Rotherham: Seven More Sentenced in ‘Unprecedented’ Operation

The Eastwood area of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, North England

Rotherham: Seven More Sentenced in ‘Unprecedented’ Operation

Middle Eastern and Pakistani perpetrators only now being sought and convicted.

Rotherham’s infamous child sex-abuse rings are back in the spotlight after British courts sentenced seven more men on October 29. Charges against the men include rape, indecent assault, sexual assault and illegal imprisonment of those whom they exploited.

Rotherham became internationally known in 2014 after the government began investigating its sex gangs. The gang members, usually Pakistani men, repeatedly raped girls as young as their early teens. One 16-year-old girl testified in court that she was forced to have sex with “at least 100 Asian men.” In this case, “Asian” is usually used as a euphemism to describe Pakistani or Middle Eastern heritage.

Police have described Operation Stovewood, the investigation into the Rotherham sex gangs, as “unprecedented in its scale and complexity.” Since it began in 2014, 1,500 victims have come forward.

So far, authorities have charged 24 people and are working to trace a total of 426 others, 151 of whom are already known by name.

The men convicted on Monday were part of a “grooming gang,” which lured teenage girls with promises of money, drugs or relationships, only to sexually abuse them and keep them silent by means of threats. Britain’s National Crime Agency reported:

The men would ply the girls with drugs and alcohol and threatened them with violence or being transported and abandoned in an unfamiliar location if they didn’t comply with the sexual demands.

[T]he girls told that the abuse was mainly carried out at night in a variety of secluded or derelict locations, including empty houses where there was no electricity. They were often sexually abused on mattresses on the floor and locked in rooms so that they couldn’t escape.

Sex gangs are a problem in other British cities as well. On October 19 in Huddersfield, 20 men were found guilty of raping and abusing girls as young as 11. Another investigation in Telford revealed that 1,000 girls were sexually abused by gangs since the 1980s.

An independent report published in 2015 showed that authorities were slow to act in Rotherham due to “nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.”

Political correctness has crippled Britain’s ability to deal with the reality of its problems. One government report acknowledged that “not enough was done” by police to stop the gangs, and that “misplaced ‘political correctness’” slowed down their response.

What is really behind these pervasive social ills? And is there a solution?

The Rotherham scandal illustrates a sick society that has failed its most vulnerable members. An earlier investigation found that nearly half of the abused girls came from families with a history of domestic violence. Local government and social workers turned a blind eye to the abuse. The police were more interested in covering their own backs than protecting the girls. Government officials at all levels avoided the problem out of political correctness. No one wanted to confront the widespread rape committed by young Middle Eastern men for fear of being accused of racism. Even today, this fear prevents the problem from being properly discussed.

“[T]he whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint. From the sole of the foot even unto the head there is no soundness in it; but wounds, and bruises, and putrifying sores: they have not been closed, neither bound up, neither mollified with ointment” (Isaiah 1:5-6). This is the kind of total societal failure it takes to allow a Rotherham situation to develop. A few verses later, the Bible gets even more specific. “Your princes are rebellious, And companions of thieves; Everyone loves bribes, And follows after rewards. They do not defend the fatherless” (verse 23; New King James Version). This is a society where leaders allow the most vulnerable to be abused and raped, rather than risk being called racist.

Rotheram and the many towns like it are a symptom of a sick society. But God has plans for cleaning it up. To learn more about these scandals, and their solution, read our article “Hope for the Child Victims of Rotherham.”


Why America Needs to Beware Modern Assyria

Just as it did anciently, Germany will soon shock America and the world.

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China Participates in First Naval Drill With ASEAN

Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy members and a Singaporean Navy member are seen on Singaporean frigate Stalwart during an open activity of the asean-China Maritime Exercise 2018 on October 24 in Guangdong province of China.
Getty Images

China Participates in First Naval Drill With ASEAN

ASEAN was established to give smaller Asian nations a unified voice against China. Now, the group appears to be warming up to China.

China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (asean) took part in their first ever joint maritime drill in Zhanjiang, China, from October 22 to 27. The drills reveal a potential shift in asean’s geopolitical alignment.

asean was founded in 1967 by Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand; Vietnam, Laos, Brunei, Cambodia and Myanmar later joined. One of its purposes was to give its members a strong unified voice against coercive or expansionist activities in the region. Thanat Khoman, former Thai foreign minister and one of asean’s founding fathers, said:

The first [reason] was to prevent external powers from exploiting the power vacuum left after rapid decolonization of the region. Second, the founders of asean saw an opportunity to foster cooperation among countries with common interests in the same geographic region. Third, the founders were convinced that the countries of Southeast Asia would have a stronger voice in addressing major global powers if they could speak together.

In recent years, by building and militarizing islands in parts of the South China Sea that are claimed by other nations, China has been exhibiting exactly the kind of behavior that asean was designed to confront.

Four of the 10 asean nations have claims in the South China Sea that overlap those of China, which claims almost the entire sea as its own. But with the asean nations now engaging in military drills with China, questions arise as to whether the group is now realigning itself with China, perhaps out of intimidation.

This is exactly what Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry forecast would happen. Regarding the South China Sea, he wrote in the July 2016 issue:

Since Japan’s defeat in World War ii, America has protected this vital trade route and brought peace to this part of the world. Now the American military is retreating, and other great powers are coming in to fill the vacuum. …

China is intimidating the nations of Southeast Asia into submission to its will. It is forcing these countries to do what it wants. Everything is headed in the direction of war.

Mr. Flurry’s forecasts are founded on specific end-time Bible prophecies, and asean nations could play a role in these prophecies. Revelation 16:12 refers to an end-time bloc of Asian nations called “the kings of the east.” Prophecy shows that this union of Asian nations, primarily led by Russia and secondarily by China, will field a staggering army of 200 million men (Revelation 9:16). Troops from populous asean member states, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand, could be assimilated into this massive army. In his free booklet The Prophesied ‘Prince of Russia, Mr. Flurry writes (emphasis added):

The Bible gives some important details about this largest army ever assembled on Earth. It tells us which nations will contribute soldiers to it. It shows it will include the combined forces from several Asian nations. It refers to this Asian confederacy as “the kings of the east” (Revelation 16:12). …

Current events show this Asian army is taking shape already. You can see it in Putin’s growing authoritarianism, and also in his outreach to other Asian powers. …

With other Asian nations joining in, you quickly reach combined populations of 3.5 to 4 billion people! Under extreme circumstances like those described in these end-time prophecies, it is not hard to imagine 1 in 10 or 20 people going to war.

asean was created in large part to strengthen these smaller Asian nations to stand together against China. It appears to be cooperating with China, which might lead directly to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

To understand more about China’s rise in the South China Sea and the assimilation of populous asean nations into a gigantic bloc known as “the kings of the east,” please read “China Is Steering the World Toward War,” by Gerald Flurry.

Hong Kong—the End of Freedom Begins

China’s tightening grip should concern ‘anyone in any country.’

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The Enemy of the People

Reporters ask President Donald Trump questions during a press conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington, D.C., on November 7.
Calla Kessler/The Washington Post via Getty Images

The Enemy of the People

Listen to the November 8, 2018, episode of the Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

The media’s combative behavior yesterday during United States President Donald Trump’s 70-minute press conference was disgraceful. Reporters frequently interrupted the president and fellow reporters; some didn’t ask questions, but stood up to challenge the president and tell him why he is racist and divisive. As my father recently wrote, the problems that will result from deliberately using race for political gains “are far more dangerous than they realize.” There is a force at work that is actively tearing America apart. I discuss this and more on today’s radio show.

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Download past episodes here.

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Your Most Important Relationship

Learn what the Bible reveals about who and what God is!

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Historic Turning Points in Asian Relations

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi (2nd L) is escorted by Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe while reviewing an honour guard ahead of a meeting at Abe’s official residence in Tokyo on October 29, 2018.

Historic Turning Points in Asian Relations

A historic Japan-China summit and the 13th annual Japan-India summit are leading to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

A recent summit between Japan and China represents a “‘historic turning point’ in bilateral relations that had hit rock bottom,” the South China Morning Post wrote on October 28. Immediately after returning from meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in late October, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. These events highlight an important development in Asian relations.

This “historic turning point” in relations between Japan and China occurred during Abe’s three-day visit to China, the first official visit by a Japanese leader in seven years. During the trip, the two leaders authorized 500 business deals worth more than $2.6 billion, including energy and infrastructure deals, car projects and a $30 billion currency swap.

In addition to these numerous deals, the two nations “agreed not to aim threats or direct aggression at each other and resolved to increase high-level diplomatic and military exchanges through constructive dialogue ….” Highlighting the importance of the trip, Abe told reporters that “bilateral relations have entered a new phase.”

Tensions between Japan and China have been high for several years, with Chinese officials labeling Abe an “unwelcome person.” This historic meeting represents an important change in the tone of relations between the two countries, and it comes at an interesting time geopolitically.

In 2010, China replaced Japan as the world’s second-largest economy. It has continued to grow, rapidly challenging the United States as the world’s number one economy. Now China and the U.S. are immersed in a full-scale trade war, and the U.S. has also levied tariffs on Japan. This shift in the economic order, combined with the trade war with the U.S., may be part of the reason why China is now reaching out to Japan. The trade war has caused many nations around the world to rethink their alliances.

Xi said during his meeting with Abe that both countries needed to move together in a “new historic direction” as global uncertainty spreads. Xi noted that the two countries “have been sharing wider and more pluralist common interests and common concerns.” Both are facing trade pressure from the U.S. The October meeting shows the U.S. that China and Japan are willing to look in other directions for trade partners.

Although this was a positive step for the two nations, aspects of the previously tense relationship remain. The South China Morning Post wrote, “Pundits believe that although hardly any breakthroughs were reached on contentious bilateral issues, Abe’s Beijing trip was still of symbolic significance for both China-Japan ties and international politics in the Trump era.”

On October 28, Modi met Abe in Japan during the two nations’ 13th annual summit. The only other nation that India holds annual summits with is Russia.

A key point of discussion for Abe and Modi at this meeting was defense cooperation, following the October 7–15 Japan-India Maritime Exercise. The two leaders agreed to foster closer naval cooperation and begin formal negotiations on the Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement, which authorizes Japanese and Indian forces to obtain logistical support from each other’s naval and military bases. These bases include Japan’s base in Djibouti and India’s island bases in the Indian Ocean.

At the end of the summit, Abe said, “Relations between Japan and India have the biggest potential in the world …. A strong Japan benefits India, and a strong India benefits Japan.” Modi said, “I believe until and unless India and Japan have strong relations, Asia can never develop.”

Many analysts note that this relationship is built on striving to counterbalance China’s rising power. The Diplomat wrote, “The meeting between Modi and Abe marks a progression in diplomatic relations between the two countries. Their engagement on a range of global and regional issues, including maritime cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region, could provide a counterpoint to Chinese dominance in the region.”

Unlike its relationship with China, Japan’s relationship with India has been steady for many years. Many observers see the warmth between Japan and India as an indication of the two nations pulling together to counter China’s rise. However, Abe’s recent meeting with Xi and the multiple meetings Modi has had with the Chinese president also signal a softening of these two nations’ stances toward China and each other.

There is still a long way to go before all three nations—China, Japan and India—enter a full alliance, but this is exactly what Bible prophecy says will happen.

We have written about the fulfillment of this prophecy extensively at the Trumpet. In our Trend article “Why the Trumpet Watches Japan’s March Toward Militarism,” Trumpet writer Jeremiah Jacques wrote:

Journalists sometimes mention the biblical word Armageddon found in Revelation 16:16, but it is rare to hear talk of “the kings of the east” discussed in verse 12 of that same chapter. The Bible shows that these “kings of the east” will be a massive bloc of Asian nations that pool their militaries together in the end time. They do this in order to confront another power bloc led by Germany. Revelation 9:16 says that the Asian army will be comprised of a jaw-dropping 200 million soldiers.

Some specific details of how this Eastern superpower will form in the end time are still unknown, but prophecy is unmistakably clear about the fact that it will happen. And, though it will be led by Russia and China, Ezekiel 38:6 specifies that “Gomer” and “Togarmah” will be part of this power bloc, and lend their military power to it. These are ancient names for the main peoples who make up modern Japan.

The Bible prophesies that this Asian power bloc will amass a 200 million-man army. This will include China, Japan and India—the same large and powerful nations that are currently improving their relationships. Our booklet Russia and China in Prophecy says:

Most Bible critics today argue that it would be impossible to assemble an army this size. Yet consider the numbers. The current population in China is over 1.3 billion. Russia has 144 million. Other Asian nations are prophesied to join this alliance—among them, India, with its 1.2 billion people and third-largest army in the world. Japan, the nations of Southeast Asia, and the former Soviet republics are all definite or probable participants in this alliance. …

There will easily be a total approaching 4 billion people from which to make up an army of 200 million!

Some of these major Asian nations, particularly Japan and China, have not completely overcome the past tensions between them. But with the added pressure of a rising European superpower, this alliance will form soon.

The arrival of this army marks a key step in Bible prophecy. To understand more about these prophecies, and their hope-filled conclusion, order your free copy of Russia and China in Prophecy.

Hong Kong—the End of Freedom Begins

China’s tightening grip should concern ‘anyone in any country.’

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French President: Europe Needs a Real Army

French President Emmanuel Macron arrives for a speech at the European Parliament on April 17 in Strasbourg.

French President: Europe Needs a Real Army

‘We will not protect the Europeans unless we decide to have a true European army.’

Yesterday, French President Emmanuel Macron called for a “real European army.” The Times called it “his strongest language yet on the need for an independent defense force.” They’re right—typically leaders call for things like a “European defense initiative” rather than a straight-up army.

“We will not protect the Europeans unless we decide to have a true European army,” Mr. Macron said, while visiting the World War i battlefield of Verdun. “Faced with a Russia at our frontiers that has shown that she can be a threat, we need a Europe that defends itself better alone, without just depending on the United States.”

What he said about the United States was also remarkable:

You have authoritarian powers that are reemerging and rearming on the frontiers of Europe. We are being hit by attempted intrusions in cyberspace and multiple interventions in our democratic life. We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America.

The Times explained that Macron “implied that he was not talking about defending Europe militarily against the U.S. but against threats to peace emanating from its policies.” Nonetheless, grouping the U.S. with China and Russia is a remarkable statement. Europe is increasingly seeing the U.S. as an enemy.

He’s not the only one talking about a European army. Friedrich Merz is currently leading the race to succeed German Chancellor Angela Merkel as head of the Christian Democratic Union in Germany. This would presumably make him a contender to be Germany’s next chancellor. He is doing well in the polls and has the backing of senior party members.

On October 25, before Merkel announced that she would step down as leader of her party in December, Merz signed a letter alongside five other “leading German thinkers” that strongly supported an EU army. Europe, he said, should “work toward the goal of a common European army.”

Europeans, he said, “no longer need national armies.”

This man could soon become chancellor of Germany—though there’s still a lot of uncertainty. But it’s clear that leaders in Europe’s most important nations are openly pushing for an EU military.

At the same time, Germany is talking about arming Europe with nuclear weapons. Germans have been discussing the subject extensively over the last two years. Currently, Germany is not a nuclear power and relies on an agreement with the United States for nuclear deterrence. But it is worried about relying on that agreement in the age of U.S. President Donald Trump. France is a nuclear power, and one proposed alternative is to make French nukes into European nukes.

In the latest issue of the German Council on Foreign Relations magazine, Michael Rühle, head of the Energy Security Unit in the nato Department for New Security Challenges, called for Germany to develop some kind of alternative nuclear weapon. Meanwhile, Bruno Tertrais, deputy director of the Paris Foundation for Strategic Research, discusses the same subject in the International Politics journal. He wrote that France could “station part of its arsenal (for example, 10 missiles) in Germany or Poland.”

“We do not know how the trans-Atlantic relationship will continue,” he concluded, “and that’s why it is time to have an open and honest discussion between European politicians and experts on the nuclear issue.”

One of our Trends articles on focuses on this important subject. It’s titled “Why the Trumpet Watches Europe’s Push Toward a Unified Military.” It goes through the many steps Europe has already taken toward this. Most of the Dutch Army is now under German command, serving in the German Army. Significant parts of the Czech and Romanian armies are in the same position.

Meanwhile, EU officials are working on an EU military headquarters and other initiatives designed to bring armies of Europe together. Several of these involve smaller groups of nations, rather than all 28 EU members, as it’s hard to get them all working together. The EU also has a border and coast guard force that will soon be wearing its own uniform and can deploy almost anywhere in Europe, even without the host nation’s permission.

Herbert W. Armstrong warned of this military union for decades. In May 1953, he wrote, “Ten powerful European nations will combine their forces.” In August 1978, he warned: “The Europeans are far more disturbed about their safety in relying on United States military power to protect them than Americans realize! …

Europeans want their own united military power! They know that a political union of Europe would produce a third major world power, as strong as either the U.S. or the ussr—possibly stronger!”

This is what I wrote in that Trend article:

Mr. Armstrong based his prophecies on scriptures found in Daniel 2 and 7 and Revelation 13 and 17. These describe a European power made up of 10 nations or groups of nations that would appear in this end time.

Revelation 17:12, for example, describes “ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.”

“The seventh head” of this beast power, he explained, “with its 10 horns, in the 17th chapter, will be, as the 17th chapter explains, the revival of the beast, the Roman Empire, ‘out of the bottomless pit’ by a ‘United States of Europe,’ or federation of 10 European nations centered within the bounds of the old Roman Empire.” …

This union of 10 kings is clearly a military union. The Bible says these kings shall “make war” (verse 14).

Many other passages warn of a great war-making power in this end time.”

Europe has huge, untapped military potential. A united military could quickly transform it into this prophesied military combine. To learn more about this power, and God’s plan for it, read that Trend article, “Why the Trumpet Watches Europe’s Push Toward a Unified Military.”

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Your Most Important Relationship

Learn what the Bible reveals about who and what God is!

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Are News-Making ‘Signs of the End Times’ Bogus?

Are News-Making ‘Signs of the End Times’ Bogus?

Some definitely are—while others that are real have gone unnoticed.

Millions of people are seeing the “end times” in the news. This week, one of the most popular news-related websites in the United States, Drudge Report, featured a link to an article from Britain’s The headline: “The THREE Signs That Biblical Prophecies About End of the World and the Messiah Are ‘Coming True.’

The Bible does have prophecies about the end of the world. It uses the phrases “time of the end,” “the last days” and “in that day” to describe the same time frame: a period long after the Bible was completed, during which sin would be rampant and the world would plunge into unprecedented catastrophes—world war, supernatural cataclysms and mass destruction. The Bible is where we get the term “apocalyptic.”

The sins described in these Bible prophecies certainly feel familiar. So does the increasing danger of nuclear, biological and conventional mass destruction. And the “signs of the end times” are drawing some attention too.

But they’re wrong.

Certainly these three signs from the Mirror are. I was amazed that someone thought this was worth writing, that editors thought it was worth publishing, and Drudge thought it was worth promoting to millions of people.

Sign one: The Red Heifer. For years, some Jewish sects have been looking for the birth of a red heifer. The Temple Institute is an organization that is literally creating the furnishings, tools and clothing described in the Old Testament in anticipation of rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem. These Jews believe that the temple cannot be constructed until a pure red, unblemished heifer is born and sacrificed according to instructions in Numbers 19. This sacrifice is necessary to give ritual purity to the building of the temple. There is now a buzz that such an animal has been born, for the first time in 2,000 years.

Serious people have devoted serious resources and serious time to this effort. They have waited and waited for news of a new heifer that seems to fit the description. And those heifers have come, but after examination, they have been deemed “blemished,” for having too many black hairs, for example. Obviously there is also the issue that Palestinian Arabs control the Temple Mount where the Temple Institute plans to rebuild the temple and resume sacrifices. Just mentioning the idea is enough to send them into a violent rage. When a Jewish prime minister so much as visited the Temple Mount, the Palestinians launched four years of increased terrorism that resulted in about 4,000 deaths.

People who deeply believe in the prophecies of the Bible can put all that aside, of course, and even put their lives on the line to expel the Palestinians, remove one of their most important mosques, and rebuild the temple, just so long as they can find a red heifer.

The problem is, this isn’t a prophecy of the Bible. This “biblical sign” isn’t based on Bible prophecy but on centuries of religious interpretation and traditions of men. It’s based on human reasoning. The Bible mentions “red heifer” once, among a long list of other religious rituals. The ashes of this animal plus some cedar, some herbs and something scarlet doesn’t magically do anything or purify anything. Those sacrifices symbolized the coming of a sacrifice that would actually purify, cleanse and save all human beings.

To resume those physical sacrifices, according to Old Covenant prescriptions, denies the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. And to consider it a sign of the end time is biblically unsound and ignores actual end-time prophecies.

Sign two: Fish in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is so full of salt (about 35 percent) that almost nothing can live in it. Microscopic organisms can live there, but plants and fish can’t survive. Until now, it appears. The Mirror quotes an Israeli photojournalist as having captured images of fish in sinkholes at the Dead Sea and states, “Scientists are said to have been shocked to discover the sinkholes rapidly filling up with fish and other forms of life that never used to be sighted.” Breaking Israel News states that dropping water levels have caused the formation of freshwater sinkholes.

The photojournalist and others have referred to the presence of fish and other life at the Dead Sea as a fulfillment of Ezekiel 47, which prophesies that the Dead Sea’s “waters shall be healed” and that fishermen will catch a wide variety of fish species there.

But again, fish in sinkholes by the Dead Sea do not fulfill Bible prophecy!

Those verses in Ezekiel 47 are part of a long description of a river that flows out of Jerusalem down to the Dead Sea, healing and enlivening everything in its path. The description of this river follows an extended description of reapportioning of land in and around Jerusalem, a new temple being built, and a just, righteous government being established.

This idea that some fish swimming in sinkholes at the Dead Sea fulfills the futuristic vision that God gave Ezekiel is neither biblical nor logical. It requires a deep dive not into Ezekiel’s prophecy, but into human ideas and speculative reasoning.

Sign three: A snake wriggled out of the Wailing Wall. The area is part of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount enclosure. Jews and Christians believe it to be the last remnant of the second temple, which the Roman Empire destroyed in a.d. 70. It is one of the Jews’ holiest sites. Last week, worshipers there saw a snake emerge from between the stone blocks of the Wailing Wall and frighten away a pigeon. A man got a ladder and fetched the snake, and that was the end of the episode.

The Mirror cited “some bloggers” as saying the snake “is a symbol that we are living in ‘dangerous times.’ They say these times lead up to the coming of the Messiah.” It cites another reputable source, “some Internet users,” as saying the snake represents the serpent in the Garden of Eden that enticed Adam and Eve to sin against God.

The Bible contains absolutely no prophecies about a snake or a pigeon or a Wailing Wall. This event is as significant in end-time Bible prophecy as a housefly landing on your kitchen counter and taking off again.

Those are the three prophetic signs brought to you by the Mirror, a sensationalist tabloid, in its “Weird News” section. Two of them are backed up by a single Bible verse plucked out of context, and the third is supported by wisps of nothingness.

Yet people are interested. They are curious about end-time Bible prophecy. What a shame that their interest is squandered on false, worthless “prophecies” that divert them from real, honest, in-depth consideration of the actual end-time prophecies of the Bible.

Even in today’s secular, Bible-hating society, people have a sense that there’s something to Bible prophecy. And that’s because there definitely is!

Despite the errors of those who claim to know Bible prophecy, the Bible itself is flawless. It is one of the few religious books that dares to forecast the future, and it is the only one that gets it right. Thousands of years after its prophecies were written, they happen.

Many Christians shy away from this fact, but the Bible contains a lot of prophecy. Jesus Christ Himself prophesied—in detail. Bible prophecy can be difficult to understand. But God hasn’t left us to just wander in and out of random, mysterious news that sounds related to Bible prophecy, with no way of understanding if a current event is prophetic or not.

God wants you to understand Bible prophecy.

If only, at the top of Drudge Report next week, this headline appeared: “The FOUR Signs That Biblical Prophecies About the End of the World and the Messiah Are Coming True.” If only it linked not to the tabloid content of the Mirror, but to And what would be waiting for the millions of people interested in Bible prophecy who click the link?

This article. With biblically sound explanations of actual signs, straight from Scripture, that would immediately precede Jesus Christ’s Second Coming—and that have actually been fulfilled.

If you have any interest in biblical prophecy, this is the article you need to read. Learn what the Bible actually says about the end of the world and the Messiah!

And these are just four end-time prophecies of many you will find in the Bible. Compare them to a few cherrypicked verses, a heifer, some fish and a snake, and I think you’ll see which prophecies truly deserve to be front-page news.