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The Fifth Kingdom

In the second year of his reign, King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream that troubled him greatly. This dream, recorded in Daniel 2, remained a mystery to the king until God revealed its meaning to the Prophet Daniel. The image of Daniel 2 foretells four successive, world-ruling empires to come on the scene—until a fifth and final kingdom consumes them all. What is this fifth kingdom Nebuchadnezzar saw?

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What happens when God gives His Church new revelation? Satan always directs his most ferocious attack against God’s people. The Prophet Daniel battled mightily to receive God’s revelation and recorded the struggle, yet, in his lifetime he never understood what God gave him. He was told that the meaning of the revelation would come in “the time of the end.” Then he got even more specific and prophesied what would happen in the “last end”—or the end of the end time. That time is now! Imagine the fate of God’s people who understand and must deliver Daniel’s revelation! Still, they have a much greater power than Satan supporting them as they deliver the most important message in this world.