowed to abolish the entire police department altogether. Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Baltimore and Philadelphia are on the same trajectory.

This is only the first step in what would be a zero-police society. A world in which fewer of those who “protect and serve” today, are even available to do that. Their absence is supposed to ultimately be synonymous with a reduction in criminality.

But research shows that more police means fewer crimes and therefore less need to arrest people. A 2005 study found that that when Washington, D.C., police were mobilized in “high alert” periods, crime levels dropped significantly. A 2018 Princeton university study found that a 3.2 percent increase in police staff led to a 3.5 percent reduction in crime. Another 2018 study found that from 1960 to 2010, every extra dollar spent on policing generated nearly $2 in social benefits, mainly through fewer murders.

This movement to eliminate police from society might seem to be an instantaneous reaction to perceived injustices. The raw data shows that the believed injustices are not systemic but rather incidental—not symptomatic of a racist society but, as in the case of George Floyd, isolated events of unwarranted aggression and abuse of power.

However, the leftist political establishment has been pushing this perceived injustice and agitating for “reform.” In a 2016 campaign ad, then Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton said, “We have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism.” Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said it is imperative to “end racism and reform our broken criminal justice system.” In 2016, then President Barack Obama said that black parents were right to be afraid that their children may be killed by police whenever they go outside. Presumptive democratic nominee Joe Biden said, “We all need to take a hard look at the culture that allows for these senseless tragedies to keep happening.”

But if the police are defunded and ultimately completely abolished, what will happen? As the Los Angeles Police Protective League wrote: “What will we say to that victim of domestic violence who waits even longer for a police response due to shortages of personnel in the field? What do we say to the woman who was sexually assaulted, yet her assailant is still on the loose because resources are not available to locate him?”

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote, “Past wrongs and present inequalities create fertile ground for hurt, frustration and anger. Many prominent leaders, both black and white, are deliberately fueling those grievances for their own political gain.”

The system cannot be brought down without eliminating those who safeguard and protect law and order. That is what is behind this concentrated push to do away with law enforcement.

The increasingly radical left is desperate to gain power and is willing to see the country burn if it can rule over the ashes.

‘Violent Chaos and Anarchy’

The Democratic Socialists of America released a statement on May 28, just as the riots and protests sweeping the nation were gathering speed:

Racist police violence is not incidental to the capitalist system, it is necessary to maintain its operation. We recognize that as we fight for a better world, it will be the police who threaten our protests, the police who will break up our picket lines, the police who selectively wield their monopoly on violence against black people and working-class people to protect those with power and privilege. …

We stand with and share the rage of all those who are making themselves heard on the streets after years of being suffocated by policing and poverty, after years of being looted by corporations, landlords and billionaires.

The Workers World Party, named after the famous concluding sentence of the Communist Manifesto, demanded “justice for George Floyd and all victims of police violence.” It went on to justify the “responsive violence of the masses” as crucial to upending the system, as the “the masses have never made any real leap forward with the theory of nonviolence.”

The Revolutionary Communist Party is also calling for violent action for those who are tired of “police murder after murder after murder.” It is calling for millions to help “bring this system down and replace it with a new society based on the Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America.”

All these groups are agitating for the removal of the police, citing violence as both the cause and the solution! Mr. Flurry wrote in his 2016 article “The Roots of America’s Dangerous Turn Left”: “Most of these people hate the Constitution, the supreme law of the land! They are lawless! They can’t stand to be constrained by the Constitution and law. … Notice how viciously they are attacking America’s police, the last line of the nation’s defense. After that comes violent chaos and anarchy!”

Mr. Flurry wrote that four years ago! How significant it is today. This is what is at the root of all the agitations for police to be removed. It leads to nothing but anarchy. That is what happened when the mayor of Minneapolis decided to evacuate the police from the Third Precinct—the rioters became even more unruly and violent and left a trail of destruction in their wake.

The same thing happened in New York: Police were withdrawn, rioters were left to themselves, and they went on to inflict a great deal of damage.

That is the spirit behind the violence aimed at law enforcement officers today. It is the spirit behind the push to defund the police, decriminalize acts such as sex work and drugs, and remove police from schools.

“What will happen when the police are rendered powerless and the military is unprepared?” Mr. Flurry asked. “Once the police are handicapped and can’t do anything, it wont be long before cities burn (Isaiah 1:7).” We have seen over 20 days of nonstop rioting so far. Despite the media’s best efforts to lie about the nature of these protests, they are indeed violent and the cities are indeed burning.

The system cannot be brought down without eliminating those who safeguard and protect law and order. That is what is behind this concentrated push to do away with law enforcement.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn was one of the victims of the brutal Communist regime of the Soviet Union. He warned the West, and America in particular, that in its pursuit of “freedoms” it had abandoned all moral principles and adherence to religion. The main argument fueling the anti-police movement is that reduced policing will leave society free to do drugs, practice sex work, and live the lives they want.

The belief is that with less policing, less law enforcement, freedom can finally be attained.

But Solzhenitsyn responded:

[I]n early democracies, as in American democracy at the time of its birth, all individual human rights were granted on the ground that man is God’s creature. That is, freedom was given to the individual conditionally, in the assumption of his constant religious responsibility. … Two hundred or even 50 years ago, it would have seemed quite impossible, in America, that an individual be granted boundless freedom with no purpose, simply for the satisfaction of his whims. …

The West has finally achieved the rights of man, and even excess, but man’s sense of responsibility to God and society has grown dimmer and dimmer.

Society wants to be “free” to enjoy moral decadence. But the road being taken to achieve this false idea of freedom, one which is devoid of law enforcement and law itself, will in fact simply enslave the U.S. and lead to its destruction.

Herbert W. Armstrong, editor in chief of the Plain Truth magazine, wrote in 1956, “Communism is worldwide psychological warfare” intent on “perverting our morals … destroying our spiritual and religious life” and finally “after such infiltration, overthrowing our government by force and violence!”

What we see today, under the false crusade of anti-police brutality, yearning for “freedom,” and movement for equality, is the meticulous and strategic fomentation of anger and frustration to bring about the downfall of America. It has been taking place for decades, in a slow and steady infiltration.

But just as we saw in Minneapolis and in New York, the removal of law enforcement, of law and order, of policing, will not result in peace or unity. It will only precipitate chaos and violence.

An Attack on Law

All of this taking place is an attack on law. Human reasoning is that less policing and fewer laws will equal greater freedom. But there is no freedom without law!

The Black Lives Matter protests and riots, the claims of systemic racism and the tragic death of George Floyd are all a smokescreen. They are being mobilized for the real agenda under the surface, an agenda determined to dismantle law and order in America and see the country implode, committing national suicide.

The main proponent of this attack is Satan the devil, the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4). He is full of wrath and he has deceived the people of America, and even all over the world, into believing that bringing down the system and doing away with law will bring change, happiness and freedom (Revelation 12:9, 12).

Even last week, crowds in London attacked the police force.

But this overthrow of law only brings curses, the kind we are seeing today! “Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the Lord, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward. … Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire” (Isaiah 1:4, 7).

Mr. Flurry explained in “Police Under Attack” that America is acting just like Sodom and Gomorrah. God “is disgusted with our morals and our spiritual lives!” he wrote. “The nation’s conduct has gotten so bad that, as I wrote last month, God says, Even when you lift up your hands and pray to me, I will not answer you! (Isaiah 1:15). He is talking to America! … All of this is happening because of transgression. When we are caught up in sin, God will not protect us against the devil—and we don’t stand a chance against him and his demons without God’s protection. Satan is simply too powerful.”

The only solution to all these problems—the racial divide in America, the dismantling of law, the violence that is crippling and destroying the nation—is repentance (Ezekiel 33:11).

The Founding Fathers understood the authority of the Bible. They based the U.S. Constitution on the laws found in the Bible. Those are the laws that people are so eager to cast down today. Only when we turn from our wicked ways and turn to God, in submission to His law, can we truly be free.

Request your free copy of America Under Attack, by Mr. Flurry, to gain important context and understanding of what is happening in America today, and how it will finally be resolved.

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Coronavirus Strengthens Germany’s Defense Industry

Armoured infantryman of the Bundeswehr, the German armed forces, demonstrate their skills during a three-day Bundeswehr exercise.
Getty Images

Coronavirus Strengthens Germany’s Defense Industry

Berlin makes another change in tone on military power.

German defense companies will receive $11 billion in stimulus payments to make up for any shortfall caused by the coronavirus, reported Defense News on June 10. This veiled boost for Germany’s armed forces ushers in a “new tone” in a country viewed to be averse to war.

“Now that we want to revive the economy, it makes no sense to cut the defense budget as a source of public spending,” Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer told Defense News.

Germany spent $49.3 billion on its military in 2019. It is currently the world’s seventh-highest military spender. If it decided to spend the full nato-mandated 2 percent on defense, it would catapult into third place, higher than Russia. Germany is also the world’s fourth-largest weapons exporter after the United States, Russia and France.

In 2020, Germany intends to spend $55.2 billion on its military. After the coronavirus bailout is applied, a more accurate number would be around $66 billion. This is roughly $1 billion more than Russia spent in 2019.

To be eligible for the relief payment, a company must possess a high share of workers within Germany, and it must be ready to begin a defense project this year or the next. This will serve as incentive for more companies to team up with others in support of Germany’s military industries.

Within the defense sector, several main projects could benefit from the money. One is the mks-180, Germany’s new multipurpose combat ship. It is being built by the recently merged “national champion” of shipbuilding, Lürssen and Kiel naval shipyards.

There is also Airbus, which makes both civilian and military air and space crafts. Germany holds the second-largest share in the company, after France. Airbus is currently designing the replacements for the Eurofighter, the Future Combat Air System. It also produces and services satellites, transport aircraft, fighter jets and attack helicopters, in addition to a variety of sensors.

mbda, which builds missiles for the Eurofighter, is another trans-European company with a division headquartered in Germany. Large German companies such as Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann build tanks and other armored vehicles.

It’s not hard to see how the coronavirus relief package could help Germany accelerate and achieve its defense goals on land, sea and air.

Germany has been unwilling to spend its nato-mandated 2 percent of gdp on defense. Yet when it comes to European or national defense, it appears more eager to get involved. “The fact that a defense earmark is included in the package as an explicit instrument for helping industry sets something of a new tone in a country where defense sector dealings are traditionally treated as a necessary evil in the business of geopolitics,” wrote Defense News.

Is Germany’s attitude toward its military shifting?

During the Cold War, Germany’s military capabilities had reached a low point, being dependent on the U.S. to secure its own borders. Today, Germany is stronger today, albeit not strong enough to stand up to Russia alone.

However, that will soon change. History shows that this powerful nation has the ability to rapidly rearm, with world-altering effects. It can easily happen again.

In his first volume on World War ii, The Gathering Storm, Winston Churchill recorded a speech he gave to the House of Commons on the threat of a rapidly rearming German military, especially its air force. He stated, “It is well known that those very gifted people, with their science and with their factories … are capable of developing with great rapidity the most powerful air force for all purposes, offensive and defensive, within a very short amount of time.”

From the unification of Germany in 1871, through the Franco-Prussian War and two world wars, this trend has been repeated. Germany has been a fearsome force and will be so again. Its economic strength, industrial development and vulnerable geographic position make this inevitable. That may sound shocking. But Bible prophecy says it will happen.

The book of Nahum contains a prophecy for modern-day Germany, a nation descended from the ancient Assyrians.

Secular and biblical history agree that this nation was a mighty military power for much of its existence. Its military power is now returning. What if a strong leader were to harness it? After World War ii, many key leaders and industrialists of the Nazi party went underground. But the party’s violent ambitions never truly died. They will be back.

The Bible warns of exactly this situation.

“Thy crowned are as the locusts, and thy captains as the great grasshoppers, which camp in the hedges in the cold day, but when the sun ariseth they flee away, and their place is not known where they are” (Nahum 3:17). Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry explains the context of this scripture in his free booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire. “After World War ii, the Nazis just went underground and disappeared like grasshoppers in wintertime. Suddenly, they were gone. But just as suddenly, they have burst back on the world scene. That’s exactly the way God foretold it was going to happen in this end time.”

Germany looked weak, especially after World War ii. However, today it is preparing once again for competition with other great powers. Building highly advanced combat systems, such as the mks-180 and the Future Combat Air System, is a crucial part of achieving this goal.

Germany will soon become the head of a 10-nation European power that will plunge the world into war one final time. The good news, also foretold in the Bible, is that this will be the final time it ever does so.

For more on Germany’s prophesied role in a coming European superpower, read our free booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire.

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How Iran Swayed the U.S. Into Leaving Iraq

American soldiers board an Air Force C130 at Baghdad Airport.
Getty Images

How Iran Swayed the U.S. Into Leaving Iraq

Iran’s prevailing persistence and political subterfuge

The United States promised to withdraw its forces from Iraq during a video conference on June 11. The joint statement by the State Department said that the U.S. “reiterated that it does not seek nor request permanent bases or a permanent military presence in Iraq” and that it “would continue reducing its forces from Iraq.” As a result of Iran’s persistence and political subterfuge, its goal of driving the U.S. out of Iraq is about to be fully realized.

Despite previous statements by U.S. President Donald Trump, he is now expediting America’s withdrawal. In February 2019 on cbs This Morning, Mr. Trump expressed no desire to leave Iraq. In fact, he said he wanted to keep the Al Asad Air Base in order “to watch Iran.”

Again, in January, when tensions between Iran and the U.S. were at a peak, Mr. Trump said the U.S. military wouldn’t leave Iraq anytime soon, calling a U.S. withdrawal “the worst thing that could happen to Iraq.” Two months later, however, the U.S. began consolidating its troops and handing over its military bases to Iraq. And now, the State Department says it has no desire for a permanent base or military presence in Iraq as it continues to withdraw troops.

Why is the U.S. suddenly leaving Iraq?

Controlling Parliament

Decades of Iranian infiltration have given Iran a spider’s web of diplomatic relations inside the Iraqi government. This has created a highly corrupt government that is largely controlled by and strongly influenced by Iran.

Iraq expert Michael Pregent discussed the outcome of the May 2018 parliamentary elections in an interview on the Debbie Aldrich Show in April. He described how Moqtada al-Sadr, who leads Iraq’s largest militia, won the largest number of seats. Pregent said Sadr “says he is not pro-Iran, but Iran gets to tell him what do to, and he does what they say.”

The Fatah Alliance—which was formed by several U.S.-designated terrorist militias, is pro-Iran, and calls for the ousting of U.S. and all foreign forces—won the second-largest number of seats. A few hours before the U.S.-Iraq dialogue began, the Fatah Alliance issued a statement “reminding the head and members of the Iraqi negotiating delegation of the unanimous parliamentary vote that stressed the need for foreign forces to leave Iraq.” Former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, another leader in Iran’s back pocket, won third place.

These three parties created a coalition that saturates Iraq’s government. This same pro-Iran parliament unanimously voted on January 5 to expel all U.S. and foreign forces from Iraqi territory. Since the U.S. is in Iraq by the mandate of the prime minister, the parliament does not have the authority to banish U.S. forces. Nevertheless, the act was symbolic of the government’s position.

Pro-Iran Prime Minister

When Iraq’s parliament passed the resolution to oust U.S. forces, no prime minister was in office—only a caretaker. That changed on May 7 when Mustafa al-Kadhimi and his cabinet received a vote of confidence from the parliament and was sworn into office. Since his nomination on April 9, Kadhimi has received widespread support from both Iran and the U.S. Claiming to be an independent and having a history with the U.S. made him appear to be a compromise candidate. However, there was a huge giveaway that Kadhimi was Iran’s selection.

A few days before he was nominated, Iranian Quds Force Cmdr. Ismail Qaani made his first visit to Iraq since assuming the role after the January 3 assassination of Qassem Suleimani. Such a public visit is uncommon for Qaani, who prefers to avoid media coverage. Nevertheless, the visit shows how much importance Iran placed on ensuring that its candidate would be nominated. The timing also suggests that Kadhimi could be in Iran’s back pocket.

U.S. forces are in Iraq for two reasons: 1) to defeat the Islamic State; 2) because of the request of Iraq’s prime minister. If the U.S. is suddenly leaving Iraq, logically, it must be leaving because of one or both of these reasons no longer exists.

The U.S. claims it is leaving because it has defeated the Islamic State, but facts suggest otherwise. According to the Financial Times, the Islamic State “staged at least 566 attacks in Iraq in the first three months of the year and 1,669 during 2019, a 13 percent increase from the previous year.” Contrary to being “defeated,” the Islamic State has increased its number of attacks. Islamic State spokesperson Abu Hamzah al-Qurayshi said the jihadists increased attacks “after your [Iraq’s] American masters began withdrawing their forces.”

This rationale for the U.S. withdrawal was likely a political cover. It seems Iran’s persistence is finally paying off and the new prime minister may have told President Trump, Leave Iraq and we’ll take care of the Islamic State.

Iran’s Plan Continues

Mysteriously, on June 1, prominent Shiite militia leader and head of the Fatah Alliance Hadi al-Amiri submitted his letter of resignation, which was approved by Iraq’s parliament. According to Rudaw, “Though it remains unclear as to what prompted Amiri to resign from the parliament, it is rumored that he is vying for the post of head of the pmu [Popular Mobilization Units], known as the Hashd al-Shaabi in Arabic.” Two days later, Iran flew Commander Qaani into Iraq to meet with Prime Minister Kadhimi and pmu leaders—one week before the U.S.-Iraq dialogue.

The pmu is an Iraqi paramilitary umbrella organization comprised of more than 50 majority Shiite militias, which formed in 2014 to combat the emergence of the Islamic State. The pmu has an estimated 150,000 militiamen. Iraqi Executive Order 91, enacted by former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in 2016, made the Iran-backed militias an official state organization as a branch of the Iraqi Security Forces. On July 1, 2019, then Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi issued a decree ordering the Iran-backed militias to fully integrate with the Iraqi Armed Forces. Many of its leading militias openly welcomed the decree. Full integration with the Iraqi military would provide the militias access to American-made weapons and vehicles, as well as an extra layer of protection. Now, striking these designated terrorist militias is seen as an attack on the Iraqi government.

If Amiri, head of the largest Iraqi Shiite militia—Badr Corps—and a terrorist involved in the siege of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad in January, were to become head of the pmu, he would control Iraq’s most lethal organization and Iran’s most effective tool for controlling Iraq—the same organization created to fight the Islamic State. On June 13, Amiri made a public statement: “We will not forget Iran’s support for Iraq in the fight against” the Islamic State.

Playing ‘Whack-a-Mole’

Perhaps America has finally come to terms with the reality that no matter how many terrorist organizations it “destroys,” another one will always rise in its place (likened in geopolitical circles as playing “whack-a-mole”).

After spending an estimated $2 trillion and approximately 4,500 American soldiers’ lives in Iraq, the U.S. has decided to leave Iraq to be dictated by Iran and its proxies. As the U.S. continues its retreat, leaving behind a large power vacuum, Iran will gain even more control.

In our March 2019 issue, Trumpet Jerusalem correspondent Brent Nagtegaal described the effects of the inevitable American withdrawal from the Middle East. In “America Is Back…ing Out,” he wrote: “Every important biblical prophecy that takes place in the Middle East occurs in a power vacuum created by America’s exit. In fact, Bible prophecy indicates that the U.S. will have vacated so entirely from the Middle East that it will not impact it at all.”

One of those critical Bible prophecies is recorded in Daniel 11:40, which states: “And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over.”

This prophetic clash occurs between a group of radical Islamic extremist nations, led by Iran (the king of the south), and a united, German-led European superpower (the king of the north).

The King of the South

In his booklet The King of the South, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry identifies this pushy king of the south as the radical Islamic terrorist snake, led by Iran. Historically, Iran, or the Persian Empire, was never great without Mesopotamia, modern-day Iraq. The same is true today. In order for Iran to dominate the region, it must control Iraq.

In The Iranian Time Bomb (2007), Michael Ledeen wrote, “If the Islamic Republic can drive the United States out of Iraq, destroy the fledgling democracy in Lebanon, and damage or destroy Israel, the mullahs believe they can dominate the area …. If they are seen to fail, however, their destiny is uncertain. That is why they are pushing so hard on all fronts, hoping to score their own victories before they fall.”

For more than 20 years, the Trumpet has warned about this biblical king of the south’s rise and how Iraq would fall to Iran. In December 1994—while Saddam Hussein was still in power—Mr. Flurry asked, “Is Iraq About to Fall to Iran?” In the July 1998 Trumpet, he wrote, “The stage is being set for an Islamic group of nations to be led by Iran as the prophesied king of the south …. Iran has a foreign policy with a lot of ‘push.’”

Driving the U.S. out of Iraq is Iran’s first step to domination—that is why it is pushing so hard.

In the January 2018 Trumpet feature article “America’s Greatest Defeat—Iran’s Victory,” Mr. Flurry wrote:

America may have helped drive the Islamic State out of Iraq and Syria—but now America is about to be driven out of Iraq and Syria by Iran! We are about to see a vicious turnaround. In many ways, it has already started.

Written over a year ago, we are now seeing this forecast become reality. Iran’s persistent rocket salvo against U.S. bases and its diplomatic infiltration into Iraqi politics have clinched its control over the nation.

Ever since the U.S. entered Iraq, it has been Iran’s goal to drive it out. This goal is now coming to fruition. As the U.S. continues to withdraw, watch for Iran to rise in power and become more emboldened than ever.

For more information about Iraq’s prophetic fall to Iran, please read Mr. Flurry’s article “America’s Greatest Defeat—Iran’s Victory” and request your free copy of The King of the South.

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One Day

Use the only day you have.

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Race Riots Were Prophesied!

Rioters surround a burning liquor store in Minneapolis on May 28.
Kerem Yucel/afp/getty images

Race Riots Were Prophesied!

Many Americans are shocked by the lawlessness within our cities. But God warned us this would happen.
From the August 2020 Trumpet Print Edition

Where are the riots in America leading us? If you look at Bible prophecy, God makes the answer clear. He also makes clear that there is a solution and what that solution is!

People are rioting to protest the death of George Floyd. The officer whose knee was on Floyd’s neck was charged with murder, and if everything is as it appears, he should be convicted. What he did was a terrible sin. If God were ruling the Earth, I’m sure he would be put to death.

But many people do not trust our justice system to handle such matters, and they are resorting to violence. A lot of anger is being directed against the police, and some people are attacking them. Four policemen were shot in St. Louis. A policeman in Las Vegas was shot in the head and was fighting for his life. A retired police chief working as a security guard was killed. Other policemen have died as well. Across the nation this year, more than 100 policemen have been killed in the line of duty. So are the police—white or black—being treated fairly? They are doing terribly difficult jobs, and they are protecting us from chaos and anarchy.

Some have compared our situation to civil war. It certainly seems we are heading in that direction.

Abraham Lincoln led the nation during the bloody, bloody Civil War. He understood from painful experience the biblical principle that “a nation divided against itself cannot stand.”

Lincoln told Americans very directly the reason for that tragedy: “We have forgotten God”!

During that terrible time, Americans had a certain measure of repentance. As we have said for many years, slavery was one of the greatest sins ever committed by a nation. Many knew that. Lincoln knew that. He freed the slaves. But the racial problems persist.

President Lincoln pointed to the nation’s real sin. The problem was spiritual: We have forgotten God! If he was right about Americans then, how much worse is it now?

Bringing God in gives you clarity! Studying into His Word gives you the solution! I have done that for many years, over and over, and I know it is true!

Many Americans consider themselves religious, but they don’t know their Bibles and they don’t actually know God! Some people are praying, but if our prayers are not being answered, that is an important indicator that we need to get to know the true God much better!

‘A Burning City on a Hill’

The book of Isaiah is prophecy for the end time (Isaiah 30:8). It is for the descendants of ancient Israel, which today include the United States, Britain and several other modern nations.

Here is one of those specific prophecies: “Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers” (Isaiah 1:7). God says that if we do not bring Him into the picture, our problems will grow worse and worse!

Neither side is going to win the coming civil war. People on both sides may think they will win, but none will!

God will use this terrible destruction to punish us for forsaking Him and for our sins. Over 100 Bible prophecies say that, and we have been proclaiming them for more than 74 years.

Look what has become of America today! One British journalist brutally said that recent events have “exposed America as a failed state. … The idea it can be considered a viable model of governance to follow is now patently absurd! As I sit typing this, troops are deployed on the streets of cities across the country, their Humvees still painted desert tan, as looters smash and burn and ransack shops …. It is surely impossible to view the U.S. at this point as anything other than a burning city on a hill, which evokes only desire for our own society to avoid its fate” (Aris Roussinos, UnHerd, June 1; emphasis mine).

That is sad but true! Our founders wanted to make America a shining city on a hill—but we have become a burning city on a hill before the world!

In 1992, Los Angeles police officers beat a black man, Rodney King, during an arrest but were then acquitted. Major riots erupted, and more than 2,300 people were injured and 63 people were killed. At the time, I wrote: “As the economy grows worse, the rioters are going to burn more and more because God’s wrath is upon us! And God is far more wrathful toward the white people in Israel than He is with the black people” (Philadelphia Trumpet, June 1992). Because this nation and the British people have a history with God!

The white people in America actually descended from Israel, which had a personal history with God Himself! God chose them not because they were better or because He wanted to give them special favor, but to use them as an example to other nations. Their failure and our failure to be a shining city on a hill to lead people to God and to happiness hurt not just ourselves but all other nations!

In that article from nearly 30 years ago, I wrote: “The problems are going to intensify until our people repent [of their many sins]. … The Los Angeles rioting is just a type of what is going to happen to the whole nation!”

How could I know this problem would get so much worse? Bible prophecy tells. We were forsaking God! This is not just a racial or political problem, where one side is right and the other wrong. This problem is spiritual! We will never solve this until we realize that.

America doesn’t just have divisions within, it also has powerful enemies without! Vicious nations have been waiting for decades and decades for something like this to happen to America! They want to destroy—not just windows and monuments, but this entire nation!

We have forsaken God. When the ancient Israelites did that, He punished them with invasions by foreign nations. God doesn’t want this to happen to us. He wants us to listen to Him! But President Lincoln told us, God does punish for forsaking Him.

Speaking Like a Dragon

Al Sharpton is treated like an expert on race relations in America. At a memorial service, he said, “George Floyd’s story is the story of black folks.” He likened the policeman’s knee on Floyd’s neck to the way whites have treated black people in America for 400 years. Is that true?

Ben Crump, who became the Floyd family’s lawyer, wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post about Floyd’s death saying that all these incidents are starting to feel like “genocide.” He wrote a book last year called Open Season: The Legalized Genocide of Colored People. Genocide is the deliberate extermination of a people! Is that happening in America? Do you see white people trying to put black people to death?

In all of last year, police killed 28 unarmed black people, according to mappingpoliceviolence.org. (Some news agencies have reported that number as being only nine, but that only counts unarmed blacks shot by on-duty officers.) In nearly all of these cases, the people were fighting against the police in ways that got them killed. That is unfortunate, and policemen do make mistakes, but it is hardly deliberate extermination! How can a lawyer call that genocide? He knows that is a lie. If that isn’t satanic and racist, I don’t know what racism is!

Former President Barack Obama praised the protesters and blamed the eruption of lawlessness on the nation’s history of slavery and institutionalized racism, which he called the “original sin of our society.” The idea of original sin is sin that is inborn within us because of our ancestors. Mr. Obama has previously said that racism is in America’s dna. How do you solve that? Did Abraham Lincoln, who at great cost passed a constitutional amendment to end slavery, have racism in his dna? What about the millions of men who fought in the Civil War, and the more than 100,000 who sacrificed their lives, in part to end slavery? Does Mr. Obama have any gratitude for what it has taken to achieve the equality in America today?

Throughout America’s history, race relations have seen dramatic improvements in people blending together and getting along. You never hear about that from these men.

Request your free copy of The United States and Britain in Prophecy, by Herbert W. Armstrong, to trace these modern nations’ history back to ancient Israel—and to God.

Al Sharpton ridiculed President Trump for holding up a Bible, and said he needed to get into the Bible. Then he started advocating rebellion against the government. Well, in that Bible Sharpton says we should get into is Romans chapter 13, which says you are to be subject to the government of the land! Mr. Sharpton is not about to be subject to the government—he wants to overthrow it!

Mr. Sharpton did say that he was against looting and burning. But just days earlier, he said he wished the rioters would not burn the black people’s businesses. Doesn’t that imply that he was fine with their burning buildings owned by whites?

Jesus Christ said we should be peacemakers and make peace (Matthew 5:9). Mr. Sharpton says he wants peace, but at every opportunity, he tries to draw attention to evil deeds by the police, but in most of those cases the police were exonerated, and I think rightfully so. Will those kinds of statements bring peace? He is always trying to divide the races and make war!

Al Sharpton tries to look like a lamb, but he speaks like a dragon! His words are right out of the mind of the devil!

God Bless America

From the beginning of human history at the Garden of Eden, human beings never had the ability to rule rightly over other human beings. Human beings do not have the answers. Still, we rejected God and built our own governments, our own educational systems, our own religions—and look at what our societies have become.

Where is the hope for solving the injustices and divisions? Where is the hope for saving our country from destruction? Only in God! If we brought God into the picture, if we repented and obeyed Him, God could solve all these problems instantly! The Bible is full of the history of Him doing exactly that! God blessed America in the past, and Britain before that. He miraculously solved huge problems our forefathers faced.

We again face terrible problems. People are praying. People sometimes sing, “God Bless America.” And God does want to bless us. But if we are not receiving those blessings, we have to ask ourselves honestly, why? It’s because we will not acknowledge that those blessings were from God. We don’t believe God, and we don’t obey God. We have forsaken God!

Abraham Lincoln acknowledged that. He often quoted the Bible. He read it and knew it well, and he could see that God does love us—but because of our sins He must punish us.

Amos 7:8 describes God actually measuring out the nation’s destruction, and saying “I will not again pass by them any more.” Through His Church, God has “passed by” with His message of warning (and hope) for many years. He says we are all guilty of sinning against Him, and He will give us one more time to repent, to change our attitude toward Him. But after this, He “will not again pass by.” So if we don’t repent now, we are going to plunge into the worst suffering ever!

“And the high places of Isaac shall be desolate, and the sanctuaries of Israel shall be laid waste; and I will rise against the house of Jeroboam with the sword”—an attack from another nation (verse 9). Look at the destruction that will result if we don’t hear this last warning!

Jesus Christ called this coming time of suffering the “great tribulation” (Matthew 24:21). That time is now at the door!

Notice what is said about God’s prophet in Amos 7:10: “[T]he land is not able to bear all his words.” Are you able to bear God’s words? If you believe in God and pray to God, but He is not blessing you, are you willing to listen to what He is telling you?

A minister who is serving God has the duty to speak God’s words, not just words people like to hear. It is up to you whether you will find them unbearable, or accept God’s correction before the disaster comes. Beyond the 3½-year Great Tribulation, there is still tremendous hope. Even for those who have died and will die, there is hope! But God wants you to turn from forsaking Him without having to face suffering and death.

Measured Destruction

The terrible problems in America are ultimately spiritual. And they are being fueled by evil from the spirit realm. The Bible makes clear that Satan and his demons are active in the world today—“the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience” (Ephesians 2:2). These evil spirits are stirring up destructive attitudes and violent actions.

Protesters face-off with the police in Washington, D.C., on June 3.
Yasin Aztruk/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

They are behind the murders committed by policemen—and behind the murders of policemen! We must be aware of these malevolent forces, or we are terribly vulnerable to them (2 Corinthians 2:11).

Only God can protect us, and He will not do that when we are living in rebellion. The answer is not to attack the other ideology or political party or race. The answer is to admit your sins! As a nation, we all have sins. We have all forsaken God. Only those who wake up and hear and can bear how God is correcting us can be saved from the unprecedented suffering to come.

Do you really know God? Hebrews 10:31 says, “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.”

Isaiah’s prophecy begins: “Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth: for the Lord hath spoken, I have nourished and brought up children [or sons], and they have rebelled against me” (Isaiah 1:2). God wants everyone in the universe to hear this!

The “children” God has “nourished and brought up” are the modern-day nations of Israel. He is talking about America and Britain—the nations descended from the 12 tribes of ancient Israel. He is also talking about spiritual Israel: God’s true Church. Even the vast majority of God’s people have forsaken Him! And for them, their eternal lives are under threat!

“Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity [lawlessness], a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the Lord, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger …” (verse 4). Do you believe God could be provoked to anger and wrath? Many scriptures give us a resounding yes.

“[T]hey are gone away backward. Why should ye be stricken any more? ye will revolt more and more: the whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint” (verses 4-5). Physical and spiritual Israel today is sick, faint of heart, lacking real courage. Why? Because they do not know the true God!

Verse 7 describes our cities being burned and devoured by strangers—non-Israelites. You cannot know who they are unless you know who Israel is. And it is really talking about those who will not keep the law of Israel. In the ancient nation of Israel, God did not forbid immigration, as long as people kept the law and religion of Israel.

When Lincoln spoke of the dangers of “a house divided against itself,” he was quoting Jesus Christ. The Bible records three times when Christ said that a kingdom divided against itself ends in desolation! (Matthew 12:25; Mark 3:25; Luke 11:17). Do you believe Jesus Christ?

Do you really believe God would allow us to keep forsaking Him until we lose our eternal lives, without shaking us, getting our attention, and imploring us to repent? God pleads with us in Ezekiel 33:11: “[T]urn ye, turn ye from your evil [wicked] ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel?” That message was not for the people around Ezekiel. He recorded it in a book for our day! It applies to you now and is being delivered to you now. “And when this cometh to pass, (lo, it will come,) then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them” (verse 33).

Listen Now

Who is going to win the civil war? Only God! This is a spiritual struggle, and God will win! He is using this to punish us, but He is punishing us to turn us to Him!

In fact, the same prophecies that reveal how bad our national sickness will get, killing millions of people, also reveal that this terrible time leads directly into the Second Coming of Jesus Christ! All these terrible events are tied to that incredibly great news! There is no hope in man. There is hope—in spite of man!

Some few will learn this lesson now. Others will not learn it until the Great Tribulation. And many, many others will not learn it until they are resurrected far in the future.

Learn the lesson now: We have forsaken God. Repent and turn to Him!

It is terrible that we so stubbornly choose to turn to Satan and allow him to spiritually influence us to be so selfish, ungrateful, unbelieving, disobedient, hateful and violent. Satan would turn us completely away from God forever if he could. But God is going to allow us to be punished powerfully by Satan’s wrath and then His own wrath! And there is great hope in that—because it will lead to people’s repentance.

In the end, Jesus Christ is going to win! Christ will return and establish His absolute authority over all the Earth. He will end the destruction, the riots, the murders. That will be the reality of the wonderful World Tomorrow.

The question is, do you believe God?

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One Day

Use the only day you have.

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Germany Wants to Be Israel’s Mediator

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (left) greets (with his elbow) Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi.
Getty Images

Germany Wants to Be Israel’s Mediator

Germany’s foreign minister claims it needs to protect Israel from its own decisions.

Israel seeks to implement a peace plan with the Palestinian Authority, with the help of the United States. Germany, considered Israel’s second-most important international ally, doesn’t agree with Israel’s plan to annex 30 percent of the West Bank. So German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass traveled to Israel as an unwanted “mediator,” as Germany’s Zeit Online noted in “A Particularly Stressed Relationship.”

On June 10, Maas said that Israel’s annexation of the West Bank would be regarded as a violation of international law.

The Palestinian Authority has not agreed to what U.S. President Donald Trump called the “deal of the century.” In a joint press conference with Maas, Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi said, “We expect the international community to make clear to the Palestinians that their refusal to participate will not serve Palestinian interests.”

Maas pleaded for “diplomacy and not for exchanging threats,” concluding “that compatibility on a solution seems difficult.”

“During the meeting,” Zeit Online wrote, “the long-standing supporter of the two-state solution [Ashkenazi] is said to have emphasized Germany’s weight several times. You know how important it is to listen to one of your closest friends and to rethink your point of view, Ashkenazi said. ‘This is what we do.’”

Israel, understandably, wants to declare sovereignty over the West Bank. Since Israel’s founding in 1948, Arab nations have sought to destroy the tiny nation. In 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982 and 2006, various Arab forces have united in their struggle against Israel. The main instigators in the conflicts were Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Prior to the 1967 Six-Day War, Arab states led Palestinian guerrilla groups to attack Israel. As its neighbors mobilized for war, Israel led a preemptive strike against Egypt and Syria and launched a ground offensive in the Sinai Peninsula, the Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Israel won the war and, among other things, occupied the acquired territory to protect itself from future conflicts. But the international community has never accepted the land as belonging to Israel.

The conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors has remained unresolved. Knowing Israel’s military supremacy, some neighboring Arab nations have refrained from military attacks, opting instead to sponsor terrorism. During the so-called peace process, Israel has repeatedly given land to gain peace. Yet the conflict continues.

“Israel has occupied Palestinian territory since 1967, thereby breaking international law,” Zeit Online wrote. “The planned annexation, which is part of U.S. President Donald Trump’s Middle East plan, is causing widespread opposition from the EU and neighboring Arab countries. For the special relationship between Israel and Germany, it means a new stress test: On July 1, the Israeli government wants to take the first steps to expand Israel.”

Germany, one of Israel’s supposedly “closest allies,” fundamentally disagrees with its current policies. Maas tweeted: “We also talked about the Middle East peace process: I told my Israeli colleague our honest, serious concerns about the consequences of annexation. We stand with our EU partners for a negotiated, mutually acceptable two-state solution.”

But negotiating a “mutually acceptable two-state solution” has been impossible.

Due to the horrors Germany committed against the Jewish people in World War ii, the nation has given itself a “special” responsibility to secure Israel’s security in the Middle East. This is why Maas decided that his first trip abroad after the coronavirus pandemic would be to the Middle East.

Besides meeting with the Israeli government in person, he also planned a trip to Ramallah to meet with the Palestinian Authority. Due to coronavirus restrictions, the Israeli government did not allow Maas to travel into the West Bank before coming to Israel.

Maas knows how much the Israeli government values Germany’s partnership. He also knows that one of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s main goals is to secure the territories in the West Bank while he has America’s blessing.

But Germany believes Israel is making a terrible decision. Zeit Online explained why: “Israel’s security is Germany’s raison d’état; this premise is as firm as the wall between Israel and the Palestinian territories. With the planned annexation, more and more Israelis fear that their security is not only threatened by external dangers, but now also by the policies of their own government. The peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan are in danger.”

Germany claims it must protect Israel from its own elected government to protect Israel’s security.

The international community has long pressured Israel to give up its claims to the territory gained in 1967. Even the deal negotiated by the Trump administration is based on this.

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry warned of the dangers of the peace deal in “Will the Trump Peace Plan Bring Peace to Israel?” He wrote: “If implemented, this plan puts a Palestinian state on the doorstep of Jerusalem and surrounding almost every Jewish settlement in the West Bank. It doesn’t create two states side by side with one continuous border: It is a series of roads, tunnels and overpasses connecting islands of Jewish communities in the West Bank, each surrounded by a historically hostile people.”

As Mr. Flurry explained in his article, the dilemma Israel is currently in is prophesied in the Bible.

Israel is currently putting all its hope in President Trump. But what will Israel do after Trump’s presidency ends or the cooperation fails for some other reason? The Bible prophesies that Israel will then turn to Germany as its last hope.

Mr. Flurry explained:

The book of Hosea was written as prophecy for the end time. The nation called Israel today is really biblical Judah. Hosea includes specific prophecies about Judah.

“When Ephraim saw his sickness, and Judah saw his wound, then went Ephraim to the Assyrian, and sent to king Jareb: yet could he not heal you, nor cure you of your wound” (Hosea 5:13).

Studying this verse in the original Hebrew reveals that both Ephraim (Britain) and Judah go to Assyria (the prophetic term for modern-day Germany—to prove this, request our free booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire).

Why go to Germany? And what is Judah’s “wound”? Strong’s Concordance defines that word, “in the sense of binding up: a bandage, i.e. remedy.” Gesenius’ Hebrew-Chaldee Lexicon defines it, “the pressing together, binding up of a wound; here used figuratively of a remedy applied to the wounds of the state.” In other words, the remedy is the wound!

This is a specific prophecy that the Trumpet has drawn attention to for many years.

“Is the peace process with the Arabs the Israeli wound that God refers to in Hosea 5:13?” Mr. Flurry asks in Hosea—Reaping the Whirlwind. “I have been saying that the deeply flawed peace process was ‘Judah’s wound’ since it began in 1993. This delusional pursuit of peace through compromise has been an unparalleled disaster for Judah!”

Concerning Germany’s role in this prophecy, Mr. Flurry wrote in his article:

Already the European Union has been mentioned publicly as a protector to Israel as the U.S. grows weaker. Germany has grown more and more active in the region. It sent observers to look after the border with Egypt after Israel vacated the Gaza Strip; it sent peacekeepers to Lebanon after the Hezbollah-Israel war in the summer of 2006; for some years there has been talk of German troops helping to secure the Golan Heights should Israel give this strategic area back to Syria. Germany now has its navy deployed throughout the whole of the Mediterranean, one of the world’s most strategic waterways, from Gibraltar to Suez. Relations between German and Israeli politicians are the best they have been in decades.

For now, Germany is not the chief negotiator in the Middle East, but it is positioned to fill this role once the U.S. pulls out. We are getting very close to the fulfillment of this prophecy. What this means for the future of the whole world is explained in detail in Mr. Flurry’s booklet Hosea—Reaping the Whirlwind.


Your Freedom Is More Fragile Than You Think

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The Mystery of the Church


The Mystery of the Church

The truth about why Jesus Christ established His Church eludes traditional Christianity. But you can unlock this mystery!
From the August 2020 Trumpet Print Edition

Why did Jesus Christ establish His Church? Most people cannot answer that question. But it is vital that we understand it. It was supremely important to Jesus Christ. He risked His eternal life to establish His Church! That is how high the stakes were.

Jesus told His disciples, “I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18). That is an extraordinary statement: The Church that Christ established would never die! That means this Church is around even today.

Scripture describes several characteristics of this Church. Here is a telling one: Jesus Himself called it a “little flock” (Luke 12:32). This one statement—though most people overlook it—reveals that God’s true Church is small compared to so many churches of this world. It isn’t meant to be a massive global organization in this age. Because it is small, God’s Church remains a mystery to the world.

Yet if you follow the Bible and have the understanding God has revealed to His servants, then you can know where to find the true Church today. The mystery can be solved.

Herbert W. Armstrong wrote about this subject in great detail in his book Mystery of the Ages. In that book, he made some truly profound statements we should consider deeply.

Mr. Armstrong wrote about the five-pronged purpose for Christ’s time on Earth: Jesus “had come 1) to qualify, where the first Adam failed, to replace the former archangel Lucifer on the throne of the Earth, ruling with the government of God. He had come 2) to announce the future establishment of the Kingdom of God and teach that prophetic good news (gospel) to His chosen future apostles. He had come 3) to take on Himself, as our direct Creator, the penalty for our sins by His death on the cross—that we might share in that world. And He had come 4) to be resurrected from the dead by God, making possible eternal God-life for the people of God and after His Second Coming for all who are willing, of all humanity, who have ever lived on this Earth. And He had come 5) to establish God’s Church, to be trained to rule under Him.”

To understand this fifth objective, study Chapter 6 of Mystery of the Ages, titled “Mystery of the Church.”

The Titanic Battle

Christ’s five accomplishments on Earth are intertwined and chronological. Before He could set up His Church, His first priority was to conquer Satan.

“When Jesus was about age 30, He was ready to begin choosing His apostles, and proclaiming and teaching them His message from God to man—His gospel,” Mr. Armstrong continued. “But first, it was imperative that He qualify to replace Satan and set up the Kingdom of God, by overcoming the devil.” Christ didn’t start teaching His disciples or delivering God’s message before fulfilling this crucial objective.

The head-to-head battle between Jesus and Satan is recorded in Matthew 4, Mark 1 and Luke 4. “This,” Mr. Armstrong wrote, “perhaps was the most important, momentous, decisive confrontation and battle ever fought in all time in the universe.” It was so decisive because if Christ didn’t conquer Satan, then God’s plan for mankind could not proceed! Had Jesus sinned, He could not be our Savior. The outcome of this war would determine whether Christ would replace Satan, now the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4), as ruler of the Earth.

Satan used multiple tactics to tempt Jesus Christ. But Christ would not be tempted. To one temptation He responded, “It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). Christ kept His focus on the spiritual, setting the example for us by knowing and living by every word of God—even in this battle with Satan!

At one point, Satan also quoted scripture (verse 6)—but, as Mr. Armstrong wrote, “he misapplied it, twisted its contextual meaning, just as Satan so frequently influences scholars to do.” We must be close to God so we can respond the way Christ did and prevent deception.

“Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God” (verse 7). Christ’s reply came from Deuteronomy 6:16. The Bible was Christ’s defense against Satan’s ambush. Notice, Christ quoted the Old Testament; He did not come to Earth to do away with it!

Christ used Scripture to repel Satan the devil, and we can do the same. Of course, that means we must know our Bibles.

Finally Satan took Christ up to a high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the Earth. “And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me” (verse 9). Christ didn’t deny Satan’s claim; Satan was indeed in charge of all Earth’s kingdoms, and thus could give them away as he pleased.

“Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve” (verse 10). Upon Christ’s command, Satan slunk away. Satan must obey the authority of God!

“Jesus Christ, the second Adam, had qualified!” Mr. Armstrong wrote about the conclusion of this titanic battle. “Never until that minute could the good news of the coming Kingdom of God be announced to the world.”

Before this battle, Christ was not guaranteed to rule the Earth at His Second Coming. This struggle qualified Him to take over Satan’s throne, as long as He continued to remain sinless during His ministry and crucifixion. What a victory!

Our Turn

“But now the Church must also qualify to rule with Him!” Mr. Armstrong continued. That’s right! Christ has allotted about 2,000 years for His Church to qualify to help Him rule the Earth and universe. How? The same way He did: by conquering the devil, though our daily battles are nowhere near as hard as Christ’s confrontation with Satan.

The moment that Christ beat Satan, He could preach the gospel, the good news of the coming Kingdom of God. “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God …. Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel” (Mark 1:1, 14-15). Most people today don’t know what repentance is. Even most professing Christians don’t know what the true gospel is. And God’s Church is a mystery to them.

Yet Jesus Christ set the example for God’s Church. We must proclaim the gospel message of Christ, not about Christ. We must tell the world that God will give every person who has ever lived an opportunity to be a part of His Family forever. God’s incredible step-by-step plan for man is pictured by His annual holy days. (Request Mr. Armstrong’s free booklet Pagan Holidays—or God’s Holy Days—Which? to learn more.)

But the Church has a role to play. “To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne” (Revelation 3:21). This is an exhortation to God’s Church in the end time. We must overcome as Christ overcame. Christ prevailed over Satan. Now, it is our turn. We must conquer Satan to rule with Christ on His throne for eternity.

God has given His Church a dual responsibility. First, we must proclaim God’s gospel message to this world. God tells the Philadelphia Church of God to “prophesy again” (Revelation 10:11), which includes the truth of the good news of the coming Kingdom of God.

Second, God gives us the responsibility to “feed my sheep”—speaking of the members of God’s Church (John 21). There is a person proclaiming the gospel, but he needs support. It is a team effort. The Church is called the Body of Christ, and it should function according to the mind of Christ.

The word Church comes from the Greek word ecclesia, meaning called-out ones. God’s Church is a select group of people preparing now to marry Jesus Christ and to rule with Him over this world for a thousand years. God views the members of His true Church as kings and priests, if they are following Him (Revelation 1:6; 5:10). In other words, we will be over Church and state—both the spiritual Church and physical nations. We will rule alongside Christ with a rod of iron, possessing real authority and giving righteous direction.

That is a staggering reward, but we must qualify. How could we become kings and priests without preparation? Christ’s bride, the Church, prepares herself (Revelation 19:7). She must qualify for that lofty position. Those in God’s Church today must be learning now how to teach people in love with a certain amount of authority. God’s people are fed, nurtured and protected spiritually inside God’s Church until that time comes.

This is biblical truth that very few people understand! Satan truly has blinded the minds of those who believe not (2 Corinthians 4:4). He has made this wonderful, precious truth of God a mystery.

There is coming a time when God will open the minds of everybody in this world (John 7:37-38). But it is not that way today.

The Lost Century

Christ told His disciples, “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come” (Matthew 24:14). The gospel was preached around the world in the first era, and Christ was saying it would not be preached again until the very end time, just before He returns! When you see the gospel being preached again—then you know that the end is near. If that had happened in a.d. 700, 1100 or 1800, then the end would have come then.

“It is a fact to stagger the mind of the reader that the gospel of Jesus Christ was not proclaimed to the world from about a.d. 50 until the year 1953,” Mr. Armstrong wrote (ibid). (Request The True History of God’s True Church for proof.) Why not? Because Satan hid this precious truth from the world!

“I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ” (Galatians 1:6-7). God’s Church had already turned away from the true gospel a mere 20 years after receiving it directly from Jesus Christ! This strongly indicates what an intense spiritual warfare we face, and why we must overcome the devil.

Something horrible happened in the first century to stifle the true gospel. Mr. Armstrong calls the period that followed the lost century.

Secular sources agree. “The scanty and suspicious materials on ecclesiastical history seldom enable us to dispel the dark cloud that hangs over the first age of the Church,” wrote Edward Gibbon in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

“The 30 years which followed the close of the New Testament canon and the destruction of Jerusalem are in truth the most obscure in the history of the Church,” wrote Samuel G. Green in A Handbook of Church History.

William Fitzgerald wrote in Lectures on Ecclesiastical History, “Over this period of transition which immediately succeeds upon the era properly called apostolic, great obscurity hangs.”

The Roman Empire ruled the world during the first century. Much of the history of the true Church was blotted out. The Apostle John preserved a small amount of this history in his biblical epistles. (For insight into John’s epistles, request The Last Hour.)

In his June 24, 1983, sermon, “From Sardis to Laodicea,” Mr. Armstrong read a statement from a German theological school about the lost century. He said that in this period, a “‘violent contest was going on between two gospels. Some wanted the gospel of Christ,’ which means the same gospel Christ preached, the gospel of the Kingdom. ‘And others wanted a gospel about Christ.’”

The Bible tells us which gospel won out.

The True Gospel

“And as he [Jesus] sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world [age]? And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many” (Matthew 24:3-5).

That is a phenomenal prophecy. Christ foretold many false teachers preaching about Him, saying, “I, Christ, am Christ.” These deceivers will not call themselves Christ; they will say that Christ is Christ, or focus entirely on Christ the man instead of the message He preached. This is a big reason why God’s truth and God’s Church are a mystery to most people! They focus on Jesus Christ rather than the message of Jesus Christ!

The Bible is Jesus Christ in print. To remove the mystery from the Bible, we must live by every word of God. We must focus on Christ’s message, not on the person of Christ or some shallow acceptance of Him.

The Kingdom of God is not the Church as many today believe. Physical human beings cannot inherit the Kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 15:50). The Kingdom is spiritual. It is a family that we are born into if we qualify.

God’s Church prepares a small group of people to qualify for that reward right now, if we are willing. And as the bride of Christ (Revelation 19:7), they will help their Husband in bringing salvation to the rest of humanity after His return.

That is the transcendental purpose for the Church!