Rosy Future for German-U.S. Relations?

German national elections, scheduled for September, will likely bring about a significant shift in German-American relations—in stunning fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

Packed with intrigue and drama, German politics have been a feature presentation in the global theater recently. Stay tuned: Some of the most remarkable Bible prophecies are thundering toward fulfillment!

Most analysts believe Angela Merkel, tireless leader of the Christian Democratic Union (cdu), is the candidate primed to replace Gerhard Schröder as Germany’s chancellor. Dubbed the “Iron Lady” of Germany, Merkel is expected to gain the chancellorship thanks to staunch support from the CDUs sister party, the Christian Social Union (csu) led by Edmund Stoiber.

By the end of the year, it is expected that a Merkel-Stoiber team will lead Germany, bringing in a new era in German-American relations. Thanks in large part to Chancellor Schröder’s blatant refusal to contribute to the American-led Iraq war, German-U.S. relations have soured of late.

“A Chancellor Merkel would represent a new pro-American direction not only for Germany, but for Europe as well …. [W]ith European politics currently in disarray, Merkel could be one of the only people in a position to take the reins, and her destination would be decidedly American” (Stratfor, June 8, emphasis mine throughout). The csu’s Edmund Stoiber also supports a policy that prioritizes good relations with the U.S.

Fully aware that almost 90 percent of the German public was against America’s invasion of Iraq in 2003, Merkel was a lone voice in Germany when she publicly declared support of U.S. President George Bush. When European politicians, including Schröder, pushed to lift Europe’s arms embargo against China earlier this year, Merkel stood by America’s standpoint on the issue, insisting that the embargo must remain.

While Schröder has embraced his increasingly dictatorial Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, Merkel, who was born in East Germany as it lay prostrate under the Communist boot of the Soviet Union, remains wary of Russia.

A Merkel chancellorship will also likely facilitate a significant shift in the EU’s foreign policy toward the U.S. Is this good news for America? “[B]efore one gets too enamored of the idea of a pro-American Germany, bear in mind the place makes the person. … A Chancellor Merkel will face harsh resistance from a country experiencing its own internal geopolitical split. It is not an entity that will reflexively seek to subordinate its political and security desires to dictation from an entity on the other side of the Atlantic—no matter what the personal preferences of its leader” (ibid.).

There are fundamental divisions between the German and American peoples. An undercurrent of anti-Americanism clearly exists in the minds of many Germans. Their peoples were enemies in World Wars i and ii.

A striking prophecy in Ezekiel 23 confirms that a resurgence in German-U.S. relations is on the horizon. But notice where they lead: “Wherefore I have delivered her into the hand of her lovers, into the hand of the Assyrians [end-time Germany], upon whom she doted.” After gaining America’s trust and support, the Bible foretells that Germany will betray the U.S.! (see verses 22-26).

Over the next few months and years, watch for America to increasingly become “lovers” with Germany, foolishly looking to the greatest war-mongering nation in history for friendship, peace and safety. Fooled by rhetoric, America will lie vulnerable to German betrayal.

The Trumpet’s editor in chief wrote in the September-October 2000 issue: “The U.S. trusts Germany—our lovers, as Ezekiel calls them (Ezekiel 23:4)—more than we trust God! That could be the worst foreign-policy mistake we have ever made—or ever will make.”

The seeds of Germany’s future betrayal of America can be seen in the pro-American policies espoused by both Angela Merkel and Edmund Stoiber.

If a Merkel-Stoiber team ends up at the helm of Germany and the EU, watch for America to naively embrace German efforts to restore and nourish the relationship.