Why Venezuela’s Civil Unrest Is a Threat to U.S. Security

Stockpiles of assault rifles and surface-to-air missiles could soon be in the hands of drug traffickers, Marxist revolutionaries and Islamic terrorists.

Venezuela is on the verge of civil war. It was once one of the wealthiest countries in South America. Eighteen years on from a socialist revolution, government price fixing has led to massive food shortages. Thousands are taking to the streets in protest.

As the unrest escalates, government police forces have killed dozens and arrested hundreds. Many geopolitical analysts worry that the unrest could descend into all-out civil war within the year.

One cause of the escalation is the government’s arrest of up to 85 military officers suspected of being more loyal to protesters and the people than the government.

To aid his government in clamping down on unrest, President Nicolás Maduro has brought in hundreds of Cuban officials to advise his men and has passed out assault rifles to loyal civilian militia.

These actions make the unrest a national security threat not only to the nations around Venezuela, but also to the United States.

The Venezuelan government is notoriously corrupt. Many of its officials have been accused of links to Hezbollah terrorists or caught dealing with various drug cartels.

On May 11, cia director Mike Pompeo warned that if Venezuela descends into civil war, the weapons now being used against the populace could soon be found in the hands of militia, drug cartels and terrorist organizations. It would see the country become a failed state, much like Somalia or Syria.

Venezuela’s fate has a strong bearing on U.S. security, as it is only 3,000 miles away and along a smuggling route of one of Mexico’s drug cartels. Unrest could easily escalate and spread north to the U.S.

One of our first forecasts at the Trumpet has been that the U.S. would soon experience the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. This crisis is brought on because of our lack of morals and departure from biblical family values.

Venezuela’s unrest shows just how real and present this danger is becoming. To understand more of the biblical reasons for all the turmoil we see, request your free copy of Ezekiel: The End-Time Prophet.