Look Beyond the Difficult Present


Look Beyond the Difficult Present

1:30 Division and Discontent Worldwide (30 minutes)

Forty-nine people are dead after a mass shooting today in Christchurch, New Zealand. In the Middle East, Israel and Gaza are firing rockets at each other. In England, politicians have kicked the Brexit can further down the road, and British citizens are furious. In America, Congress is fighting President Donald Trump on declaring a state of emergency to build the wall, while investigations into the president and his supporters continue. These are all symptoms of a civilization-wide sickness, and our lack of real leadership only adds to the dysfunction.

34:00 Seek the Things Which Are Above (20 minutes)

Looking at the darkness and evil in the world today can be discouraging. However, we must lift up our minds to the things above. If our minds are focused on the things of God, we will be filled with inspiration, even in dark times. In this segment, we are reminded that putting our hearts in God’s Work is what gives us the passion and high spirits we need to finish God’s Work!

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