British Conservatism Has a New Face


British Conservatism Has a New Face

Western politics are in a constant state of change. Yesterday’s liberals are today’s conservatives. In Britain, a new breed of politician is emerging.

Buckinghamshire, England—The days of a clear delineation between left (socialist) and right (conservative) in politics within Western society are past. The most influential component of Western electorates is at the center. Centrist politics is a uniquely modern blend of left- and right-wing thought with a strong mindset toward the use of public relations and marketing techniques (“spin”) to get one’s message across to the public. This involves the use of techniques designed to change the public perception of how a person looks in appearance, sounds in debate, and appears in character, to conform to an image that the public demands. It may well be an image which bears no true resemblance to the basic character of the individuals being promoted for election to govern.

The politics of the center have, at base, no foundation in terms of lasting values. The center is the slave of societal fashion, of what happens to be the “in thing.” Centrist politics is pink, the color of the feminist and homosexual movement. Its foundation is one of shifting sand. It involves strong adherence to a conviction that one can negotiate anything, as long as each party is prepared to give ground to reach an acceptable compromise on issues of importance. Centrism is devoid of the underpinnings of absolutes in terms of morals, values, standards of behavior, and most importantly, the immutable laws that govern these.

So it is, with the public’s mind having been clouded by a century of godless, German-rationalist/Darwinian teachings, the masses have largely lost any real consciousness of the need for those basic building blocks that construct a society of lasting value: distinction between the sexes and the races, marriage of man and woman, monogamy, family, strong work ethic, thrift and monotheism. Whole populations have drifted toward a grey merging of old traditional values with new, fashionable standards of behavior—or misbehavior. The current conviction is that to succeed in politics, one has to seize this amorphous center ground.

Enter David Cameron in Britain. Last week, Cameron was elected leader of Britain’s Conservative Party. This has, until recent times, been the force in British politics restraining efforts to tear down the old ways upon which the British Empire—the most powerful empire in human history—was built. Cameron has burst onto the scene, promising a new brand of “compassionate conservatism.” For compassionate, simply read “feminist.” This bright young man, the great white hope of British politics, surrounded by his merry band of young Turks, intent on purging party leadership ranks of the hoary head, fits the image of government in our day vividly portrayed by the Prophet Isaiah (read Isaiah 3:1-4).

The generations that fought two great world wars against the prospect of tyranny—that endured a great economic depression—that understood such realities as truth, trust, loyalty, courage, fealty, honor and their opposite, shame—have largely died out. Government within Britain now comes from a generation oppressed by its children and ruled by its women (verse 12).

There simply are no Disraelis, no Churchills, no Thatchers on the scene today. Instead we have a much younger generation, devoid largely of any knowledge of history and heritage, with pinkish politics, feminist manners, and tolerance of the ways of Sodom.

As the young disdain the ancient and promote the base over the honorable within Britain (verse 5), this nation seems more than ever compassed about with lies and deceit at the highest level of society (Hosea 11:12). Its present government’s history of blatant mendacity has been well publicized. This is a nation set on course for its own desolation (Hosea 12:1).

Prime Minister Tony Blair has four years of his term in government remaining. At the end of that term, having declared conservatism the enemy, he may well have changed British society beyond all recognition. Will David Cameron’s bright young things then succeed in defeating the British Labor (socialist) Party and win a victory for the British Conservative Party? If they do, far from being a victory for the old conservative values upon which the British nation was built, Britain may find that it has simply gone from the frying pan of the Labor lies into the fire of centrist politics built upon a party that has decayed into compromising moral weakness.

This will serve only to pave the way for prophesied great desolation to be brought upon Britain. To study what the Bible says about this future, read Herbert W. Armstrong’s book The United States and Britain in Prophecy.