Democratic Socialism Will Destroy America

The United States is making the same mistakes today that Russia made a century ago.

Socialists are taking over the Democratic Party. And it’s not being done in secret, but openly.

Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist. He honeymooned in the Soviet Union, won a seat in the Vermont Senate, and mounted an extremely popular campaign against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States. Millions supported his call to dismantle corporations, double the minimum wage, and mandate universal health care.

Sanders lost the Democratic primary, but he may have won the Democratic Party.

Fifty-seven percent of Democrats now say they have a favorable view of socialism. That’s right: More than half of Democrats openly admit they support socialism.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a self-described socialist who won a sensational upset against a high-ranking Democrat. According to Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez, she is “the future” of the Democratic Party.

So, what is socialism?

Socialism Is Authoritarian

In its purest form, socialism means that the government controls the entire economy. The government owns not only the postal service, it owns all businesses—without competition. Most modern American socialists say the government doesn’t have to literally own all businesses, as long as it heavily regulates and taxes them.

But people like Sanders emphasize that they are “democratic” socialists, which means that this enormously powerful government will be voted in by a majority of the people.

Karl Marx, the father of communism, wrote that “the first step in the revolution by the working class is to raise the proletariat to the position of ruling class to win the battle of democracy.”

Vladimir Lenin, famous Russian Communist revolutionary, wrote: “Proletarian democracy is a million times more democratic than any bourgeois democracy.”

Joseph Stalin, a famous Soviet Communist dictator, led an effort to replace the original democratic Soviet Constitution with an even more democratic version. Its bill of rights was even more extensive than the American bill of rights. It guaranteed the right to vote to every single Soviet citizen over age 18.

This is all very democratic. American liberals would support it—they did back then. But history records the end result of Marx’s, Lenin’s and Stalin’s socialism: a horrific totalitarian state where the enormously powerful government reduced its citizens to subhuman status, crushed the human spirit, and literally murdered millions of its own people.

Socialism Is Against the U.S. Constitution

Democratic socialism in the Soviet Union turned into a continent-sized horror story, not because people didn’t get to vote but because the Soviets ignored the laws that limited the government’s power and protected individual rights.

What Marx called the “dictatorship of the proletariat,” American Founding Father John Adams called the “tyranny of the majority.” Adams believed the Bible. And although he might not have known it, the Bible shows that the modern descendants of ancient Israel include the United States. Isaiah prophesies that these modern Israelites will become sick in their reasoning and faint in their hearts (Isaiah 1:4-7). He prophesies that their nation will be laid desolate by civil war.

How could a dramatic prophecy like this be fulfilled? How could the most powerful and prosperous nation in human history fall into such a terrible fate as this?

One major reason that Americans will clash with one another is over this issue of government control. By its very definition, big-government socialism is directly opposed to small-government constitutionalism. Socialism is based largely on atheism, and the American Constitution is based largely on the Bible.

Today, socialism is gathering strength. What people don’t understand about “democratic socialism” is that its aim of socialism in the United States is to overthrow its constitutional form of government—by violence if necessary.

Socialists usually downplay this, but the protests and riots occurring across America today are not really against President Donald Trump; they are against the constitutional system of government he leads. How widespread and how violent will this movement get? The history of socialism—and Bible prophecy—provide the chilling answer.

To learn more about how prophecies from Isaiah and other biblical books apply to America, read “Communism in America Today,” by Gerald Flurry.