Trumpet Daily Radio Show

The Trumpet Daily Radio Show proves the Bible’s relevancy to your life.  Trumpet executive editor Stephen Flurry hosts a show covering wide-ranging topics with an emphasis on world news.

Trumpet Daily Radio Show records from Trumpet Daily facilities at Edstone in the United Kingdom. The program is available on-demand at the Trumpet Daily website or the Trumpet Daily channel on YouTube. The program airs every morning at 7 a.m. (Central Time) on KPCG 101.3 FM in Edmond, Oklahoma.

On today’s show, I summarize parts of the second lecture I gave at the recent Personal Appearance Campaign in London.

For the first time in its 29-year history, the Philadelphia Church of God hosted a public Bible lecture in the United Kingdom. On today’s show, I talk about the first night of this exciting two-day event. I also speak about Herbert W. Armstrong’s tremendous work in Britain—specifically, his first Personal Appearance Campaign in 1954.

On today’s program I talk about media duplicity and more.

What is behind Asia’s militarization and where is it leading?

We are living in the days when, like the Prophet Isaiah foretold, peoples and nations declare and celebrate their sins.

United States President Donald Trump had a busy weekend filled with interviews, German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered another blow on Sunday when fringe parties made huge gains in the Bavarian elections, and how close is the world to the next financial crisis? I discuss these topics and more on today’s radio show.

The Democratic Party is bent on bringing down President Donald Trump, but at what cost to the nation? Antifa-style tactics like harassment, intimidation and even violence are now encouraged by leading Democrats. Hillary Clinton, who was almost president of the United States, recently said that civility will only return when the Democratic Party regains power. Why is the left inciting hatred and violence? Bible prophecy reveals what is causing this and where it is leading.