Week in Review: U.S. Vs. Iran, South Korea Suspends THAAD, Anti-Christian Britain, Virginia Shooting, and Much More

  • The United States is stepping up its pressure on Iran—moving mobile artillery into southern Syria, getting Senate approval for new economic sanctions. The secretary of state says the Trump administration wants regime change. Will it succeed?
  • Fears that South Korea’s new president would work against American interests were realized this week as he suspended further deployment of the thaad antiballistic missile defense system.
  • The leader of Britain’s Liberal Democrat Party has resigned, saying he can’t lead a political party and be faithful to his Christian beliefs.
  • American politics turn violent, as an opponent of Donald Trump went to a Republican congressional baseball practice and opened fire.
  • We’ll also talk about a massive Russian military exercise about to take place right on the border of nato—a Russian air strike in Syria that may have hit a very sensitive target—how the Chinese Communist Party has burrowed deep into Australia’s political system—and a banking crisis in Spain, as its sixth-largest bank was sold for the fire-sale price of one euro.