America Terrorized by ‘Knockout Game’

Savio Sebastian

America Terrorized by ‘Knockout Game’

A string of violent, unprovoked attacks have left people on the pavement battered and bruised, unconscious, or even dead. While some believe the attacks—called the “knockout game”—are being sensationalized by the media, the threat of being jumped by a hoodlum with no motive or provocation is inciting fear in U.S. cities.

The “knockout game” is a horrifying game in which a person, usually a young, black teen, randomly sucker-punches a stranger with the goal of knocking the person out cold with one punch. That’s it. The attackers don’t rob the people afterward. They simply swing and dash “for the fun of it,” as one teen said.

The media began reporting on these crimes about a month ago when there appeared to be a sudden uptick in attacks. In New York, seven “knockout” attacks have been reported this fall, many of them against Jews. Attacks have also been reported across America in cities such as San Diego, St. Louis and Chicago. Fox News reported that seven people have been killed already from these kinds of attacks. And with all the publicity the trend has gotten, it would be unsurprising if more teens joined the “fun.”

It is difficult to tell just how widespread the trend is. But if you examine the response, you see that Americans are fearful of this threat escalating.

Just look at some of the action taken: New York City increased the number of officers on patrol; New York assemblyman Jim Tedisco introduced a new bill that would label future “knockout games” as gang assaults, with juveniles being tried as adults; New York State assemblyman Dov Hikind wrote a letter to both President Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder asking them to take action against those who participate in such attacks; Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter warned that anyone playing the game would face charges ranging from aggravated assault to third degree murder should the victim die; a high school in New York City cancelled a Friday evening get-together last week after nervous parents called the school worried about their children’s safety; Al Sharpton has spoken out against these attacks; an Oklahoman state lawmaker planned to introduce new legislation that would increase criminal penalties for anyone who engages in this game, even though no such attacks have been reported in Oklahoma.

All this has happened within just a few weeks. It is certainly telling of the fear in America when a few dozen attacks across the nation causes such a large response. These teens are terrorizing the nation.

Did you know that nearly 2,500 years ago, God prophesied that this would happen? Read Isaiah 3:12. God said that in these later times that we are living in right now, children would be the oppressors of our society. How evident is that with this “knockout game”?

Bible prophecy also predicted another aspect of society we see today: Race relations in America would get worse, not better. These attacks are usually carried out by young black teens against whites. Such evidence of increasing racial tension is becoming more common. As columnist Brad Macdonald pointed out in 2011, most people want to ignore the signs, even though America is about ready to implode:

We meet all the criteria: rising unemployment, overloaded and failing social systems, mass discontent and uncertainty, loss of faith in leadership, a cultural disdain for law and morality. As these problems intensify, they’re fueling tension, even deep-seated hatred, between blacks and whites, rich and poor, and Democrats and Republicans.Look around: The kindling is set. All that’s needed is a lit match.

At the Trumpet, we don’t take political sides. We don’t root for Republicans or Democrats. Rather, we give God’s perspective of events—and point to His solutions.

What is the cause of all this fear and racial tension? The Bible makes it clear: It is our sins. America is being cursed because we have forgotten God, and these curses will get worse before they get better.

But you don’t have to fear these horrors. There is a way to be protected and free from fear. Verse 10 talks about a group of people right in the midst of all of this that are blessed and protected by God for doing something. They are getting a warning of hope out amid all of this calamity and social breakdown. Do you know where this group is? Do you know where you can find a message that gives real answers for the problems plaguing society today?

Be sure to read Chapter Four of our free booklet Ezekiel: The End-Time Prophet to understand where events like this “knockout game” are leading. It is a sobering message, but one full of hope. If after reading this you want to learn more about Bible prophecy and how to escape these horrible calamities, be sure to request and study this book.