What You Need to Know About Antifa

A group that promoted communist dictatorship in Germany on the Soviet Union’s behalf is now rising to prominence in the United States of America.

Antifa is a movement that is making headlines throughout Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and most especially the United States. With Antifa regularly making the news, people are asking, “What is Antifa?” and “What are Antifa’s goals?”

Antifa is not a new political force. It is a loosely connected network of groups named in honor of the military wing of the Communist Party of Germany. “Antifa” is an abbreviation for anti-fascist. The movement was founded in the 1920s as part of the Soviet Union’s efforts to transform Germany into a Communist dictatorship. By labeling all rival parties as “fascist,” Antifa hoped to convince Germans that the nation’s mainstream political parties in the 1920s and 1930s were no better than the Nazis.

This strategy convinced millions of Germans to join the ranks of the Communist Party.

The Antifa movement experienced a resurgence in the 1980s, when far-left activists in Germany and the United States resurrected the strategy of labeling free-market capitalists and constitutional conservatives as fascists. In the U.S., Antifa leaders specifically link capitalism to white supremacy.

Antifa seeks to undermine and destroy:

  • capitalism
  • the police
  • the government
  • the U.S. Constitution.

By creating an environment where people lose faith in government institutions, Antifa hopes to swell its ranks—and the ranks of groups like Democratic Socialist of America. There are already over 200 Antifa groups in the United States, and public opinion polls show up to 5 percent of the American public are sympathetic to Antifa’s cause.

By polarizing the political scene into fascist and anti-fascist camps, Antifa is destroying the democratic center—like it did in 1920s Germany. Antifa encourages violence not just against fascists, but also against free-speech advocates and police officers. By inciting violence at peaceful protests, Antifa activists hope to tear down America’s constitutional system of government and create a Communist regime.

This strategy is helping push the United States to the brink of civil war.

A dangerous trend toward lawlessness is taking root in American society.

Here at theTrumpet.com, where we interpret events in the light of Bible prophecy, we have long highlighted this trend toward lawlessness. Bible prophecies, like the one in Isaiah 1:7, say that “your country is desolate, your cities burned with fire.” This prophecy occurs because the people of America turn away from God and the rule of law.

To understand why God is allowing this attack to happen, you need to read Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry’s booklet America Under Attack.