February 2019 Trumpet Issue Now Online

February 2019 Trumpet Issue Now Online

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France has been treating America quite shabbily recently. You, as a Trumpet reader, have the inside scoop on what this means prophetically. Recent articles and Key of David television programs by Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry on this subject have been the most read and watched all year on theTrumpet.com. In our January issue, Mr. Flurry showed how French President Emmanuel Macron’s turn against America fulfilled Bible prophecy. This issue, he delves deeper into how this will affect Europe with our cover story, “France Rejects America—and Empowers Germany!” Macron visited Berlin in November and told the German parliament, “Remember that France loves you.” Mr. Flurry writes: “These words from Macron were, I believe, a signal that France will never again have the will to stand up to Germany.”

Did you know that many Trumpet subscribers have received personal visits from our editor in chief and executive editor? Philip Nice reports on Mr. Flurry’s Personal Appearance Campaigns in the U.S. and Canada, as well as his son Stephen Flurry’s campaigns in the United Kingdom, in “The Trumpet, in Person.” This article also provides exciting details on upcoming campaigns—including our first-ever Online Appearance Campaign—coming on February 24! We’ll be sending you more details, but you can read this article to get the advance scoop and see how you can attend.

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This Trumpet issue has a few other unique features I encourage you to check out. Two of them will challenge and inform your understanding of some basic biblical teaching. Gerald Flurry also writes about the commonly believed “born again” doctrine. “Are You Already ‘Born Again’?” he asks, and gives a surprising answer straight from the Bible—an answer that includes the inspiring truth and living hope of God’s master plan.

If you have any interest in the prophecies of the Bible, you have to read “The Heart of Prophecy for the Last Days.” In this article, Stephen Flurry examines the pivotal prophecy in Revelation 17:10: “five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come.” This single verse gives an overview of centuries of history and illuminates what is about to unfold in Europe. Paired with this article is our infographic “The Reign of Gentile Kingdoms.” This chart provides the biblical prophecies in the books of Daniel and Revelation, lists how they were fulfilled in history, and also lists the prophecies yet to be fulfilled.

A fascinating article on the origin of language will pique your interest and stretch your imagination: “Where Did Language Come From?” There are thousands of languages known today, and they all have “synonyms and antonyms, metaphors, abstract concepts, ‘bad’ words, classifications of various things, personal names and time,” Christopher Eames writes. He discusses the two opposing viewpoints provided by evolution and the Bible, and shows what archaeological discoveries add to the debate.

This Trumpet issue also puts several more important news events in their prophetic context. “Iran’s ongoing war against Israel is heating up rapidly,” Brent Nagtegaal writes in “Invading Israel.” He shows how Israel’s Operation Northern Shield has discovered tunnels from Lebanon across the border into Israel designed “for the mass movement of Hezbollah terrorists—evidence of a large-scale, Iranian-backed enterprise” against Israel. “Can America Afford Its Military?” Andrew Miiller asks. The ballooning national debt is leading to cutbacks. Defense spending will soon reach 1930s levels. Referencing the history of the Roman Empire and Soviet Union, he warns that “when debt payments exceed defense costs, empires fall.”

A nation is funding roads, ports and bridges in small nations around the globe—and it is becoming an economic powerhouse in the process. “Brave New World (Made in China)” by Jeremiah Jacques details these developments and shows how they are fulfilling prophecies penned more than 2,700 years ago! Another Asian nation on the rise is Russia. “Vladimir Putin and his generals are following a blueprint laid out by a neo-fascist political scientist to replace the United States as the world superpower,” Andrew Miiller writes in “The Kremlin’s Strategy for World Domination.”

Also in this issue, our Principles of Living piece, “Does God Want You to Retire?”, encourages everyone to “adopt a lifelong mentality of embracing work.” And the Commentary, “Please Remember This Magazine,” makes a heartfelt plea for you to hold on to this message in the years of trouble ahead.

On another note: The Trumpet Hour this week discusses:

  • A report on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s replacement as head of her political party—how it ignores the nation’s crises, cements the political status quo, and is sure to increase discontent and anger among Germans.
  • A report on Lebanese discontent over the presence of the terrorist group Hezbollah, which takes its orders from Iran, and how it could precipitate change that alters the geopolitics of the Middle East.
  • A report on a prominent politician in South Africa telling his followers to kill white people. Race relations in this country have been deteriorating for years, and the situation could get far worse very quickly.
  • A Last Word contrasting the view of Jesus Christ presented in Christmas with the one presented in the Bible.


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