Why the ‘Deep State’ Brought Nazi Spies to America

During the Cold War, the United States government recruited hundreds of former Nazi agents to work as American spies and informants.

New information continues coming out about how the United States Intelligence Community used an unverified dossier of Russian propaganda in their attempt to keep Donald Trump from becoming president of the United States.

Just before his inauguration, Mr. Trump even compared the Intelligence Community’s handling of this dossier to tactics used in Nazi Germany. Outgoing director of the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan, took great offense at this comparison, saying it was outrageous to equate the Intelligence Community with Nazi Germany.

Despite Brennan’s outrage, large numbers of actual Nazi spies and informants were working for the Intelligence Community when he joined the cia in 1980.

As President Trump pledges to reform America’s spy agencies, it is important to understand why the cia helped the Catholic Church shelter Nazi war criminals in the decades after World War ii.

Vatican-CIA Ratlines

Even though President Franklin Roosevelt insisted on the unconditional surrender of the Nazis, future cia director Allen Dulles negotiated an agreement with Nazi General Karl Wolff to protect Nazi spies so they could be used against the Soviet Union after the war. Many of these Nazi spies stayed in Europe to work for the Gladio network, controlled by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Thousands of other Nazi officials were smuggled into Latin America via a system of ratlines run by Dulles, Roman Catholic Bishop Alois Hudal and Roman Catholic priest Krunoslav Draganovic.

Of the 30,000 Nazis who escaped Europe through these ratlines, the U.S. government hired at least 1,000 as spies and informants. At the height of the Cold War, cia director Dulles and Federal Bureau of Investigation director J. Edgar Hoover aggressively recruited former Nazis of all ranks as assets against the Soviets. While evidence of the government’s links to former Nazi spies began to emerge in the 1970s, the U.S. Intelligence Community continued to use former Nazis until 1990.

A Prophesied Double Cross

cia director Dulles also sat on the board of directors of the American Committee for a United Europe. This committee was a cia front group largely responsible for funding European unification movements that culminated in the establishment of the European Economic Community.

The Trumpet has long reported on how the U.S. government cooperated with the Catholic Church and former members of the Nazi Party to build a European superstate capable of helping Washington oppose the Soviet Union.

This was a tragic mistake!

Instead of trusting God and striving to obey His law, the Americans turned to Germany and the Vatican. The U.S. government rebuilt the Holy Roman Empire to protect Americans from the Soviet Union. But a sobering prophecy in Ezekiel 23 shows that America’s foreign allies will betray it. Today, the U.S. government is at war with itself as the Trump administration faces off against the Intelligence Community. At the same time, anti-Americanism is surging across Europe. These are signs of impending civil war followed by America’s worst military defeat ever!

To learn more about this prophesied double cross, please read “The Significance of Germany’s Break From America,” by Gerald Flurry.