California Burning—Is Climate Change the Cause?

Flames leap above a vehicle as the Ranch Fire, part of the Mendocino Complex Fire, burns near Clearlake Oaks, California.

California Burning—Is Climate Change the Cause?

Listen to the August 8, 2018, episode of the Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

It’s scorched Earth in California. Last year’s largest wildfire in California’s history has been superseded this year by another record-setting blaze. The state is being pounded by scorching-hot temperatures and strong winds. This comes after years of drought and accumulating infrastructure breakdowns. California seems to experience a record-setting natural disaster every year. What is the real cause behind the state’s string of apocalyptic-like natural disasters? Many say climate change is the culprit. On today’s show, we discuss the real cause of California’s curses.

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