The Mystery of the Royal British Throne

The Mystery of the Royal British Throne


From the September 2013 Trumpet Print Edition

The London Evening Standard published an article on July 23 titled, “Will William and Kate Call for the Rabbi?” It said, “Queen Victoria, convinced that the British royal family was descended from King David, had all her male offspring circumcised. The tradition continued through Edward vii, the Duke of Windsor and Prince Charles, who was circumcised by Jacob Snowman gp at Buckingham Palace in 1948. His brothers Andrew and Edward also underwent the same procedure.”

Sadly, this article only scratched the surface of what Queen Victoria believed about the throne from which she ruled.

Any student of the Bible knows that circumcision is taught in the Bible. The ancient Israelites practiced it to demonstrate their belief in God.

Queen Victoria believed “the British royal family was descended from King David.” Did she know that God made a covenant with David that his throne would continue forever? Probably so. Did she also know that she was actually sitting on God’s throne (which we prove in our book The United States and Britain in Prophecy)—the very throne from which Christ is about to rule this Earth after He returns? Perhaps she did.

Did the Queen know that God promised in the Bible to punish the rulers on that throne if they forsook their part in God’s covenant with David? Her belief in circumcision would seem to indicate that she did. The author of the article had no interest in digging further into this mind-staggering subject, which would explain the true meaning behind Prince George’s birth.

Most journalists and scholars are not interested in deeply understanding the truth about that throne—to their own shame!

Much of the true history of that throne has been impugned, ridiculed and blotted out—except for a little remnant of believers. Herbert W. Armstrong and the Philadelphia Church of God have thundered that message to this world for nearly 70 years!

Over 6 million people have read Herbert W. Armstrong’s book The United States and Britain in Prophecy. Only a few have believed and committed themselves to that truth.

My booklets The Key of David and Jeremiah and the Greatest Vision in the Bible build on what Mr. Armstrong taught. (If you would like to request any of this reading material, all of our literature is free.)

God’s Covenant With David

You can’t understand the royal throne of Britain without discussing some of the many scriptures about it in the Bible.

The royal families are a part of God’s covenant with David because they sit on David’s throne. God gave them the honor, and with it came a heavy responsibility.

Here is God’s promise to King David: “And when thy days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of thy bowels, and I will establish his kingdom. He shall build an house for my name, and I will stablish the throne of his kingdom for ever” (2 Samuel 7:12-13). God told David that his son Solomon would build His house, the temple, and that David’s throne would be established forever.

This is a universe-shaking truth! God said He would establish David’s throne forever! That is one of the most important promises that God makes in the Bible.

Queen Victoria probably knew that. But journalists and scholars don’t seem to have much interest in proving if that throne even exists—or the supreme magnitude of its importance! And it’s not all that difficult to prove.

That throne contains the only hope in this terrifyingly dangerous world! The very events you see unfolding before your eyes in this world are going to lead directly to Christ’s rule on David’s throne forever!

It’s time for mankind to wake up and see our magnificent future. “He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David: And he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end” (Luke 1:32-33). Jesus Christ is not going to return and sit on a non-existent throne! He is going to rule from David’s throne—the same throne Queen Elizabeth sits on today.

That throne continues to this day in England because of God’s covenant with David. The king spoke of this covenant just before he died. “Now these are the last words of David: The oracle of David, the son of Jesse, the oracle of the man who was raised on high, the anointed of the God of Jacob, the sweet psalmist of Israel …. Yea, does not my house stand so with God? For he has made with me an everlasting covenant, ordered in all things and secure. For will he not cause to prosper all my help and my desire?” (2 Samuel 23:1, 5; Revised Standard Version). God made an everlasting covenant with David. The throne of David will never cease, even throughout eternity! (Isaiah 9:6-7). Anybody who sits on that throne today is a part of that special throne covenant made with King David whether they know it or not. Or whether they like it or not.

They also have a serious responsibility whether they realize it or not. Queen Victoria had some understanding of that responsibility.

God gave the rulers on that throne a clear warning in the Bible about how they would be corrected if they sinned. “I will be his father, and he shall be my son. If he commit iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men, and with the stripes of the children of men” (2 Samuel 7:14). God wanted to make the ruler His son (or daughter), and He would be their Father. The Hebrew word for “name” in verse 13 could also be translated family. The covenant was made so that this throne would be a part of God’s Family! It’s a God Family throne. God is going to use that throne to build Himself a family of sons and daughters. You have the potential to be born into God’s own Family—to become a son of God, which means becoming God! (Philippians 3:21; Revelation 1:10-14; Psalm 17:15; 2 Peter 1:4).

That is a zillion times more important than whether or not Prince George is going to be circumcised!

Also, Christ is going to marry the firstfruits—those saints called out and converted before His Second Coming (Revelation 19:7).

Would the Eternal God marry any beings less than created Gods—sons of God?

Men were created not after the animal kind, but after the God kind (Genesis 1:25-26). That means man has the potential to become created sons and daughters of God! The firstfruits are now being created spiritually into the image, or character and mind, of God.

All of those firstfruits who remain loyal will share David’s throne with Christ. Only God beings could be so honored.

None of this makes sense unless human beings are willing to see their own mind-splitting potential!

God has given us a tangible throne on this Earth so we can better understand the depth of God’s hope and our potential.

But this world can’t seem to rise above trivia.

People refuse to understand even the physical signs. And where can you find a greater physical sign on this Earth than David’s throne? It leaves Britain and other nations without excuse, and God is going to hold them accountable.

If the rulers on that throne sin, God said He would chasten them with the stripes of men. Often that means God would cause them to be defeated in significant military battles or wars.

Still, David’s throne always continues. “But my mercy shall not depart away from him, as I took it from Saul, whom I put away before thee. And thine house and thy kingdom shall be established for ever before thee: thy throne shall be established for ever. According to all these words, and according to all this vision, so did Nathan speak unto David” (2 Samuel 7:15-17). That throne must continue. It was established forever.

What if the royal family of Britain fails to heed God’s extremely strong warning? God will send destroyers against the rulers sitting on David’s throne who forsake God’s covenant with David (Jeremiah 22:7-9). Jeremiah is very descriptive of their end.

That punishment will help cause the modern nations of Israel (The United States and Britain in Prophecy explains which nations they are) and the world to know God. They will know that He does exactly what He prophesied in the Bible. Then most people will decide to obey Him and the Earth will be filled with hope and joy forever!

The End of This Age Is Not the End of the World!

The End of This Age Is Not the End of the World!

IGOR ZHURAVLOV/iStockphoto/Thinkstock

The Philadelphia Trumpet, in conjunction with the Herbert W. Armstrong College Bible Correspondence Course, presents this brief excursion into the fascinating study of the Bible. Simply turn to and read in your Bible each verse given in answer to the questions. You will be amazed at the new understanding gained from this short study!
From the September 2013 Trumpet Print Edition

With problems and crises multiplying so rapidly in today’s society, many people are concerned about the end of the world. Even mainstream commentators are using apocalyptic language to describe current conditions.

Is this overreaction—or are we in the last days? And if we are, what does that mean, exactly? What can we expect in the time ahead? Is there any hope?

The Bible reveals the answers to these questions—and more.

It is certainly true that the world around you is full of danger, and it is getting worse. It is as the Apostle Paul prophesied of our modern era: “Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse” (2 Timothy 3:13). The influence and spread of carnal-minded human nature, which leads to destruction and death (Proverbs 14:12), is increasing, resulting in growing levels of greed, immorality, violence and debauchery. Simultaneously, mankind has developed weapons that are capable of human annihilation!

Jesus Christ, the greatest newscaster who ever lived, knew the ultimate result of the terrible state of affairs men would bring on themselves in this end time. He predicted: “Except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved [alive—Moffatt]” (Matthew 24:22).

Yet, your Bible shows there is hope for mankind! God Almighty has promised to intervene in world affairs. He will not allow the scientific genius of man to destroy all life on this planet. He has promised to send Jesus Christ again—this time to save us from ourselves and bring us peace at last!

What Is the ‘End of the World’?

1. What did Jesus say about the “end of the world” and the sign that would point to His return? Matthew 24:3.

God inspired the New Testament to be originally recorded in the Greek language. The Greek word translated “world” in this verse is aion, meaning “age”—not the physical planet on which we live. The Revised Standard Version translates the expression as “the close of the age.” The disciples were asking Jesus not about the destruction of the terrestrial globe, but about the end of an “age” of human history.

2. Did Jesus prophesy that a time of great trouble would occur on Earth just before His return? Verse 21.

3. What did He declare would happen if these days of tribulation continued? Verse 22.

The Moffatt translation renders this verse more clearly as “not a soul would be saved alive.” This verse is not referring to spiritual salvation, but to being saved from physical destruction—from being killed.

4. Did Jesus prophesy that only the inhabitants of Jerusalem would be threatened by total destruction? Same verse.

The Revised Standard Version says “no human being would be saved ….” Jesus was talking about all the inhabitants of the Earth, not just those in Jerusalem.

5. Who will intervene in world affairs to cut short this time of trouble, and thus prevent the annihilation of all humanity? Mark 13:20.

Jesus Christ will step in at the very moment humanity would otherwise destroy itself. By His direct intervention, He will cut short the days of man’s rule over man, which would otherwise lead to the destruction of all human life!

World Government to Bring Peace

1. Does God intervene in world affairs without first revealing His intentions to His prophets? Amos 3:7.

If you study the messages of the prophets, you see not only forewarning of the trouble to come, but also promises of what God will establish on Earth after Christ’s Second Coming.

2. Will God establish a kingdom to supplant the kingdoms of today’s world? Daniel 2:44. Is this coming kingdom a literal, world-ruling administration? Psalms 67:4. Will this government have a presence within a specific city here on Earth? Isaiah 2:1-3.

An all-powerful, world-ruling government is indeed coming that will solve all global problems fairly and righteously for all peoples. This will be a government ruled not by carnal men, but by the living, all-powerful Creator of the universe!

3. Will there be warfare then as there is now among nations, or will people learn the way to peace and productivity? Isaiah 2:4.

Mankind’s very Creator will establish His government to teach us the way to peace—to guide our inventive genius entirely into peaceful channels.

4. Will that government produce not only peace, but also material prosperity for “every man”? Micah 4:1-4.

5. Whom did Isaiah prophesy would rule over this government, and hence, over the Earth? Isaiah 11:1-4. Is David the “stem,” or son, of Jesse? Acts 13:22. Then is the “rod,” or shoot, Jesus Christ? Verse 23. Does the “branch” growing out of Jesse’s roots also refer to Christ? Jeremiah 23:5-6.

This prophecy in Isaiah 11 predicted, centuries in advance, that Jesus Christ will personally and literally rule the Earth!

6. Before Jesus was born as a human being, what did an angel tell Mary about His destiny? Luke 1:30-33.

Jesus Christ will take over an actual throne and rule on this Earth.

7. Did God reveal to Daniel the time when the saints—Spirit-born Christians—will be given rulership over Earth with Christ? Daniel 7:18, 21-22, 27.

God’s 7,000-Year Plan

God has set aside a period of 7,000 years to fulfill His plan for mankind. His little-understood plan for man began about 6,000 years ago. The pattern for this plan is given in the first two chapters of Genesis. It is the week of seven days.

Note that the Earth has existed for much longer than 6,000 years. In Genesis 1, only verse 1 refers to the original creation of the Earth. Then, verse 2 states that the Earth “was without form and void,” but the word was should be translated became. There is a huge time gap between verses 1 and 2. Verse 2 onward describes the re-creation or refashioning of the Earth, which God accomplished in six days. Then He rested on the seventh day.

1. To God, is a day like a thousand years? 2 Peter 3:8.

2. What day specifically foreshadows a time period of 1,000 years? In Hebrews 4:4, 11, the seventh day of the week pictures a type of the peaceful “rest” on Earth which will follow Christ’s return. This time of Christ’s rule on Earth will follow this present age of human misrule and senseless warfare. Is it specifically prophesied to be a thousand years? Revelation 20:4.

Since the last “day” of God’s plan is 1,000 years, then it logically follows that the preceding six “days” would amount to 6,000 years—a total of 7,000 years.

3. When the disciples asked Jesus if He would restore the government of God in their day, what was His reply? Acts 1:6-7.

The apostles did not understand the general time frame of God’s plan while Christ was on Earth with them, and for many years thereafter. At first, they thought God would establish His rule in their lifetimes. But before they died, they understood Christ would return at a much later date. Peter said, “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise [of coming again] … but is longsuffering …” (2 Peter 3:9). God is patient. He has refrained from intervening in world affairs for 6,000 years. For these six millennia, mankind has been proving the inarguable truth that the ways of man, apart from God, bring nothing but suffering and death.

By tracing the genealogies of Adam’s progeny backward from Christ, as recorded in the Bible, we know that Adam was created roughly 4,000 years before Christ was born. And a little more than 2,000 years have elapsed since Christ’s birth—totaling about 6,000 years of human civilization to date.

How awe-inspiring and significant that in our present age—in the very time that the world is threatened with the extinction of all life—6,000 years have almost elapsed. How exciting that Jesus Himself said that when we would see all the events He foretold taking place, He would come again—this time to rescue humanity from annihilation, to set up the Kingdom of God, and to bring us lasting peace!

Is Your Child Being Bullied?

Is Your Child Being Bullied?

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From the September 2013 Trumpet Print Edition

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me!” That was my usual response in grade school when a classmate called me names or made fun of me. Unfortunately, there were those times when a classmate used this same expression on me.

Herein lies the truth on bullying: Children are bullied and are bullies. I hated to be bullied; yet I was not afraid to bully others.

However, bullying has moved far beyond what I experienced in the 1950s—just part of being a kid—to a much darker side involving physical violence, mental and emotional harm, even suicide. Bullying is a serious dilemma plaguing children and teens from kindergarten through high school across the globe. Parents, school administrators and law enforcement officials grapple with the problem, yet bullying is spiraling out of control.

In 2012, school administrators reported that 282,000 high school students in America were physically attacked each month. This number may reflect only a quarter of the actual physically violent bullying incidents that took place. In school surveys, 90 percent of 4th through 8th graders report being victims of bullying.

Parents’ Involvement Needed

Based on 2012 reports, more than 13 million American school-age children will be bullied in the coming school year. Fifty-six percent of students attending school will witness some type of bullying incident. Each day, 160,000 kids will stay home from school due to fear of being bullied. One in 10 students who drops out of school will do so because of repeated bullying.

This is no small issue. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among youth, ages 10 to 24: About 4,400 young people kill themselves each year. A recent British study stated that at least half of suicides among young people are related to bullying. Over the last three decades, bullying incidents have risen dramatically. The suicide rate among 10-to-14-year-olds grew more than 50 percent in the same time period.

In the U.S., all states except Montana have anti-bullying legislation. There is a growing lobby to enact federal anti-bullying laws. Internationally, concerned groups want federal laws enacted in their countries. Japan is in the process of enacting zero-tolerance laws to get control of the problem there. Will more laws solve the bullying problem? Think about it. How often do laws stop crime?

Parents, to protect your child from bullying—or becoming a bully—you must take action. Do you know what bullying is? It is not just kid’s stuff anymore. Extreme cases involve assault and battery. Do you know if your child is being bullied? Most young people—intimidated and ashamed of being bullied—are reluctant to tell their parents. Do you know what is going on in your child’s school? You must educate yourself. Your child’s chances of being bullied or seeing another student bullied grow each day that school is in session.

Expect Bullying to Continue

Many administrators live in denial that bullying is a serious problem at their schools. School and law enforcement officials are not in agreement—and some are outright confused—about how to control bullying, let alone stop it.

Get to know your child’s principal and assistant principal. Attend school board meetings. Some school administrators do not take bullying seriously. Some school boards have viewed the problem as a “kids will be kids” matter, anticipating that bullies will outgrow the problem. Unfortunately, it has taken the tragic suicides of young students to reveal the monster that bullying has become.

Bully, a documentary released in 2012, reveals the menacing effects bullying has on young people and their families. The film chronicles the tragic history of Tyler Long and Ty Smalley, who, because of the chronic mockery and physical harassment they faced, committed suicide. The film also documents three other families’ difficulties with school officials and law enforcement as they try to solve the bully problem in their school districts. It is worth seeing.

More than anything, Bully shows the vital importance parental involvement plays in solving the bullying problem.

Some school administrators and teachers see that bullying has grown worse and are working hard to deal with the problem. “Bullying isn’t a new phenomenon. In recent years, however, the world has witnessed an increase in the frequency and intensity of bullying in our schools,” wrote former teacher Reba Wadsworth, co-author of Bullying Hurts. “The increased incidence of bullying in all its forms (physical aggression, verbal abuse, emotional bullying and cyber-bullying) has resulted in psychological and physical harm to the victims and in too many instances, the suicides of children and youth” (ibid).

How are experts like Ms. Wadsworth dealing with the problem? “Our profession is coming to understand that bullying is more complex than most of us have previously thought,” Wadsworth says. “There are no quick fixes, no set of rules or regulations that will magically turn this around. The research we have read suggests the need to build empathy throughout the community, to highlight and strengthen the bonds of common humanity, to feed and support kindness behavior, and to avoid feeding bullying behaviors through apathy, laughter and increased social status.”

All of that may sound good on paper, but it reflects a lot of feminine-oriented thinking that will not stop peer-to-peer violence and ridicule. Sitting down for discussion over a cup of chai tea will not stop a bully. The film Bully shows clearly that handshakes and hugs aren’t workable solutions. Bullies must be taught that there are serious penalties for both physical and emotional bullying. Here is what you can do.

‘My child? A bully?!’

To stop bullying, you must start at home—in the family.

To protect your child and other children from bullying, you must first make sure that your child is not a bully. As a parent, you must face the reality that your child could be a bully. Experts who study bullying recognize that it is largely a learned behavior. Children can learn bullying at home. It is a tough reality to face, but true.

Siblings are often guilty of bullying each other. It takes a careful eye to catch and stop it. During our child-rearing years, my wife and I discovered that it is not always a matter of the oldest child bullying the youngest. One of my youngest daughters knew how to get the best of her older sister. When you see your children bullying each other, stop it immediately. Teach them how their actions are harming their brother or sister. Spell out how you will punish them if the problem persists, then follow through. When you don’t stop bullying at home, you could be helping your child to land in jail.

What about you parents—are you bullies? Do you incessantly tease your child or others? Do you point out your child’s weaknesses, foibles and physical imperfections in front of others? Do you regularly put others down? Do you play practical jokes on others at inappropriate times? Are you part of a clique that isolates others? These are actions of bullies. Remember, your example is one of your child’s most powerful teachers.

Bullying Is:

As a parent, you need to become an expert at detecting bullying—in your child, or against your child. Bullying comes in several forms.

Physical bullying can involve elbowing, hitting, kicking, knee bending (pushing or kicking the back of someone’s knee), pinching, pushing, slapping, tripping, and shoulder slamming in an embarrassing or hurtful way. There are also more violent forms of physical bullying, such as cramming someone into his or her locker, choking, restraining or forcing someone to do something he or she does not want to do. Boys tend to be the experts at physical bullying.

Verbal bullying involves teasing, name-calling, insults and put-downs, behind-the-back whispering, bigoted or racist remarks, threats or intimidation.

Relationship bullying happens when a child’s friends and peers refuse to talk to someone, gossip, spread nasty and malicious rumors, exclude someone from a group, destroy a friendship, destroy a reputation, use humiliation, use negative body language or facial expression to undermine someone’s confidence, and use threatening, taunting or pestering gestures as a means of intimidation. Girls are masters at the verbal and relationship bullying.

Cyber-bullying is essentially doing these same things, only using electronic media such as texting, e-mail, chat rooms, digital photography, voicemail, Web pages and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Oftentimes, cyber bullying is even more vicious because of the anonymity or degree of separation that the Internet provides. Both boys and girls use cyber-bullying.

You should be actively involved with your child to know if he or she is doing any of these things. If so, you must discipline your child, then you must labor to teach him or her how these actions harm others. Teach your child to love, respect and help other children.

You must educate your children to be humble—to encourage and uplift others less fortunate, less talented or less intelligent than they are.

Since children will often not reveal when they are being bullied, all parents must know the signs that indicate their child is under attack. For example, if your child comes home from school with unusual bruising on the upper back and arms, he or she may be a victim of physical bullying. Or, if your child who has always loved to go to school no longer wants to, that could indicate he or she is being regularly bullied.

Consider the Satan Factor

It is not popular to talk about Satan the devil today. Yet, the Bible shows that he is the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4). Satan rules a violent world filled with appalling evils (Galatians 1:4). This is not God’s world. It is because of Satan’s sway over the world we live in that, wherever there are groups of children, bullying will take place sooner or later. Satan is the reason the problem is growing worse and more violent.

One of the most important Bible prophecies for our day shows that Satan has been cast down and imprisoned on Earth (Revelation 12:9, 12). He only has a short time left to wreak havoc on human beings before Jesus Christ returns and kicks him off his throne (Revelation 20:1-2).

The devil is the chief bully of the universe, and he will do everything possible to make your child either a bully or a victim of a bully. You must face the reality that your child is subject to Satan’s evil broadcast (Ephesians 2:2). “People simply do not realize that there is an invisible spirit power injecting into their minds these hostile attitudes,” Herbert W. Armstrong wrote in Mystery of the Ages.

People in the world believe that bullying is a complex issue. Yet, bullying is not as hard to understand when you put Satan into the picture. Bullying is nothing more than arrogant hostility directed at another human being. Satan is the author of that hostility—he inspires it in children and can inspire it in your child if you allow it. Realize that when you are dealing with bullying, you are wrestling with Satan the devil (Ephesians 6:12).

To prevent your child from becoming a bully, you must teach him or her to control his or her aggression, arrogance, contempt for others, desire for dominance, hostility, jealousy, feelings of superiority and selfishness. These are the building blocks of bullying.

In addition, you and your child must build a strong relationship with God. God promises to protect and deliver the righteous from all their trials (Psalm 34:17). Set the example for your child and be sure your relationship with God is secure. Your children should know that you pray and study the Bible. Your children should know that you trust and rely on God for protection, and that you look to Him to fight your battles for you. Then they will do the same.

A Better Textbook for Mental Health

A Better Textbook for Mental Health


From the September 2013 Trumpet Print Edition

“Do you prefer working with people or things?” the question read on a career choice test I took when I was young. My response was “people.”

My eventual career in human resources required at least some study in psychology, which is where I soon discovered that the whole field of human behaviorists was infected by an anti-God, evolutionary rationale. For more than a century, this pseudo-science has claimed to offer answers to the most fundamental of human questions.

It now stands largely revealed as a fraud. Take the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. First published in 1952, it is now in its fifth edition. It has become the global standard for describing, categorizing and treating mental illness. As the Economist claimed on May 18, it is regarded by professional psychologists as “holy writ.”

Yet the book “remains a flawed attempt to categorize mental illness. … In the eyes of many critics it is a vehicle for misdiagnosis, overdiagnosis, the medicalization of normal behavior and the prescription of a large number of unnecessary drugs” (ibid).

Despite these flaws, “[i]nsurers use it to decide whether or not to cover ailments. And diagnoses based on it determine whether people get special services at school; whether they qualify for disability benefits; whether they are stigmatized in their careers; even whether they are able to adopt children. Doctors, patients, drug companies and insurers have all thus been waiting for the latest edition of what has become known as the psychiatric bible” (ibid).

Allen Frances, the lead psychiatrist for the fourth edition, declares in a piece he wrote for the Huffington Post, “The publication of dsm-5 is a sad moment for psychiatry and a risky one for patients. My recommendation for clinicians is simple. Don’t use dsm-5—there is nothing official about it, nothing especially helpful in it …” (May 16). He admits that the psychologist’s bible has “not stopped the rise in the number of allegedly recognizable and nameable mental conditions, many of which annex into psychiatry things that the man in the street would think normal, if not always desirable, behavior.”

One of the saddest situations has to do with psychologists’ diagnosis of child behavior. Following Dr. Benjamin Spock’s admission that his works on child rearing were quite wrong and had produced an undesirable result in the baby boomer generation, today’s psychologists are categorizing common child behaviors as “illnesses.”

adhd, for example, has been a childhood “illness” for decades. And as the Economist notes, “Children may now, for example, be diagnosed with ‘disruptive mood dysregulation disorder’ [dmdd]—what used to be known as temper tantrums.” When I was a child, the schoolteacher quite correctly identified these “disorders” as resulting from poor parenting. Children who were well disciplined at home were well disciplined at school and were able to learn. And we used to have a way of dealing with “dmdd” that really worked: Proverbs 13:24.

More than one in 10 American children have been diagnosed with adhd or dmdd and have been prescribed drugs to counter the “illness.”

Almost 40 years ago, when I began studying psychology as a student, I could not help but note that the names at the forefront of this field were Germanic. From Wilhelm Wundt, most often identified as the “father of psychology,” to Hermann von Helmholtz, Gustav Fechner and Ernst Weber, many early authors of psychology textbooks had a uniquely Teutonic tone and hailed from the school of German rationalists. That same school discounted biblical revelation and replaced that foundation with its own pseudo-science: the theory of evolution.

Then came Sigmund Freud, right when the industrialized modern world was kicking over the traces of traditional norms of behavior, the epoch known as the “gay ’90s”—with his perverse theories on dreams. And on the other side of the pond, American philosopher and psychologist William James exerted his influence on a generation of Harvard graduates. Freud and James influenced intellectual circles powerfully from the 1890s through to the mid-20th century.

From the 1950s on, America became the hotbed of psychological theory and experimentation. Now, 60 years after the first edition of dsm, ignorance has bred still greater ignorance, to the point that the fourth edition’s chief editor declares the fifth edition as useless.

Here is the irony. Our “experts” on human behavior rely on an admittedly false text, diagnosing false “disorders” and prescribing false “cures.” Yet we have at our disposal a textbook written by our Maker! It contains the truth about human behavior and the purpose of human life!

Herbert W. Armstrong wrote a book based on this revealed knowledge called The Incredible Human Potential. It reveals the plain, simple truth: that your Creator desires for your life to be filled with success, free of “science falsely so called” (1 Timothy 6:20). It describes the truth about the enigmatic human brain and, even more importantly, the human mind.

If you sense that something is missing—if not terribly wrong—with psychology and psychiatry, you owe it to yourself to consider this eye-opening, Bible-based book. It shows that there is a pharmaceutical-free, clear, trustworthy, inspiring manual out there that contains guaranteed diagnoses and cures for human behavior: the Word of God, our Maker’s own textbook for success in this life!

Why the News Gets It Wrong

Why the News Gets It Wrong

Darren McCollester/Getty Images

And how to find a news source you can really rely on.
From the September 2013 Trumpet Print Edition

After his obituary was mistakenly published, Mark Twain sent a cable from London stating, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

Since mass media became just that—mass media—courtesy of the plethora of electronic junk that we assemble about ourselves, the tendency for journalists to get a story wrong has certainly increased.

Google has contributed to lazy research practices in seeking background for a story. To add to that journalistic weakness, the propensity for every man and his dog to jump on a “breaking story” has increased exponentially with the tidal wave of communications gadgetry that the average Joe and Jill Public now have at their tendonitis-prone thumb tips.

The occasional trickery of deliberately faked journalism like that of Jayson Blair of the New York Times and Stephen Glass of the New Republic is one thing. There is also the tendency for a journalist, though he may be quite sincere, to simply be incapable of ridding his reporting of natural bias. Then there’s the false equivalency of a journalist or editor seeking to give “balance” to a piece by allowing equal weight to both sides of a story, irrespective of which side has the truth.

Add to this the reality that, to keep his job, the journalist must subscribe to the overarching bias of the editorial policy of his employer, and you have a formula for confusion.

Recently we had an example of yet another contributor to the tendency for journalists to get it wrong—the mass impact of social media. This contributed to a recent infamous example of misreporting in the wake of the tragic Boston bombing.

Lightning-Fast Falsehood

Writing for Quill, the journal of the American Society of Professional Journalists, Monica Guzman of the Seattle Times described how easy it is in this age of social media for a journalist to get it wrong. How was it, she asked, that a poor missing kid, whose body was later found on April 23 in Providence, Rhode Island, was misreported by so many as the Boston bomber who created the havoc of April 15?

Tuned in via Twitter to the rash of messages transiting the ether over what was happening in Boston one week following the bombing tragedy, Guzman said she saw a tweet from “an influential user” who maintained that the bomber suspect had been found. When she asked two basic questions of the tweeter—where and how—the response came back that a lot of people had posted it.

Sharp woman that she is, Guzman mused, “What I call repetition he called confirmation” (Quill, May/June; emphasis added).

What was it that moved so many to share erroneous communication so widely and rapidly that it was accepted as fact and reported to the public via the mass media?

Guzman says two things drove this act of mass misreporting. The first was “a hunger for the most current information.” That desire is an offshoot of our late 20th- and early 21st-century lust for instant gratification—we want it and we want it now! The catchcry of the baby boomers has since become an inbred mantra of the generations they produced.

The second thing that fed the April 23 rumor mill, Guzman observed, was a need to talk—to be first to spread the news, to be the one who “broke” the story to others. This stems from today’s social media frenzy of messaging about what I’m doing now, what I just did, what I just saw, or “have you heard?”

Particularly in times of budgetary constraint, free messages twittered on “breaking” new stories become fodder for the journalist. The tweeter becomes a primary source to the journalist, conveying firsthand observations, reactions and opinions from the vicinity of a “breaking” story.

The use of reports from social media sources, combined with the lust to be first with the information, drove a great part of America’s media industry into mass acceptance of a falsehood in April. As Guzman observed, “Public voices who took Boston scanner chatter as fact, passed on dangerous rumors or made gross assumptions”  all driven by “emotion, drama, pride and the deep, wild rush to be first.”

There’s a powerful lesson here. It speaks to the very foundation of all that the Trumpet magazine stands for as compared to the mass media.

How We Are Different

Let’s do a brief comparison.

The mass media is a profit-making enterprise. As we have witnessed over the past decade, many organs of the press went broke as electronic media increasingly took over from newspaper and magazine news publishing. The survivors are those that still turn—or continue to struggle to turn—a profit, too often maintaining sales by dumbing their editorial approach downward so as to cater to a rapidly descending public taste.

On the other hand, the Trumpet is not for sale. We are not a profit-making enterprise.

Our publications have no price on them. They are given away on request, gratis (Matthew 10:8). The Trumpet will never change its editorial policy of seeking and publishing the truth—no matter how unpopular the message, no matter how politically incorrect, no matter how much opposition it provokes. We will not dumb down our message to popularize it so as to cater to the public’s taste. In fact, we probably have the world’s most unpopular message to deliver.

Come to think of it, so did Jesus Christ.

Regarding journalistic efforts to predict the future outcome of an event, the best that the news media can do is guess. The facts might suggest that a certain outcome is inevitable—yet so many variables can lead to that guess proving wrong. Analytical journalistic pieces cannot predict with certainty the outcome of a major world event.

The Trumpet is different.

We are not averse to forecasting an outcome of any major world event, even though the facts would seem to point to an opposite result. The difference between the mass media guess and the guaranteed outcome to any current event on which we report is our understanding of the revelation of Bible prophecy for our times.

We possess and publish the “more sure word of prophecy” (2 Peter 1:19)—the God-guaranteed outcome as declared by the One who states, “I am the Lord. I change not” (Malachi 3:6). The very One of whom Jesus Christ declared, “Thy word is truth” (John 17:17).

The understanding of the final outcome of major world events that are unfolding today was all prophesied millennia ago, then documented and published in a book we call the Bible—specifically for our day today. Those prophecies contain an overarching message that, almost lost by the end of the 19th century, was restored in the early 20th century through one man that Book refers to as a latter-day Elijah (Matthew 17:10-11). His name was Herbert W. Armstrong.

It is that restored message from God to humankind that the Trumpet publishes today and that is broadcast by the Key of David television program. It’s that restored, divinely revealed knowledge that gives the Trumpet more than just an edge over the mass media in reporting the news. We can tell you, with full confidence, the outcome of major world events. No organ of the press or mass media can!

So how does one really get to the truth on any matter these days when we are so attuned to the instantaneous nature of the “breaking” story via social media in particular?

A good start would be to treat any news report with a healthy skepticism unless the reporter produces hard, primary evidence of the story’s reality.

With the plethora of news that inundates us from all angles, 24/7, this would seem an impossible task. Given the state of today’s mass media confusion, is there any news source that you can really rely on?

One Reliable Source

Considering the comparisons made above, to an open mind the answer should be starkly obvious. It’s the one that refuses—point blank—to be politically correct. It’s the one that insists on “proving all things,” on holding fast to that which is good and right! (1 Thessalonians 5:21). It’s the one which has the capacity—proven over seven decades of its message being published to multiple millions worldwide—to demonstrate the prophesied outcome of major world events then track them till they become documented history!

The editorial policy of the Trumpet magazine remains consistent with that of our forerunner under Herbert Armstrong’s administration, the Plain Truth. It embraces all those principles mentioned above, yet with one added refining point.

Herbert Armstrong’s prophesied directive from God was to preach the good news of God’s coming Kingdom on Earth “in all the world for a witness to all nations” as a sign of the imminence of Jesus Christ’s return (Matthew 24:14).

The leadership Herbert Armstrong put in place to continue that work following his death patently rejected that task (Amos 2:11-12).

Only one man at the time—our editor in chief Gerald Flurry, with his loyal assistant John Amos at his side—stooped to pick up the baton of leadership of that work when it was cast aside on Dec. 7, 1989. Through Gerald Flurry, the editorial policy of the original Plain Truth was revived, as prophesied (Revelation 10:11), in the pages of the Trumpet magazine.

Yet that commission came with one added responsibility—to urgently warn a lukewarm church and a rebellious house of Israel of a coming, prophesied, Great Tribulation which they face due to their rebellion against their God! (Matthew 24:21-23).

You won’t get that message anywhere else! You won’t find any other news source that has such a proven track record of really delivering on the plain truth about today’s world news and its guaranteed outcome.

The Trumpet magazine is the news source you can completely rely on—not only to publish the real news behind the news, but also to give you the guaranteed, prophesied outcome!

The Diabolical Modern Slave Trade

The Diabolical Modern Slave Trade


More people are in slavery today than there have been at any time in human history.

Over the weekend, law enforcement officials rescued 105 children and arrested 150 individuals involved in sex trafficking and exploitation in 76 cities across the United States. The fbi announced the news on Monday, saying it was the largest child sex-trafficking crackdown in U.S. history. The rescue was a victory for those children and for the officials involved, but it isn’t even a drop in the cesspool of the unconscionably evil modern sex-slave trade.

For most modern people, the word “slavery” conjures up images of some shameful, bygone era of human history—maybe of biblical Egypt, ancient Greece or the 19th-century American South. Most think that large-scale slavery ended with the U.S. Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. But the truth is that more people are in slavery today than there have been at any time in human history.

“Approximately 800,000 people, mostly women and children, are trafficked annually across national borders, not including millions trafficked within their own countries,” the cia Factbook says. The international anti-slavery organization Free the Slaves totaled up all those thousands and millions worldwide: “[O]ur conservative estimate is that there are 27 million people in slavery today.”

That’s more than the population of Australia.

In 1850, the average slave in the U.S. cost the equivalent of $40,000 in today’s currency. A slave today costs an average of $90. Numerous historical accounts depict how savagely many of those slaves in early America were treated. How much worse must treatment be for these modern human beings who are bought at a fraction of a percent of the historic slaves’ price?

We don’t have to wonder. Detailed descriptions of their stories are out there. I considered telling one for the introduction to this article, but the reality of those stories is too unnerving and too heart-breaking to write.

Eighty percent of victims are female. Fifty percent are children. The average starting age of slave children is 12, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. But many are much, much younger. And while some are made to do hard labor in sweatshops or fields (like most all the slaves of past eras), staggering numbers of modern captives are sex workers. They are sexual objects that are purchased, sold, used and discarded—all for the traffickers’ profit.

Land of the Free?

As the nauseating news from this weekend reveals, the sex slave trade is not limited to Third World nations. The Department of Justice estimates that there are between 100,000 and 150,000 sex workers enslaved in the U.S.

As with most countries, U.S. slaves come from two categories: those brought in from other countries, and those who are citizens—trafficked and enslaved within their own borders.

The first category is sustained by 14,500 to 17,500 women and children who are trafficked into America every year. The most common ploy traffickers use in poorer countries is promising young women legitimate jobs in the U.S. as domestic workers or waitresses. Many are sold by poverty-stricken parents to men who promise a better life. Others are simply abducted.

Sex traffickers rejoice when Third World nations are struck by natural disasters or ravaged by war. At those times, they can find families ripped apart. They can find women and children alone and trembling, separated from husbands and fathers. Amid the rubble, the traffickers can find people desperate enough to believe their venomous lies.

Then there are America’s homegrown slaves. Many in this category began as adult women fleeing abusive circumstances at home. There are also an estimated 2.8 million children who run away from home in the U.S. each year. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says within 48 hours of hitting the streets, a third of these are picked up by traffickers and pimps promising shelter, food and respect. Some recruiters are young men or women who seek out vulnerable-looking girls at theaters, parties, shelters or shopping centers. These recruiters win a girl’s trust by pretending to be her friend or boyfriend, and then turn them over to pimps or traffickers.

Both the American citizens and the overseas victims are targeted because of apparent vulnerability and weakness. They are often people in dire need of help. Instead of helping them, traffickers use their weakness and vulnerability against them. They turn their lives into misery.

To transform the captured victims into willing slaves, traffickers use a variety of methods. Sometimes the victims are kept full of narcotics or tranquilizers. In other cases, physical force alone—over a long enough time—destroys a victim’s will to resist. Most often with imported slaves, the traffickers use threats, telling them that if they attempt escape their families back home will be punished or killed.

The Cause of This Evil

How can millions worldwide be enslaved to this mind-boggling evil? Is it just because of the handful of demented traffickers, like the 150 individuals arrested in the U.S. this weekend? No. Traffickers and pimps wouldn’t have reason to enslave victims if there was no demand for them.

The root cause of sex trafficking is the unprecedented proliferation of pornography. The technology that connects people all around the globe allows perversion, exploitation and criminal activity to multiply at unprecedented speeds. A 2012 fbi report said that in one decade, the U.S. underwent a 2,500 percent increase in arrests for child pornography. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which works to identify and find children depicted in pornographic videos and photos, says its staff assessed over 10.5 million images in 2009 alone.

Many of the adults and almost all children depicted in amateur pornography are in some level of enslavement. Anyone using pornography could be contributing to the pandemic.

Data shows that sex trafficking flourishes in areas rife with commercial sex businesses. Areas rich in strip clubs, pornography stores and prostitution become meccas for sociopaths wanting to use children or other enslaved people for sex. It is impossible to bring an end to sex trafficking without also eliminating the pornography and sex-oriented businesses that are multiplying in the cities of the world. Yet, access to these businesses is championed in the West as a right that free people are entitled to. People should be free to live how they want, free to watch whatever movies they want, and free to buy whatever services they want. But this mentality creates only bondage.

The sobering truth is that there are far more slaves in the sex traffic industry than even the most concerned activists calculate. Besides the millions of literal enslaved victims, there are also the traffickers and pimps—slaves to crippling greed, and the untold numbers of users—both users of slaves and users of the pornography featuring them—who are slaves to lust.

What is the solution to this ineffable evil? On an individual level, we can and must avoid the industries that fuel the sex slave trade. On the national and international levels, this horrendous evil won’t be cured by anything short of a global revolution.

‘Break in Pieces the Oppressor’

During Jesus Christ’s earthly ministry, He witnessed some extremes of human suffering. He did much locally to relieve it, but made clear that He wasn’t on Earth at that time to use His power to overthrow the existing world order (Matthew 16:21; 26:52-54; Luke 17:25).

But He did bring news of a future time when He would return and obliterate the corrupt man-made systems of this world. He made it clear that He would replace the worldly kingdoms with the Kingdom of God that will bring peace, prosperity and freedom for all men (John 18:36; Revelation 11:15; Daniel 2:35-45).

This future overthrow will fulfill the prophecy saying that Christ would “save the children of the needy, and shall break in pieces the oppressor” (Psalm 72:4). How many children of the needy today need to be saved? How many oppressors need to be dealt with?

At that future time, Christ will return to this Earth in power and glory. He will spearhead a global revolution that will overthrow all of the world’s systems that cause such unconscionable suffering today. Educator Herbert W. Armstrong painted an inspiring picture of that godly Kingdom He will usher in: “All crime, and organized rebellion will be put down by force—divine supernatural force. … See, now, a glimpse into a world of no illiteracy, no poverty, no famine and starvation, into a world where crime decreases rapidly, people learn honesty, chastity, human kindness, and happiness—a world of peace, prosperity, abundant well-being” (The Wonderful World Tomorrow).

We need this new world as never before. Reports like the one from last weekend make that inescapably clear. The good news is that nothing can stop the global revolution that will “break in pieces the oppressor” and “save the children of the needy.” To understand more about this rapidly approaching future, request a free copy of Mr. Armstrong’s booklet. In this world of increasing suffering, ugliness and evil, it offers a refreshing picture of hope—the only hope there is.