The Divided States of America

The Divided States of America

01:15 President Trump vs. Iran (7 minutes)

One of the big stories over the last few weeks has been America’s confrontation with Iran in the Middle East. And several stories over the last few days conclude that President Donald Trump is actually doing a good job of confronting the number one state sponsor of terror.

08:45 Trade War With China (5 minutes)

Right now, China appears to be losing its trade war with America. Beijing really doesn’t have many options to retaliate against the United States. But Bible prophecy forecasts that America will soon be frozen out of world trade!

12:30 The Divided States of America (18 minutes)

America is more divided that ever. Forty-three percent of Americans are in favor of embracing socialism—51 percent against. Some states are passing laws allowing late-term abortions, while others are passing more restrictive abortion legislation. Where is this division leading?

29:15 Get Outside and Walk (25 minutes)

Numerous studies show the value of walking to our overall health and well-being. Walking outside is even better! In this segment, I encourage you to make time for moderate exercise.

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