Transgender Bathroom Madness

Transgender Bathroom Madness

The radical transformation in American culture illustrates how a vocal minority can overcome a silent majority.

Sexual offenses at Target stores have dramatically increased since the company’s 2016 announcement that men who identify as women are welcome in the women’s restroom. According to a recent study authored by the Woman Means Something campaign, incidents of men attempting to look up the skirts of women while they use the restroom at Target have more than doubled since this policy change. And overall incidents of voyeurism (i.e. Peeping Tom offenses) have almost tripled.

Three weeks after Target affirmed its policy of allowing customers to use the bathroom of their choice, a man was caught videotaping an underage girl as she tried on bathing suits at a Target in Frisco, Texas. The girl noticed the man peering over the wall with a cellphone pointed at her. She ran and told Target staff, but the suspect left the scene before he could be apprehended. A warrant was later issued for his arrest.

But Target is not reconsidering its “gender-inclusive” restroom policies.

Last March, a man exposed himself to a child in the women’s restroom at a Target store in Chicago, Illinois. According to police reports, the perpetrator insisted that he had to use the women’s restroom. He then pushed into a stall being used by a little girl and exposed his genitals before leaving the bathroom. Outraged shoppers threatened to boycott Target for its restroom policies after the incident.

But Target is not reconsidering its “gender-inclusive” restroom policies.

The reason Target allows men into women’s restrooms is not to make its customers more comfortable. YouGov data suggest 47 percent of American women are uncomfortable using a unisex toilet in public (and there may be more unwilling to admit their discomfort to a YouGov pollster). So Target is potentially alienating 60 million female customers to cater to the demands of 700,000 males who identify as female.

The department store chain enacted a policy of allowing transgender customers to use the bathroom of their choice after North Carolina passed a law requiring transgenders to use the public restroom corresponding to the sex listed on their birth certificates. Despite the fact that only 0.6 percent of Americans identify as transgender, this small but vocal minority is bending large corporations like Target and numerous politicians and laws to their will.

How is such a small group so powerful in our culture, business and politics?

Normally, endangering women and children to cater to about half a percent of the population would be a spectacularly poor business decision. But Target executives are worried less about offending women and children than they are about being labeled “transphobic.” Why?

At the end of the day, the transgender advocacy groups calling for unisex bathrooms are more vocal and more organized than their opposition. They label as a bigot anyone who says a man should not enter the women’s restroom. These accusations are successfully dominating the media cycle and keeping the silent majority of Americans silent—and, in effect, submissive to this agenda of cultural extremism.

This shocking example illustrates how a small number of zealous “social justice” advocates have established themselves as the arbiters of America’s new morality. In the past, protecting women and children from Peeping Toms and sexual deviants was a moral duty so basic that no one questioned it. Now, making men feel welcome in the women’s restroom is a moral duty. And social justice moralists must condemn as a bigot anyone who opposes this.

Liberals (in the more traditional sense of the word) decried intolerance, saying people should be able to decide right and wrong for themselves rather than have religious morals imposed upon them. Present-day progressive activists are different. They enforce a new set of their own moral standards with the same fervor the colonial Puritans used to enforce the old set. In a world turned upside down, those who espouse traditional biblical morals are now the new heretics.

One does not need a long memory to recognize how radically and rapidly society is changing. The beliefs that abortion is murder, people are born male or female, and marriage is a union between a man and a woman were considered obvious a generation ago. Now, expressing such facts in public can get you into a lot of trouble.

This radical transformation in American culture illustrates how a vocal minority can punch above its weight—to the point of knocking down a silent majority—precisely because that majority is so weak-willed. Progressive activists shout down, censor and otherwise block conservative, traditional, biblical views. Their goal is to allow only one set of opinions to be discussed publicly and for the opposing view to be rebranded as so extreme as to not even be worthy of discussion. Despite the fact that most Americans don’t necessarily agree with their views on homosexuality, transsexuality, immigration, gender, family and abortion, these activists are successfully and radically transforming American culture.

Americans pride themselves on being tolerant, but this liberal “tolerance” runs in one direction. When most of society strongly opposed homosexuals, transsexuals, abortion advocates and other liberals, the strategy was to advocate tolerance over and over. But now that radical liberal causes have grown stronger and the opposition has grown weaker, their strategy is shifting away from the tolerance ideal and becoming much more aggressive.

This has only been able to happen because everyday people have been exceedingly tolerant of evil and indifferent about good. So if you are one of the 8 in 10 Americans concerned about declining moral behavior in the country, now is the time to examine your moral values. Have you slipped into the belief that there are no moral absolutes? Or that tolerating bad behavior is a virtue?

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