Arming Without U.S. Permission

From the May 2005 Trumpet Print Edition

Three power blocs are forming and working feverishly among themselves to undercut America as the world’s “lone superpower.” Two recent events give further proof of this.

First, the European Union intends to lift its arms embargo against China by the end of 2005—to America’s chagrin. Whether or not the EU actually does so, there is little that America can do to stop it.

Europe and China have too much to gain to be concerned about the American president’s “deep concern” over the move: China will gain direct access to sophisticated European military hardware; European nations will grow rich from China’s massive military budget.

Not long ago, it would have been impractical—and unwise—for any nation to directly oppose America in this manner. Today, both powers can defy the will of Washington without fear of any ramifications. This trend of defiance to U.S. wishes will continue.

But there’s more to it than just money or anti-American bravado. “The Europeans have a number of motives,” wrote Stratfor. “First, there is money. Second, there is a chance to irritate the Americans. Third—and this is most important—there is the opportunity to use China to rectify the imbalance in the international system.

“French and German leaders are extremely uncomfortable living in a world in which the United States has unfettered power. They want to create a balance of power that limits U.S. actions. Europe has no opportunity to do this by itself, as witnessed by the decision to invade Iraq. However, a stronger China will pose substantial problems for the United States, by diverting resources from areas where the Europeans have important interests and limiting U.S. opportunities for global power projection” (March 21; emphasis ours).

The second event occurred in late February this year when Russia signed an agreement with Iran to assist in the construction of the Bushehr nuclear reactor by 2006. This was within days of Russian President Vladimir Putin meeting with President Bush and agreeing that “Iran should not have a nuclear weapon”! (Associated Press, February 24).

Russia’s assistance will propel Iran’s nuclear program forward and make Tehran an increasingly painful thorn in America’s side.

These two examples show that Europe, Russia and China, and Iran have all made significant foreign policy decisions that directly oppose American interests over recent months. Watch these three entities strengthen alliances with other nations in their respective regions.

These three blocs are listed toward the end of Daniel 11 (“king of the north,” “king of the south,” and “tidings out of the east and out of the north”). Watch for the integration of Europe behind Germany. Watch for the integration of the Islamic peoples behind Iran. Watch for the integration of Asia behind Russia and China. At the same time, watch America continue to lack the ability to curb the rise of these three power blocs.