Australia’s ‘Extremist Infestation’

Muslim residents of Western Sydney offer their Eid Al Adha prayer inside a Rugby ground on September 12, 2016.

Australia’s ‘Extremist Infestation’

An Australian sheikh is warning that radical Islam is infiltrating the country.

Australia’s Muslim society is “infested by extremists,” according to Imam Sheikh Mohammed Tawhidi, an Islamic cleric in Adelaide.

In the wake of the Manchester bombing on May 22, Tawhidi appeared on one of Australia’s primary morning shows, Sunrise, and stated, “We have a large number of Muslims that are extremists, even in Australia, and we see them when they come out in the Sydney riots, and we see them attacking the police.”

Tawhidi has taken flak at home and has appeared on Islamic State hit lists for his promulgation of “moderate” Islam. Despite living in supposedly peaceful Australia, the sheikh is in hiding.

Not Very Muslim of You …

While it is certainly commendable to stand up against radical Islam, it seems Tawhidi is at odds with his own professed religion. Tawhidi claims that Islam was once a religion of peace, but many of his fellow Muslims beg to differ.

While conducting a street-side interview with 7 News in Sydney’s Muslim quarter, Lakemba, Tawhidi was recognized by a fellow Muslim, who spat on him, then cursed him, and called him a pig and a dog. Tawhidi said later that the man was clearly influenced by the Koran.

Tawhidi’s critics call him a fake sheikh. In a way, they are right.

Here is why. Tawhidi calls himself a Shi’i (more commonly referred to as Shiite) Muslim. But he has called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration. He is also calling for Muslims to put Australia before Islam—a very un-Islamic concept. He also suggested Halal certification is a money-making scam. And to top it off, he has called for Islamic colleges to be banned. How many Muslims make these sort of statements? You can see why they call him a fake sheikh.

This is why he is making headlines. He is out of the ordinary. If all Muslim clerics and sheikhs in Australia were calling for peace and de-radicalization, then Tawhidi would not be standing out like a sore thumb. But the truth is that Tawhidi is an unusual figure in Australia’s Muslim community.

Compare his views to those of Australia’s grand mufti, Ibrahim Abu Mohammed. Following the November 2015 Paris attack, Mohammed stated, “It is therefore imperative that all causative factors such as racism, Islamophobia, curtailing freedoms through securitization, duplicitous foreign policies, and military intervention must be comprehensively addressed.” Notice the term “causative factors.” Instead of unconditionally condemning the attacks in which 130 people were murdered and hundreds were wounded by suicide bombers and terrorists spraying bullets into diners and concertgoers, Mohammed said the French partially caused their own bloodshed! That is Australia’s grand mufti! If he is willing to say this on national radio, what are everyday Muslims in Lakemba saying in private?

A Western View?

If Tawhidi doesn’t hold your average Muslim views, are his views at least supported in political and media circles? Nope. Tawhidi finds himself in the minority here too. One person with similar solutions is Queensland Sen. Pauline Hanson. Often labeled as the “Donald Trump of Australia,” Hanson has been relentlessly mocked by the liberal media for her call to set up cameras in Muslim schools and place a temporary ban on Muslim immigration.

Australian multiculturalism is championed by most of the political elite and media. If more people do stand in support of Hanson and Tawhidi, their voices are simply not heard.

Thus Tawhidi finds himself hated by the Muslim community, his solutions jeered by the liberal left.

The Enemy Inside the Gates

But the sheikh isn’t totally alone in all his views. Like Tawhidi, too many Australians carry on believing that radicals are the anomalies, that true Islam is fundamentally peaceful. Meanwhile, the radicals work to convert and change the Muslim community from within.

And because it doesn’t gel with its beliefs, the liberal left ignores the obvious truths of Muslim immigration.

But the signs are there for those who want to see them. Ask Tawhidi! He was spat upon just moments after taking to Lakemba’s streets, and he is a Muslim!

Or ask the prison guards at Australia’s Goulburn Supermax Prison. Islam has become an obsession for the violent inmates who practice the religion inside. The prison is now jokingly called Super Mosque.

Or ask Senator Hanson, whose common sense solutions now have her branded as a radical.

The backlash against Tawhidi, the Islamist pockets of Sydney, the jails, the mocked senator—they all point to the truth: Multiculturalism has failed. Planned assimilation has given way to Muslim-only suburbs that are breeding radicals. As Tawhidi said, “If this continues, there will come a time where an average Australian will require a visa to enter those areas.”

But Tawhidi’s reasoning goes skew-whiff when he suggests there are means to de-radicalize Islam—that it can coexist peacefully in Australian society.

Muslim immigration all over the world proves that to be a wishful dream. In reality what we do have on our hands is a security nightmare.

Trumpet columnist Ron Fraser wrote in the booklet Australia—Where to Now?:

Australia’s greatest challenge is not so much keeping extremist imams and their terrorist protégés from migrating into the country. The most significant terrorist potential lies within the hearts of extremist Islamic Australian citizens already embedded within that continent—the sons of earlier migrants, who speak with an Aussie twang but who will never assimilate into Australian society. Of such is the stranger within Australia’s gates mentioned in Deuteronomy 28:43!

That’s right. Specific prophecies in the Bible actually forecast the predicament that Australia, Britain, the United States and other pro-immigration countries now find themselves in.

Mr. Fraser continued:

Match that prophecy with Deuteronomy 32:25, and it is clear to those with a perspective on the biblical identity of Australia, and on the prophecies for these times in which we now live, that the future does not bode well for Australia in respect of this terrorist threat. If you want to know why, turn to Leviticus 26 and read verses 14-16. That’s not a message for the fainthearted. Nevertheless, it’s the binding reality of our day.

Many of the immigration issues we now face are found in your Bible. And it is there that we must look for solutions.

The answers lie beyond politics. The curses immigration have thrust upon the Western world were prophesied in the Bible. The reasons behind the failure of our immigration practices are spiritual. Do you want the reasons and the answers? If you do, download Ron Fraser’s aforementioned booklet. It is free, and it’s the perfect place to start searching for answers to Australia’s “extremist infestation.”