The Final Pieces Fall Into Place

The German-Vatican collusion that started in the Balkans ten years ago is about to be consummated in the divide-and-conquer strategy imposed by current EU/NATO initiatives involving tiny Macedonia.
From the August 2001 Trumpet Print Edition

They’ve done it again! And this time they’ll sew up the entire Balkan Peninsula by converting the small ex-Yugoslav state of Macedonia into a vassal state of the European Union.

One by one, nation by nation, the Yugoslavian union has been shattered. Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and now Macedonia. By their expert and historic method of first creating a crisis, then imposing their chosen solution (craftily involving and draining every ounce of financial and military aid from the “legitimizing” Anglo-Americans, nato and the United Nations), organizing a replacement government compliant with their wishes, shoring that up with an imposed military presence, then using economic blackmail to force continuing compliance, the Germans have worked step by step to colonize the Balkan states to become ultimately subservient to EU will.

German leadership, under the EU umbrella, is poised to conclude a Balkan fait accomplis which is destined to have staggering implications on the world’s rapidly changing geopolitical order.

Beast on the Rise

In his masterful little booklet titled Who is the Beast?, Herbert W. Armstrong compared the biblical beast of Revelation 13 to the fourth beast of the prophecy of Daniel 7:23. He wrote, “And thus, this fourth beast was unlike any wild beast of the Earth. It was stronger, greater, more terrible, than any. And so John, in Revelation 13, sees, not four beasts, but one beast. Not a leopard, but like a leopard—possessing all its cunning, cruelty and speed.”

Note the adjectives Mr. Armstrong employed to describe this beast power: cunning, cruelty, speed. Keeping this in mind, we read that the fourth kingdom of Revelation 13 “shall be strong as iron: forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things; and as iron that breaketh all these, shall it break in pieces and bruise” (Dan. 2:40).

The events that have occurred in the Balkan Peninsula since 1991 offer striking proof of the identity of this rising beast power mentioned in end-time prophecy in your Bible. For it has been the cunning efforts of this German-led European Union which, by the recognition of Slovenia and Croatia in 1991 as sovereign nation-states separate from the Yugoslav republic, inspired the cruelty of “ethnic cleansing” via the politico-religious Balkan wars that followed in quick succession in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania/Kosovo and now Albania/Macedonia. This has broken in pieces the century-old amalgam of Yugoslavia.

Over 70 years of union has been riven apart by ten years of the cunning, leopard-like moves of intense German diplomacy.

Post-War History

Marshall Tito established a new Constitution for Yugoslavia which, between the wars, was known as the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. The Serbs had initiated this first union of these three nations, following the collapse of the Hapsburg-ruled Austro-Hungarian empire at the close of World War i in 1918. Following World War ii, Tito aligned himself with the Soviet Union in 1946. Two years later he broke with the Soviets, enacting his own brand of national socialism, popularly known as Titoism. Within five years he created a new federal constitution, and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was born.

For more than 40 years, until his death in 1980, Tito labored to realize his vision of a federal Yugoslavia where all nationalities would be equal.

Following the unification of Germany in 1990, the very first diplomatic initiative of the new German federation was their overt move to begin to destroy all that Tito had built to secure the unity of the peoples of the Balkans. The political ironwill of Germany, which forced recognition of Slovenia and Croatia on the world, has taken but a decade to literally break in pieces and subdue all of old Yugoslavia.

It continues to succeed, with the conquering of Macedonia by EU-nato-UN intervention, to break in pieces Balkan political unity and has, once again, heavily bruised Balkan civilians in the process.

What a powerful demonstration of prophecy in action!

Cruel Cunning

This most recent Balkan adventure of the EU with their all-too-willing partners in crime, nato and the UN, was added to by yet another exercise in perverse diplomacy in late June.

Realizing that their claims of 10,000 slaughtered by Milosevic’s troops in the Kosovo war will never be proven, the corrupt International Criminal Tribunal, headquartered at The Hague, Holland, has brought Slobodan Milosevic to book on charges which do not even mention genocide.

In other words, the very reason which the governments of Washington and London used to prosecute their illegal war over the skies of Yugoslavia does not even figure in his indictment!

It is here that we see the cruel cunning of the rising beast power and the double-dealing (Hos. 12:1) of the Anglo-Americans in action. Many of the claims made about the demonized Milosevic remain unproven. Yet the West must save face, at all costs, over their illegal war. So they do a deal with the powers behind the throne in Serbia, mollify the charges against Milosevic and hold back much-needed aid, virtually blackmailing the Yugoslavs into coughing up Milosevic. In the process, they actively work to oust Yugoslav Premier Vojislav Kostunica, a real thorn in the West’s side.

The outcome? Milosevic ends up in The Hague, the West’s tarnished reputation is redeemed, and Kostunica is isolated. A more compliant leader will be promoted in his stead, who will bow to the will of the German-led financiers and reconstructors of the Yugoslav economy and on-ground infrastructure. As German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder said, “The obstacles that so far stood in the way of giving aid both bilaterally and multilaterally, and giving aid quickly, have been removed” (Associated Press, June 29).

Separately, the EU’s chief reconstruction agent for the Balkans supported the blackmail diplomacy. “The head of the Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe, Bodo Hombach, suggested it was now up to Western countries to make the extradition ‘worthwhile’ for Yugoslavia by freeing up massive financial aid” (ibid.). In a perverse statement, this leading light within the blatantly undemocratic EU went on to declare, “Yugoslav and Serbian powers should stick together in building democracy” (ibid.).

Europe bared its rotten heart for the world to see in this cynical exercise in political and economic blackmail. The Anglo-American nations showed no better character by their weak complicity to EU will in this messy business.

German-Albanian Gains

Even as they were proceeding in their blackmail diplomacy in Serbia, the EU led with the same tactic in their latest coup in Macedonia. “In Macedonia, the European Union told the country’s foreign minister Monday not to count on fresh financial aid unless the government and ethnic Albanian opponents settle their differences” (Associated Press, June 25).

Cleverly, the EU has let nato do all the grunt work in Macedonia, with the result that if things go wrong, the egg will be, once again, as in Kosovo, all over nato’s face, and a classic opening will ensue, at the right moment, for the new EU rapid reaction force to deploy and to “enforce” the “peace” in that ethnically and politically divided country.

By dividing Macedonia into separate Albanian and Macedonian enclaves, as U.S. think tank Stratfor points out, nato will have been the unwitting accomplice in achieving the Albanian rebels’ goal. “The Albanians, emboldened by nato protection, will strengthen their hold on Kosovo and one third of Macedonia while expanding their Greater Albania campaign over other parts of the Balkans, such as southern Serbia, Montenegro and northern Greece” (, June 27).

Why is Albania so favored by nato?

Remember, they are the ally of Germany, the leading nation in the EU. The huge illegal drug- and gun-running scams of the Albanian mafiosi could not operate without German cooperation. Their illegal drug- and gun-running corridor runs from Berlin through Kosovo and Tirana, via the Adriatic, across the North Atlantic Ocean, clear through to Colombia. Remember, many Albanian insurgents in Kosovo were trained in Germany and supplied with German arms. The Albanians are simply in the pay of Berlin, operating under the umbrella or protection of none other than Anglo-American-led nato!

Truly, the leopard has not changed its spots. The Eurobeast marches on. Meanwhile, Britain remains the silly dove (Hos. 7:11), and the U.S. is as ignorant and naïve in foreign policy as it ever has been.

The latest triumph of the shattering divide-and-conquer diplomacy of the EU and its lackeys, nato and the UN, will not secure peace in the Balkans. What it will guarantee, however, just as it has in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, is a continuing external military presence to enforce the will of the rising beast power upon this final set-piece of Germany’s ten-year campaign to colonize the Balkans.

In this context, it is interesting to note that continuing nato presence in Macedonia, to enforce the EU’s political will, will probably not have the support of the Washington administration. The U.S. has even stated that it will not supply troops to man a peacekeeping force in Macedonia. The new EU rapid reaction force was created to intervene in situations where nato will not have the full support of its member nations. “It will be interesting…to see whether the intervention in Macedonia becomes the testing ground for the new European army—which has been created for interventions where nato as a whole chooses not to act” (European Foundation Intelligence Digest, June 13-28).

Has the EU, which insisted on pole position in the Macedonian affair, created the very crisis that will launch the new Euroforce on its first march into the Balkans to begin to secure its first colonial gains?