Will ‘Emperor’ Xi Jinping Use His Vast Power to Seize Taiwan?

In recent months, China’s paramount leader, Xi Jinping, has etched his personal political theory into the Communist Party constitution, he has stacked the upper echelons of China’s government with loyalists, and he has removed term limits on his rule.

These developments show that Xi has achieved near-absolute dominance over China’s political system, economy and military. And there are indications that he may soon use all this power to grab Taiwan.

The relationship between China and Taiwan has been tense for as long as the two have existed as separate countries. That separation was the result of a civil war that started in 1927, with the Communist Party on one side and a party called the Kuomintang on the other. The war raged in mainland China for years, and by 1949, the Communists had defeated the Kuomintang, forcing its members to flee to the island of Taiwan.

Ever since, China, under the Communist Party, has actively claimed sovereignty of Taiwan. China views Taiwan as a rebel province and has often vowed to use force to bring it back under Beijing’s rule.

For decades, the Taiwanese have lived in fear of invasion from China. But they have managed to remain independent thanks to military equipment, political support and security assurances from the United States.

Now, however, President Xi sees that the U.S. is deeply divided, war weary, and its will to use its power is broken. The U.S. decline is occurring as Xi’s own power rapidly expands. So he has begun to tighten the screws on Taiwan.

On March 20, Xi told the National People’s Congress that he would push for the “reunification of the motherland,” and he warned Taiwan that it would face what he called “the punishment of history” for any attempts at separatism.

This was the strongest warning yet to Taiwan. And these statements come during a time when Xi has been significantly stepping up Chinese military exercises around Taiwan.

Bringing Taiwan under Beijing’s control has always been the utmost strategic and political goal for the Chinese Communist Party. But Xi’s predecessors kicked the can down the road, leaving it as a goal for future leaders. The situation is different for Xi. Since his term limits were removed, he knows that he himself is “the future.” This may make him feel pressured and compelled to use his vast power to take action quickly.

Many analysts believe that Xi is likely to focus on bringing Taiwan under China’s control.

Hong Kong University Professor Ding Xee-oh-Yang said: “Now that you have almost all the power in your hands, and you have all the trusted people on your team, you need to deliver miracles. Xi Jinping needs to deliver something big, and Taiwan is something very, very big.”

In 1998, Bill Clinton became the first American president to publicly oppose Taiwanese independence. Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry said that meant it was only a matter of time before Taiwan would be swallowed by China.

“The Chinese leaders pressured the president and America to speak against our freedom-loving friends [in Taiwan],” Mr. Flurry wrote (Trumpet, August 1998).

He continued:

The people of Taiwan fear for their future. They feel betrayed. … Once again, America has showcased its broken will to the whole world. … How could anyone fail to see that Taiwan is destined to become a part of mainland China? These 21 million people are going to be forced into the Chinese mold; and it is going to happen for one reason: because of a pitifully weak-willed America. Does freedom really mean so little to us?

Mr. Flurry explained that his assessment is based on Bible prophecies recorded in the books of Leviticus and Daniel. And at the time that was written, the notion of Taiwan being swallowed up by China may have seemed possible only in the distant future. But now, with America’s security assurances so much in doubt and with Xi Jinping’s China growing so powerful and willing to use its power, it is easy to see how Mr. Flurry’s forecast could soon happen.

To understand the significance of the rise of Xi Jinping’s China in the context of Bible prophecy, please read Mr. Flurry’s article “Taiwan Betrayal” and order a copy of our free booklet Russia and China in Prophecy.