The Prophesied Holy Roman Empire Has Arrived

Prominent European leaders are pushing for a revival of the spirit of Charlemagne.

In a November 17 interview with the Austrian daily newspaper Kurier, former German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg made a statement that ought to shock the world. He said that European heads of government should take a close look at, or follow the example of, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Kurz has proudly declared that his religion guides his politics. Which religion is that? The same one that has powered the Holy Roman Empire in the spirit of Charlemagne for centuries! We are witnessing the seventh and final incarnation of this bloody empire. God’s Church has warned about this for over 80 years!

Charlemagne, the second leader of the Holy Roman Empire, ruled what he called the First Reich around a.d. 800. Adolf Hitler, who revered Charlemagne, led the sixth resurrection of the empire—the Third Reich. Hitler is infamous, but the other emperors—including the fifth emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte—also spilled tons of blood in Europe.

Anyone who understands this history is shocked by Kurz and Guttenberg’s empire aspirations. (One of Guttenberg’s titles means “baron of the Holy Roman Empire.”) For about a decade, we have told our audience that Guttenberg is likely to be the prophesied European strongman of Daniel 8:23.

The history of the Holy Roman Empire is alarming, but not as much as the prophecy. We need God’s view of world events to understand what will happen in the near future: one more rise to dominance of this terrifying empire. This one will spill more blood than the other six resurrections combined. So says your Bible.

The good news is that after the haunting nightmare of the Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord, Jesus Christ will return. He will destroy the Holy Roman Empire forever, and bring prosperity and joy to this world and then the universe forever.

Guttenberg said, “At a time when our government clatters at every turn, we need a functioning government in Berlin” (Trumpet translation throughout). Clearly, he isn’t pleased with the current German government! He wants to revive the Holy Roman Empire, which has always reverted to the very darkest side of inhumanity.

So few people understand history and Bible prophecy. As the seething pot in Europe continues to be stirred up (Jeremiah 1:13), it’s time to wake up and repent of the evil way we’re living. In this end time, the modern descendants of ancient Israel—primarily America, Britain and the Jewish nation—rely on their “lovers” instead of God! (Ezekiel 23). Something is horribly wrong with our religion!

Guttenberg has called United States President Donald Trump “temperamentally gruesome.” The U.S. spent billions of dollars to rebuild Germany after World War ii, but Guttenberg is more focused on revenge against America for defeating Germany in those world wars. Trusting Germany is a big mistake, but America is doing it anyway.

Even now, Europe is morphing into a great empire. Soon, the European superpower will be pared down to 10 nations that model themselves after the tradition of Charlemagne. The recent comments by Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and Sebastian Kurz are a sign of the Continent’s change in direction!

Germany started the first two world wars. The Germans are a great people, but throughout history, they have been deceived mightily by the Holy Roman Empire! God commands us to alert them to this deception!

The biblical book of Daniel is only for our time. Daniel himself couldn’t understand what he wrote (Daniel 12:9). A German strongman is about to seize control of the coming 10-nation European bloc (Daniel 8:23; Revelation 17:12-13). But this powerful, dynamic leader will not be elected; he will take office “by flatteries” (Daniel 11:21). This prophecy could be fulfilled through some kind of national coalition government once the strongman gains the support of enough Germans. He could also become some kind of president or king over the 10 nations.

These are not ordinary times! This is not an ordinary message! It is relevant to you and every other person on the planet. It appears that the vast majority of people are almost afraid to discuss the violent, 1,500-year history of the Holy Roman Empire.

He Was Right

Herbert W. Armstrong wasn’t afraid. He warned about this church-state combine for decades! (To understand how Mr. Armstrong made so many accurate forecasts, request our free booklet He Was Right.) In 1983, he wrote, “For 50 years, I have been crying out to the world the Bible prophecies of this coming ‘United States of Europe’—a new united superpower perhaps more powerful than either the Soviet Union or the United States!” How could he have known, 35 years ago, that Europe—especially Germany—would become so powerful?

Near the end of World War ii, U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill authored a joint statement that read, in part:

It is our inflexible purpose to destroy German militarism and Nazism and to ensure Germany will never again be able to disturb the peace of the world. We are determined to disarm and disband all German armed forces; break up for all time the German General Staff that has repeatedly contrived the resurgence of German militarism ….

Just nine years after that emphatic statement, Mr. Armstrong wrote in the November-December 1984 Plain Truth newsmagazine, “Behold the spectacle of Washington and London making every possible diplomatic effort, backed by American dollars, to do two things—create a United States of Europe and to rearm Germany.” Today, Germany is one of the leading weapons exporters in the world!

The number and magnitude of Mr. Armstrong’s correct predictions are staggering. In a June 10, 1980, co-worker letter, he wrote:

It now looks entirely feasible that Yugoslavia may be included in this revived Roman Empire. Also the pope’s native Poland and Romania, and possibly Hungary. Add Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. There will be a union of 10 nations in the general area of the medieval Roman Empire in the new united Europe. Probably Holland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden will not be included [in the final 10]. But Ireland may. Britain will not!

Thirty-six years ahead of time, Mr. Armstrong predicted Brexit! How could he have possibly known that Britain would abandon the European Union? Prophecy after prophecy after prophecy—fulfilled precisely as Mr. Armstrong foretold. You need to study He Was Right and prove this for yourself.

Mr. Armstrong knew about the seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. By searching the pages of the Bible, he also knew the ultimate outcome: This brutal superpower will soon be “utterly cut off” (Nahum 1:15). Referring to Nineveh, the capital city of ancient Assyria—the ancestors of modern Germany—God says, “Woe to the bloody city!” (Nahum 3:1).

No longer will Germany be allowed to plunge the world into war! This is wonderful news!