Scientists: Climate Change Means Some of You Have to Go Varavin

Scientists: Climate Change Means Some of You Have to Go

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The real solution to our climate crisis is fewer humans, scientists say. Yesterday, the American Institute of Biological Sciences journal Bioscience published a declaration signed by 11,000 scientists stating “clearly and unequivocally that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency” and that “[a]n immense increase of scale in endeavors to conserve our biosphere is needed to avoid untold suffering due to the climate crisis.” Among their prescriptions: end fossil fuel drilling, reduce living standards for the rich, shrink national economies, and take meat off the menu.

The real pith, though, is population control. “[T]he world population must be stabilized—and, ideally, gradually reduced,” they say. They tout “proven and effective policies that strengthen human rights while lowering fertility rates”—including government-supplied contraception and abortion, and more education for women, which presumably suppresses the urge to have children.

Over the roar and clatter of such alarmism, truth can get drowned out. But it’s worth remembering: Science’s track record on this issue is abysmal.

The notion that the only hope for this doomed planet is to eliminate humans is at least decades old. This very month 50 years ago, Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich suggested that, to prevent global cooling, the government might reduce the population by putting sterility drugs in the food and water supply. You can read this and many other deranged and failed predictions collected by scientist Tony Heller in response to this latest scientific edict on overpopulation. (Our Brad Macdonald wrote a great article in June showing the real motive behind the push to depopulate—and it has nothing to do with concern for the Earth.) Mr. Keller has also created an eye-opening video—worth watching all 12 minutes—showing blatant fraud in the Fourth National Climate Assessment produced by the U.S. government in November 2018.

It is good to be reminded of such facts, because they are being absolutely buried by noise. We’re told that activist children like Greta Thunberg “get it” as they scold and scream at the world for supposed inaction regarding climate change. And what barbarian would dare question 11,000 scientists? The media is on board this train, and more and more leaders are clambering on, or being pushed there—and are making ruinous decisions accordingly. It has become presumed consensus. But it still doesn’t make it true.

Right now, Australia is withering in drought (you can hear about this on today’s Trumpet Hour), and California is burning. Every such curse we suffer brings out the climatologists, who speak as though these disasters would cease if only we would all become vegetarians, erect windmills, and stop flying airplanes. This is not only delusional, it is terribly dangerous—because it obscures the real lesson we must take from these curses!

I urge you to read our booklet Why ‘Natural’ Disasters?especially Chapter 3: “The Deadly Climate Change Deception.” Amid all the cacophony and hullabaloo on this subject, here is some truth—ABSOLUTE truth based on the Bible. It gives the real solution to the problem—and it “clearly and unequivocally” does NOT involve suppressing fertility rates and encouraging abortions!

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The Iranian Attacks Are Just Getting Started

America’s policy of sanctions and military restraint means someone else will have to confront Iran. Bible prophecy shows whom it will be.

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Majority of Americans Say U.S. Is Nearing Civil War

Supporters of President Trump clash with anti-Trump protesters during an October 19 rally against his policies in Santa Monica, California.
MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

Majority of Americans Say U.S. Is Nearing Civil War

Unfortunately, they’re right.

A Georgetown University poll released on October 23 reports that 67 percent of Americans believe that America is “on the edge of civil war.” The partisan antipathy in the nation has reached an all-time high and, in the face of the upcoming 2020 presidential elections, will only get worse.

According to Mo Elleithee, executive director of Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service, the results of this poll paint “a scenario, a picture of a highly negative campaign that will continue to exacerbate the incivility in our public discourse.”

Almost all Americans are aware of the growing division in the country, and now many realize that it is leading inexorably to a civil war. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center conducted among 9,895 adults, both Republicans and Democrats have increasingly colder sentiments about those in the opposing party. These sentiments have grown worse since the 2016 presidential election.

Fifty-five percent of Republicans say that Democrats are more immoral than other Americans, while 47 percent of Democrats say the same about Republicans; this is compared to 47 percent and 35 percent respectively, just three years ago. The numbers are the same in their view of the other’s closed-mindedness, intelligence, patriotism and laziness.

These poll results are worrying because they indicate less and less room for reconciliation and more and more room for antagonism. The poll results only serve to confirm what the Trumpet has been proclaiming for years: The divisions in America are leading to a bloody civil war.

In his article on the 2017 Charlottesville rioting, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote:

On June 16, 1858, Abraham Lincoln said in a speech, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” That was a direct quote from Jesus Christ that Lincoln applied to the very divided United States of America. …

Lincoln foresaw great peril for America. He knew it would take a crisis for the nation to learn that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

That crisis came. The tension and division in America in the middle of the 19th century erupted into a protracted, bloody conflict lasting more than four years. The Civil War cost 620,000 American lives—more deaths than all other American wars combined.The bitter division in America today is leading to another civil war that will be 10,000 times worse!”

The U.S. is deeply divided politically and idealogically. It is leading America to a violent and deadly outcome.

Tensions are brewing and about to boil over. The Bible prophesies violence, rioting and suffering on a level that America has never seen before. God inspired the Prophet Ezekiel to write, “Make a chain: for the land is full of bloody crimes, and the city is full of violence. … Destruction cometh; and they shall seek peace, and there shall be none” (Ezekiel 7:23, 25).

Unless mankind changes its course on fueling the divide in America, these hostilities will usher in the time of the worst suffering that man has ever seen on this Earth.

This suffering will be necessary to reconcile mankind to his Creator. Mr. Flurry wrote, “We can no longer ignore what we have reaped by giving ourselves over to sin. This is a reckoning! The good news, though, is that the destruction about to sweep over us is all for a purpose. It is precisely measured, and it is purposeful. It is preparing our people to come to know God!”

To learn more about the prophesied civil war and the inspiring future soon after, request a free copy of Mr. Flurry’s booklet America Under Attack.

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Would an Impeachment of President Trump Spark Civil War?

Millions are angry over attempts to oust the president from office.

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Mexican Cartels Threaten United States

A policeman stands next to burnt vehicles after heavily armed gunmen waged an all-out battle against Mexican security forces in Culiacan, Sinaloa state, Mexico, on October 18, 2019.

Mexican Cartels Threaten United States

Will invading Mexico solve America’s drug problems?

Mexico has degenerated into a failed state where drug cartels are stronger than the government in many cities and provinces. On October 17, a battle broke out in the city of Culiacán between cartel gunmen and government states. And the Sinaloa cartel absolutely clobbered the Mexican military.

The military had captured the two sons of jailed drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. Cartel gunmen quickly freed the elder son, Ivan, and then besieged the entire city in an effort to free his younger brother, Ovidio. The ensuing battle looked like a newsreel from the Syrian civil war. Using an arsenal of machine guns and homemade tanks, the cartel overpowered Mexican security forces. Burning vehicles spewed black smoke, heavily armed gunmen blocked roads, and dead bodies lay in the streets.

Eight hours into the battle, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ordered troops to release Ovidio and surrender. López defended his decision, saying, “Many people were at risk, and it was decided to protect people’s lives. I agreed with that, because we don’t do massacres, that’s over.” Though lives may have been saved, the battle of Culiacán marks a turning point in the collapse of Mexico. Cartel gunmen beat the Mexican military and demonstrated that the Sinaloa cartel controls Culiacán, and the surrounding Sinaloa state.

This happened only 600 miles from the United States’ southern border.

Drug cartels control 45 percent of Mexico, according to U.S. Sen. James Lankford, and operate in over 1,200 U.S. cities, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. If they have the firepower to take on the Mexican military, they have the firepower to stand toe-to-toe with U.S. police and border control agents. This is why U.S. President Donald Trump wants to use the U.S. military to fight Mexican cartels.

After nine U.S. citizens living in a Mormon community in northern Mexico were killed by cartel gunmen on November 4, President Trump announced on Twitter: “A wonderful family and friends from Utah got caught between two vicious drug cartels, who were shooting at each other, with the result being many great American people killed, including young children, and some missing. If Mexico needs or requests help in cleaning out these monsters, the United States stands ready, willing & able to get involved and do the job quickly and effectively. The great new President of Mexico has made this a big issue, but the cartels have become so large and powerful that you sometimes need an army to defeat an army!”

Taking into account the criminal alliances formed between drug trafficking organizations and street gangs, Mexican cartels are perhaps America’s most serious domestic security threat. But simply waging war on Mexican cartels will not fix the social and economic forces that created these dangerous cartels in the first place.

Latin America is the world’s largest illicit drug producer, because America is the world’s largest illicit drug consumer. As long as U.S. citizens spend more than $150 billion on illicit drugs each year, some organization will step up to fill the need, whether or not the U.S. military wipes out the Sinaloa cartel. And legalizing drugs will not stop black market activity or the domestic violence that drug addiction causes within families.

To save Mexico and the U.S. from the threat of drug cartels, people have to tackle the root cause of the problem. Approximately 25 million U.S. citizens and 4 million Mexican citizens use opium, heroin and other drugs in a vain attempt to fill a spiritual void in their lives. Drug addiction is a sickness referred to in the Bible as pharmakeia, and it is listed as one of the works of the flesh in Galatians 5:19-20. The King James Bible renders this word as “witchcraft,” but a more exact rendering is “the use or the administering of drugs.”

Drug-related violence is not a problem that will be permanently solved by the National Palace in Mexico or the White House in the United States. It is a problem that must be solved in the 168 million households spread across Mexico, the U.S. and Canada.

“Strong marriages build strong children,” Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry writes in his booklet No Freedom Without Law. “We need strong children who are not vulnerable to drugs. Why do children want to take drugs and destroy their minds? The mind is the only thing that really sets us apart from animals. What is lacking in their lives that would make them want to do that to themselves? Why even take a chance on something so destructive? Because their wills are so weakened, they must have something to fill the void their parents have left—in most cases. Of course, drugs don’t truly fill that void at all—they only bring people into slavery of the worst possible kind. Drug addiction destroys the will!”

If there isn’t repentance on a nationwide scale, the ripple effects of transgressing God’s law will continue to spread until the entire North American continent experiences such slavery.

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The Paradox of Hitler’s Culture

As yet another cultural revival begins in Europe, it is high time to understand its origin.

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Australian Drought Reaches Crisis Point

The cracked earth of Lake Tandure on August 14 in Menindee, Australia
Mark Evans/Getty Images

Australian Drought Reaches Crisis Point

Day zero is rapidly approaching as water reserves dry up.

For three years, several regions within Australia have suffered intense drought. Now it has reached a crisis point, as many locations rapidly approach “day zero”—when the taps run dry.

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology reported that for the first nine months of 2019, average temperatures were the highest since record-keeping began in 1910. Average rainfall for this same period is also at its lowest since 1965. This severe water shortage is devastating farmland across Queensland and New South Wales, and causing the worst drought in more than 400 years, according to some sources.

For many towns across the region, water sources are about to run dry. “Day zero,” as it has been dubbed, is expected to hit most in six to 12 months.

In Sydney, water storage has dropped below 50 percent capacity; Macquarie sits at 11 percent. Even more acute shortages are being felt in the Border Rivers between New South Wales and Queensland, where levels are at 6 percent. One of the largest dams in the Murray-Darling Basin, a large and complex river system called “the food bowl” of Australia, is barely 4 percent full. The Namoi River in northern New South Wales is at 1.5 percent.

To provide relief for these conditions would take months of above-average rainfall; much more would be required to break the drought. But with summer approaching, relief is improbable. The Bureau is predicting worsening heatwaves, more bushfires and a less-than-average tropical cyclone period.

Conditions have become so severe in some areas that farmers are beginning to ask the government for aid to abandon their farms. The National Farmers Federation wrote to Prime Minister Scott Morrison requesting “exit packages” or financial aid to mitigate the loss for those forced to leave their livelihoods.

Mayor of the Southern Downs Region in Queensland, Tracy Dobie, explained the situation: “The difference between this and previous droughts is that usually a drought means below-average rainfall. We have had no rain.”

The lack of rain is driving up water prices to unattainable levels. Water prices in areas of the Murray-Darling Basin have reached $980 per megaliter, and they are estimated to continue to rise up to $1,100. At these prices, farmers say, “no one can survive.”

The drought conditions have also killed significant numbers of Australian wildlife. Many koalas, kangaroos and foxes have been killed by the hundreds of bushfires currently raging, as wells as by starvation and lack of water. Fish are also dying in masses in stagnant pools of water, while turtles are simply disappearing.

Australia’s sheep flock is also reported to have reached a 100-year low. Australia is the world’s top wool-producing country and this $2.1 billion industry supplies three quarters of the world’s high-quality merino wool.

Many of Australia’s prime breeding cows are being slaughtered. The lack of water and feed is forcing farmers to get what cash they can from the cattle before they starve. In many cases, abattoirs are booked out for four to six weeks. Many farms without food and water cannot last this long.

All of these factors are expected to have a major impact on Australia’s economy. abares has predicted that farm production will fall 5 percent in 2019 and 2020. Its wheat industry has been hit particularly hard. Australia was once the world’s fourth-largest wheat exporter, but this year it had to import wheat. The International Grains Council has dropped its forecasted yield for 2019–2020 by 2.4 million tons.

Rabobank projected that Queensland’s winter crop production will be 72 percent below the five-year average. Its canola crop is 42 percent below the five-year average.

These kinds of losses are causing food prices to rise, impacting the population as a whole. Even if rain does come in the months ahead, the damage in all sectors of the agricultural industry will be felt for a long time.

Not only are the livelihoods of many Australians being destroyed, but it is also tearing apart families and friends. Mental health conditions, domestic violence and suicide rates are rising among farmers as the drought continues to worsen.

If Australians would look in their Bibles, they would see the reason for these curses. Leviticus 26:3-4 promise, “If ye walk in my statutes, and keep my commandments, and do them; Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit.”

Contrast this with verses 14, 19 and 20: “But if ye will not hearken unto me, and will not do all these commandments …. I will make your heaven as iron, and your earth as brass: And your strength shall be spent in vain: for your land shall not yield her increase, neither shall the trees of the land yield their fruits.”

These two passages make clear that obedience leads to the blessing of rain in its season, causing the land to produce plenty. On the other hand, disobedience to God’s laws means God is holding back the rain, making the “heaven as iron” and causing the earth to become brass—a visual that is very real to those in Australia who see the parched earth everywhere.

No matter what anyone might try to tell you, climate change did not cause the current drought in Australia. The sins of the people did. This is a hard fact for many to accept, but centuries of disobeying God’s laws are the cause of today’s weather disasters.

These same scriptures reveal how to solve the crisis plaguing Australia. God will not bless the increase of our field until we acknowledge Him, walk in His statutes, and keep His commandments.

To understand why these tragic weather disasters are hitting Australia and the world, please read our free booklet Why ‘Natural’ Disasters?

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What Is Mankind’s Purpose?

To most people, this is a mystery. But the inspiring answer is plain!

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Bible Prophecy Is Only Part of It

Bible Prophecy Is Only Part of It

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But the Bible can help you understand much more than world events. It can cut through the confusion of your personal life. It can bring wisdom, understanding and peace of mind to your education, your health, your finances, your family, your relationships and your connection with God.

The Trumpet features occasional articles that give you Bible understanding and practical instruction in successful living. But if you want more of this type of instruction, we have another service that you will really appreciate.

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Was Charles Darwin Rational?

Evolutionists don’t want you to know the real reason the father of evolution abandoned the Bible.

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American Military Superiority Is Marginal

U.S. Army helicopter crew members look out of their Chinook helicopter as they fly from the U.S. Embassy to Baghdad International Airport on January 9, following the helicopter of U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

American Military Superiority Is Marginal

The world’s strongest military is not as strong as you might think.

The Heritage Foundation released its annual review of the United States military on October 30. It rated the military’s superiority as “marginal” and warned that, in the event of a war, all branches of the military would be stretched too thinly on multiple fronts. In an unstable world, this is a warning everyone should pay attention to, because it provides a glimpse into the future.

The “marginal” rating for America’s four combat branches (the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps) means they have nearly lost their overwhelming advantages over potential adversaries. Though still strong, they are only marginally better, and that advantage would disappear in a two-front war.

“The current U.S. military force is likely capable of meeting the demands of a single major regional conflict,” stated the Heritage Foundation. However, “it would be very hard-pressed to do more and certainly would be ill-equipped to handle two nearly simultaneous major regional contingencies.”

The cost of a weak military is extremely high. “The U.S. risks seeing its interests increasingly challenged, and the world order it has led since World War ii undone,” it wrote.

Around the world, that order is under attack.

“As currently postured,” warned the report, “the U.S. military is only marginally able to meet the demands of defending America’s vital national interests.” This is dangerous in today’s world of hypersonic missiles, cyberwarfare and increasingly stealthy submarines. Multiple threats can develop around the world all at once. But as the Heritage Foundation noted, America’s military would have a hard time handling more than one major regional conflict.

The Heritage Foundation summarized threat levels to the U.S. as “high,” one level below the maximum rating of “extreme.” It identified Russia, China, Iran and Middle East terrorist groups as the most aggressively anti-American powers.

The Navy, Army and Marines were rated as weak in the field of capacity. This means that although they have the training and technology to win, they may not have enough ships, soldiers and planes to accomplish an objective. Or these resources may be difficult to relocate and unable to arrive in time to win a regional conflict.

All forces, except the Army, were rated as only marginally ready to mobilize for war. This arises mainly from maintenance backlogs and shortages in spare parts.

The Heritage Foundation recommended notable expansion in all branches of the service. The Army has 35 brigade combat teams but needs 50. The Navy lacks 110 ships, the Air Force lacks 249 planes, and the Marines need 12 more battalions—all to reach the minimum levels of operational preparedness.

But the necessary modernization and purchasing depend on another factor: the defense budget.

The report cited “worrisome trends in force readiness, declining strength in key areas like trained pilots, and continued uncertainty across the defense budget” as reasons for the low ratings. It blamed “many years of underinvestment, poor execution of modernization programs, and the negative effects of budget sequestration (cuts in funding) on readiness and capacity.”

Also singled out for criticism was America’s nuclear capability. Though the U.S. keeps one of the world’s largest stockpiles of warheads, the report criticized reliance on Cold War-era missiles and a lack of modernization. These, it warned, erode the force’s credibility.

The defense budget has limited the number of submarines carrying nuclear weapons and reduced their payloads. “While the United States preserves these capabilities, increasing capacity would be not only costly, but also difficult and time-consuming in practice,” stated the report.

All eyes are on President Donald Trump’s administration to see what will happen to the American military.

Although the president may temporarily boost spending and prioritize defense, this will not last. In the end, the U.S. military will go the way an increasing number of people fear. It will not be able to defend national interests, or even the homeland.

This sounds like an extreme prediction for the world’s largest and most advanced military. But it is not without foundation.

The Trumpet views the current state of the military in the context of Bible prophecy. These prophecies are relevant for today. The U.S. is descended from the ancient nation of Israel (request your free copy of The United States and Britain in Prophecy for a detailed explanation). The prophecies of the Bible are about Israel—the United States, along with Britain and the Commonwealth nations—and they predict that these nations will fall hard before they rise again.

One prophecy in Micah describes the transition the world is witnessing right now: from America as world policeman to American isolationism and, eventually, catastrophic fall.

Micah 5:7-9 describe a time when the modern-day nation of Israel is at the height of its power. Verses 10 through 14 show that God will take away the nation’s military might because of rebellion against His laws. Chariots and horses are biblical symbols for modern weapons of war.

Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 spell out the same message: blessings for obedience, and curses, such as declining military strength, for disobedience to God’s laws.

The Bible has a lot to say about the cause for America’s declining military supremacy. Budget shortfalls, bad maintenance and aging equipment are the effects, not the cause, of American military decline. The real cause is spiritual.

Are you concerned about the future of this once-mighty nation? About the impact its decline is having on freedom all over the world? Do you want to know what the future holds, with a certainty that no military expert can provide? If so, read our Trends article “America Has Won Its Last War.”