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Trumpet Daily Radio Show brings you a deeper understanding of the Bible and how it connects to your world and your life right now.  Trumpet Daily Radio Show is hosted by the executive editor of the Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine and presenter of the Trumpet Daily television program, Stephen Flurry.

Stephen Flurry brings you a wide-ranging variety of topics from British politics to American morality to the Middle Eastern balance of power to Asian economics to principles of living to Bible points of doctrine. Trumpet Daily Radio Show matches this diverse array of interests to the factors most affecting your life right now. The program focuses these topics through a single lens: the timeless perspective of the Holy Bible.

Trumpet Daily Radio Show zeroes in on only the most important world news, events that often go underreported. It connects these rapidly unfolding developments to history and to end-time Bible prophecy. Programs include: “Don’t Believe the Naysayers, Europe Will Unite,” “Shrugging Off the Demise of the U.S. and Britain,” “The New Russia-China Alliance” and “The Bible and the British Museum."

Trumpet Daily Radio Show records from Trumpet Daily facilities at Edstone in the United Kingdom. The program is available on-demand at the Trumpet Daily website or the Trumpet Daily channel on YouTube. The program airs every morning at 7 a.m. (Central Time) on KPCG 101.3 FM in Edmond, Oklahoma.

The Western world is increasingly more and more hostile to the Bible. In America, liberal politicians are desperate to keep church and state separate—especially when it comes to teaching the Bible in schools. But taking the Bible out of schools actually lowers a student’s ability to understand important subjects like classic literature and history! We discuss this topic and more on today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show.


Earlier this year it was revealed that Vice President Mike Pence would not dine alone with another woman other than his wife. The left ridiculed Pence’s rule, calling it sexist, old-fashioned, impractical and unprofessional. Just a few months later, however, allegations of sexual misconduct against high-ranking individuals are hitting the news every day. Is it wrong to have a code of conduct like the vice president’s? The Bible says, “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, we discuss the need for, and importance of, biblical standards.

The government of Europe’s most powerful nation remains impotent. Coalition talks in Germany failed yesterday, and—for the first time in its postwar history—Germany is unable to form a government following a national election. These are difficult times for Germany. The German people want strong and stable leadership, and Europe needs a strong Germany. Where is this crisis leading? On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, Stephen Flurry and Richard Palmer discuss the significance of Germany’s failed coalition talks and what it means for the immediate future of Germany and Europe. 

God says He calls the lowly of this world in order to confound the high and mighty. But God did not call people to remain in that lowly state! God expects His servants to be ambitious! On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, we look at the examples of Herbert W. Armstrong and Winston Churchill for lessons on how to develop ambition.

At the height of President Bill Clinton’s impeachment in the late 1990s, Americans felt that the morals of a leader didn’t matter so long as he or she had good policy. Twenty years after Clinton, we are seeing the fruits of the “character doesn’t matter” approach. History and Bible prophecy teach us that immorality leads to the collapse of nations. On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, we discuss why character matters from a nation’s leaders down to the people on the street.

Factors like Brexit, the migration crisis, terror attacks, America’s isolationism and the rise of Russia are forcing European nations to unite militarily. This week, 23 of the European Union’s 28 members agreed to forge closer defense ties. The signed agreement means members must boost military spending or be kicked out of the group. This could be the groundwork for the rise of a united European military force. Bible prophecy says the rise of a European military is imminent. To learn more about how the Bible illuminates the important story behind these headlines, listen to today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show.

In the mid-20th century, the new morality surfaced and old rules regarding sexual conduct were tossed out the window. From Hollywood to academia to religion, morality was turned upside down. The ugly fruits of that movement are abundant today. The Daily Wire ran a headline this week titled “America Is Full of Deviants. Maybe We Really Shouldn’t Have Tossed Out Sexual Morality.” “Perhaps we should consider the possibility that the sexual revolution was a catastrophic failure,” it wrote. The downward plunge in morality is “a greater threat to humanity than the hydrogen bomb,” Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in 1964. On today’s program, we discuss the need for biblical morality and how it preserves nations. 

After the mass shooting at a small church in rural Texas, more people are packing guns alongside their Bibles. One Anglican preacher said he might even bring a gun to church as part of his responsibility to “protect the flock.” On today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show, Stephen Flurry discusses a pastor’s responsibility to protect the flock from spiritual attacks.

Tension in Lebanon is high as Saudi Arabia and Iran continue vying for control of the small nation. At the moment, Lebanon is a proxy battlefield between the Saudis and Iranians. Bible prophecy forecasts how this will play out and specifies which nations will be allied with Iran and which nations will oppose it. For more on the latest news in Lebanon and how it plays in to Bible prophecy, listen to today’s Trumpet Daily Radio Show.