The Anatomy of a Pandemic

Medical staff takes samples at a drive-through coronavirus testing lab set up by a local community center in West Palm Beach, Miami.

The Anatomy of a Pandemic

00:30 Laws of Radiant Health (5 minutes)

During this time of public health crisis, it’s important to remember Herbert W. Armstrong’s seven laws of radiant health. In this segment, I remind listeners about those seven laws and emphasize the importance of a positive mental attitude!

05:20 Coronavirus Hysteria (18 minutes)

How does the coronavirus compare to other outbreaks and causes of death? In this segment, I try to put today’s pandemic in perspective.

23:30 Politically Motivated Hysteria? (32 minutes)

President Donald Trump’s enemies continue to politicize the coronavirus to attack and undermine his presidency. Meanwhile, commentators who draw attention to this are viciously attacked.

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