Beijing’s New Taiwan Law

From the May 2005 Trumpet Print Edition

Taiwanese independence is the most contentious issue in Chinese foreign policy. Beijing, however, steadfastly believes Taiwan belongs to sovereign China. While Taiwan has not yet declared formal independence, the nation has more or less informally broken from the yoke of its giant neighbor.

Over the years, Beijing has used a number of ploys to curb these designs for independence. In March, China unveiled details concerning its newest such ploy: an “anti-secession law.”

The key tenets of this new legislation designate that Beijing should firstly pursue all peaceful means of re-integrating Taiwan, but that it may employ “non-peaceful means and other necessary measures to protect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity” should Taiwan pursue formal independence. This new law, enacted March 14, is obviously creating quite a stir in the Far East.

There is no reason for surprise, however. The history of Sino-Taiwanese relations is peppered with occasions of Taiwan stepping toward formal independence and Beijing responding with saber-rattling. Many fear, however, that this new law will make it “legal” for Beijing to attack Taiwan. This is a moot point though: If the time comes when China wants to attack Taiwan, law or no law, it will attack Taiwan.

One primary stumbling-block that thus far has prevented China from assuming control over Taiwan is America. United States law obliges America to defend Taiwan if it were attacked. The U.S. was once Taiwan’s strongest ally. Its support—even supplying some of the most sophisticated weapons available—made it possible for Taiwan to keep its roguish neighbor in check all these years.

The trouble is, America is now heavily tied up in the Middle East, and the Bible prophesies that its geopolitical and military willpower will wane. At the same time, China’s geopolitical and military power is growing (see our March/April article on the subject).

Thus, we can expect the cards to begin to fall more in favor of Beijing. This is already occurring.

As the Trumpet has been saying since 1998, the time is approaching when Taiwan will certainly come under the strong influence of China. It is not immediately clear how this will occur, but it is certain that, ultimately, America will lack the will to support the island nation of Taiwan.