Iran Launches First Military Satellite Into Orbit

Iran has successfully launched its first-ever military satellite into orbit. The launch took place Wednesday morning, and the satellite is currently orbiting in space 425 kilometers above the Earth.

The successful launch comes after numerous failed attempts in the past two years to put such a military satellite in space. But the launch from this Wednesday did not fail, and this should be cause for concern.

The danger of such a launch is that very similar technology is shared between launching such a satellite and launching intercontinental ballistic missiles (icbms).

Basically, if Iran can launch a space satellite like this into orbit, it also has the ability to launch a nuclear weapon through space.

This is a frightening development because we know that Iran has broken its nuclear deal commitments and is quickly moving toward having enough enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon. Although it’s not there yet, Iran is quickly developing the necessary amount of enriched uranium, the weapon itself and, with this test, the delivery system.

It’s also significant that the successful test took place on the 41st anniversary of the establishment of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (irgc). This was a not a test done by Iran’s space agency, but by the Revolutionary Guard themselves.

Speaking about the launch, the irgc head Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami said, “Today, we can observe the world from space. … The satellite’s successful launch enhanced new aspects of the Islamic Republic’s defensive might. By God’s grace, the corps turned into a space force today.”

Talk about a terrifying comment. Iran is known for its bluster, but in this case, there is no reason to doubt it.

While the democracies of the world are shut down by fear of coronavirus, Iran’s radical theocratic regime has continued to develop an offensive warfare capability. And right now, above you, Iran has a military satellite orbiting. And if it can put that in space, far less is standing in Iran’s way to use that same technology to deploy a nuclear weapon as well.

It’s important at this time that we don’t lose sight of the offensive moves by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. A fundamental belief of the guard, which answers directly to Iran’s supreme leader, is that it exists not just to protect the revolutionary at home, but to export Islamic rule elsewhere—by soft power and also by military power, if need be.

This launch exposes the real threat Iran’s Islamic regime poses to the world. And don’t think it’s just about Israel. Iran doesn’t need icbms to reach Israel with a nuclear weapon; it already possesses that capability with its other ballistic missiles.

This is about Iran’s ability to impact the rest of the world.

This fact is important to recognize, especially when we look at Iran’s moves in terms of what the Bible says about the Iranian threat.

For over 30 years, Watch Jerusalem editor in chief Gerald Flurry has forecast that the Islamic Republic of Iran fulfills the role of the king of the south, mentioned in Daniel 11:40. That verse discusses a king of the south that pushes the world toward war. And as it describes there, this is the war that will end all wars.

When we see Iran’s Islamic revolutionaries becoming a space force, as it did this week, we should recognize that this biblical prophecy is close to being fulfilled.

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