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The media have become fixated with Comey’s “stunning” revelation that President Donald Trump could be compromised by the Russians.

China is gobbling up sea gates and boosting its naval power rapidly.

As it turns out, Mr. Trump’s victory in the presidential election exposed the media and the previous administration for being guilty of the very same scandalous behavior they accuse others of!

Comey’s new book, A Higher Loyalty, is supposed to be about his impartiality and respect for law. In his interview, Comey revealed where his loyalties really are. The “non-partisan” FBI director told outgoing President Obama “how much I’m going to miss you,” and then told him that he dreaded the “next four years.”

Former FBI director James Comey is releasing his tell-all book this week. And the left-wing media—the same ones who wanted him fired 18 months ago—are now holding him high as a star witness against President Donald Trump.

Are Jews safe in Europe? British journalist Melanie Phillips held a public lecture in London on April 12, where she addressed the dire threats facing Jews in the West and around the world. She exposed the threat of widespread anti-Semitism.

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel. A recent survey discovered that over 40 percent of Americans don’t know what Auschwitz was. The ignorance is even worse among millennials. I discuss this on today’s show, as well as a number of other topics, including the latest on the Hamas-organized protests in Gaza and the scourge of homelessness in San Francisco.

It seems that anything targeted at Mr. Trump, no matter how factual or lawful, scores big points for the media. But very few people are sounding the alarm about just how dangerous that raid is for America and the rule of law.

The Cohen raid has effectively extended Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia collusion investigation into an area outside his jurisdiction.

How did Britain go from teaching tribal natives to being taught by them?