Detroit—a Parable for America

The abandoned Packard Automotive Plant in Detroit, Michigan
Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Detroit—a Parable for America

02:11 Detroit’s Decline (40 minutes)

Though once a prosperous city, Detroit, Michigan, has significantly declined over the past few decades. How did this once great city become such a hub for crime, poverty and division? In this segment, I help you see the cause of Detroit’s decline, as well as the warning it gives to the rest of America.

The United States and Britain in Prophecy

The Detroitification of America

The Cities of the Future

The Wonderful World Tomorrow

42:07 Embracing Correction (15 minutes)

Correction is a gift from God the Father, a gift that He gives in love. The more correction we receive from God, the more love we receive. How do you receive and embrace correction from God in your life?

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