Bible Prophecy Is Only Part of It

Bible Prophecy Is Only Part of It

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As a Trumpet Brief reader, you know the Trumpet has a unique, Bible-based perspective on world news. Biblical prophecy cuts through the confusion in current events and shows what is truly important and where it is leading.

But the Bible can help you understand much more than world events. It can cut through the confusion of your personal life. It can bring wisdom, understanding and peace of mind to your education, your health, your finances, your family, your relationships and your connection with God.

The Trumpet features occasional articles that give you Bible understanding and practical instruction in successful living. But if you want more of this type of instruction, we have another service that you will really appreciate.

It is called PCG Signposts. A signpost directs you along your way, helping you reach your destination. Twice a week the Signposts e-mail newsletter gives you a few of these “signposts.” Among them are personal messages from Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry; short, clear explanation of essential Bible teachings; guidelines for living the abundant life (building your relationship with God and with other people, improving your marriage and family, strengthening your health and your personal finances and other practical subjects); and peeks at the work of the Trumpet’s publisher, the Philadelphia Church of God.Signposts will also introduce you to the Trumpet’s sister website

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