Let Boys Be Girls. Or Goys or Birls.

Let Boys Be Girls. Or Goys or Birls.

Society is coming to embrace the notion of ‘gender fluidity.’

The public now accepts homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.” But the fight is not over. The offensive to reshape society in even more radical ways pushes forward.

An effort is gaining ground to create a world where not just “sexual orientation,” but sex itself, is a choice. Where boys can be girls and girls can be boys, or something in between. Where people are expected to ignore the biological reality of sex so that all people coexist androgynously, or according to whatever gender suits them at the moment. Where everyone pretends that gender confusion is normal, if not desirable, and anyone who doesn’t play along can be punished and silenced.

This demonstrates unprecedented contempt for reality and common sense, let alone morality.

Think of the implications with respect to public bathrooms, sex-segregated activities, locker rooms, college student housing and countless other areas of human interaction.

Does the idea of a boy who thinks he’s a girl showering next to your daughter in P.E. class make you uncomfortable? Then you’d better brace yourself. This cause is winning critical legal battles—and it is starting with our youth.

Earlier this month, the California Senate passed a bill saying that throughout K-12 education, a student is “permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs and activities, including athletic teams and competitions, and use facilities [e.g. bathrooms, locker rooms] consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.” “Gender identity” is the terminology these ultrasensitive, morally sophisticated lawmakers use to refer to the sex a person happens to identify with.

Last month, a governing body in Colorado ruled that a 6-year-old boy who thinks he’s a girl has the right to use the girl’s bathroom at his elementary school. The Colorado Division of Civil Rights said that denying him that right “creates an environment rife with harassment” and is akin to racial segregation.

See where this is going? The public majority already agrees that denying same-sex couples the right to “marry” is exactly like prohibiting interracial marriage. Now, denying someone access to a public bathroom on the basis of biology is just like excluding blacks from white-only facilities.

These lawmakers and officials are determined to ensure that these children grow up in a world where sex confusion is welcomed, even encouraged.

What about the girl who feels awkward about having a boy walk in while she’s using the bathroom? Sorry. She is the one who needs to adjust her thinking—not the boy.

This is actually being promoted within our children’s education. Our sons and daughters are learning doubt about sexual matters. Teachers and administrators are implanting and fostering this confusion, and it is occupying more and more of our young people’s thinking. Misguided radical social engineers enthusiastically treat this like it’s the brave new front in civil rights and societal progress. And with coaching from these radicals, youths predisposed to question and reject authority are starting to view their own sex at birth as something “imposed” on them, and any social pressure to conform to it as a form of oppression.

Does that sound like an exaggeration?

“A new generation of young people is challenging our understanding of gender,” intoned National Public Radio in a recent report. (Speak for yourself, npr.) “They’re calling for more fluid categories, beyond just male and female.”

Beyond male and female. Within the politically correct cocoon of academia, students in many colleges and even high schools are so diligent to accommodate gender-confused people that they introduce themselves with their “pgps“—preferred gender pronouns. As in, “My name is Stacey and my pgps are he, him and his.” As in, Today, I would like to be identified as a male. These youths insist not only that whether their “emotional gender identity” aligns with biological reality is entirely a matter of choice, but also that everyone else needs to pretend this is perfectly sane.

These students “are going way beyond transgender,” npr reported. “They are arguing for a world beyond the gender binary.” In other words, not only is gender a choice, it is a spectrum. Even pronouns like he and she, they view as confining and unnecessary.

Lynn Walker, a director at a housing organization that caters to many transgenders, told npr, “We encountered high school students who said, I want you to call me ‘tractor,’ and use pronouns like ze, zim and zer. And in fact I reject the gender binary as an oppressive move by the dominant culture.”

Behold the product of our public schools: Students who are convinced that male and female—basic biology—is tantamount to tyranny that must be overthrown.

This is America’s up and coming generation of voters and lawmakers. This is a glimpse at where our world is headed.

We are looking at the next “logical” step in society’s wholesale departure from the understanding of masculinity and femininity. Though the concept of your sex having a bearing on your role in society and within a family has dominated human relations for humankind’s entire history, we are now throwing it out as if the facts are subjective. Today it is viewed with contempt. Now, it’s not just roles we reject, but biological absolutes. Everything is relative. Anything is respectable. Nothing is deviant.

At present, in many circles the world remains a fairly hostile place for gender-confused individuals. But society is changing—fast. Last week, Slate featured a photo blog of a camp for “gender nonconforming” boys. There young boys dress like girls and women, apply make-up, and walk a fashion runway to the cheers of their parents. Such examples are increasingly appearing in the national spotlight—to the cheers of the mainstream press.

Those boys are part of a generation that is receiving the message that it’s not they who must change, but everyone else. And they are gaining the advocacy of lawmakers who are determined to force the world to embrace their behavior.

On the surface, preventing society from badgering poor, gender-confused individuals may sound like a worthy goal. But this cure is far worse than the disease. Rather than helping people overcome thoughts and tendencies that lead to self-destructive, depressive, anti-social behavior, the transgender crusade encourages and inflames them—and demands that everyone else play along.

Hate crime laws increase penalties on criminals who are deemed to have been motivated by animus against a protected class. In 2009, the U.S. government expanded the protected classes to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” Anti-discrimination laws based on sexual orientation and/or “identity” exist in 21 states and more than 140 cities and counties. Illegal discrimination includes anything perceived as different treatment because of behavior perceived as not stereotypically male or female.

Ripple effects from these laws are enormous, and they are already spreading. Universities nationwide are hosting gender-neutral student housing, bathrooms and locker rooms. Transgender law advocates are pushing for health insurance plans to include hormones and sex-reassignment surgery. Last month the Social Security Administration changed its policy for those who want to switch gender on their Social Security card, removing the requirement of sex-reassignment surgery. After victories in California and Colorado, efforts to open public toilet facilities and locker rooms to transgenders continue. Thus, to protect the right of a man who says he feels more comfortable as a woman, the law is preparing to trample on the right of women who feel more comfortable in public bathrooms devoid of perverted men.

That is the truth of the matter. These social engineers want you to think their cause is all about inclusion and tolerance. But if you disagree with them, they have no tolerance for you. The push for transgender rights is a religious mission, aimed at converting the hearts of men. Its missionaries want the nation to repent of its archaic attachment to the traditional family, and to become devotees to the cross-dressing, bisexual and homosexual cause. The only victory is complete victory. Until transgender crusaders achieve this utterly impossible goal—every individual a true believer—they will continue their battle, using every tool of coercion they can summon.

Egypt Increases Military Presence in the Sinai

Egypt Increases Military Presence in the Sinai

STR/AFP/Getty Images

Israel is letting Egypt increase its military stationed in the Sinai Peninsula. Will it live to regret it?

Egyptian tanks are now stationed on Israel’s border for the first time since the Six Day War in 1967, after Israel allowed the Egyptian Army to boost its military presence in the Sinai Peninsula, July 15. Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon gave Egypt permission to deploy extra troops, bringing the total deployment to 11 infantry battalions, a tank battalion and attack helicopters.

The situation in the Sinai has long been precarious, and has only deteriorated since the ouster of former President Hosni Mubarak and then Mohammed Morsi. Nearly 60 people have been killed since June 30, with more attacks happening all the time.

Egypt has not said how many troops it now has in the area, but rough estimates indicate that the total is between 3,000 and 11,000 soldiers. Since the 1978 Camp David Accords, the Sinai Peninsula has been effectively demilitarized. In recent years, more robust Egyptian forces have been brought in to deal with terrorism.

Israel is confronted with a catch-22 situation. If it were to stick strictly to the 1978 Camp David Accords and refuse Egypt’s requests to send in extra troops, the area could become a haven for terrorists, and make it even easier for Iran to smuggle weapons to Hamas in Gaza.

But allowing Egyptian troops in the area could be even more dangerous. The Camp David Accords are the cornerstone of Israel’s national security. A Sinai occupied by the Egyptian military opens Israel up to a full-scale land invasion on a flank that Israel has long regarded as secure. Once Egypt has the infrastructure in place, such as airbases and stationary defenses, the number of troops and weapons could be quickly expanded.

Even after Morsi’s ouster, Israel cannot trust Egypt. Even Tamarod, the coalition of more liberal groups that began the protests against Morsi, called for the abolition of the Camp David Accords. Spokesman for Tamarod, Abdul Aziz, publicly said to journalists: “If the international forces stationed in Sinai continue to prevent, for instance, airplanes from entering … we demand from now that [Egypt] suspend its actions under Camp David and impose its sovereignty on Sinai to be rid of these terrorist groups.”

A poll released in 2012 by Pew Research found that 61 percent of Egyptians want to annul the Camp David Accords, up from 54 percent the previous year. It may be only a matter of time before Cairo disregards them completely and takes control of the entire Sinai. These recent military overtures bring us one step closer to that point.

Despite Morsi’s overthrow, Israel is much less secure than when Mubarak was in charge. As the Trumpet has warned for years, the Bible prophesies that Egypt will ally itself with Iran and radical Islam. This leaves Israel hugely vulnerable. For decades Israel has assumed its southern border was safe. That assumption is no longer valid.

There was a lot of talk about Israel’s vulnerability right after Mubarak was brought down, but since then everyone seems to have become desensitized to it. They’ve become used to Egypt being unstable. But Israel should be worried. For more information on what is prophesied to happen there, read our free booklet Jerusalem in Prophecy.

Digging King David

Use God’s Word to reshape the way you think and live.

This summer, 15 of our students from Herbert W. Armstrong College have been working here in Jerusalem on the excavation at the Ophel. This particular phase of digging will wrap up over the next couple weeks—and Dr. Eilat Mazar hopes to begin the third and final phase of the Ophel dig some time in early 2014. For the past 20 or 30 years, Dr. Mazar has probably done more than any other archaeologist to shape the way the world thinks about ancient Jerusalem and the man who established this city—King David. And she’s done that by letting the Bible serve as her guidebook.

EU Places Hezbollah on Terror List

The European Union placed Hezbollah’s military wing on its terror list on Monday. Hezbollah is a Shiite militant group and political party in Lebanon. Moving Hezbollah to the terror list marks a major policy change.

The action came after prolonged diplomatic pressure from the United States, the Netherlands and Israel. These three nations have long classified Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

The EU blacklisting involves freezing Hezbollah’s assets. It also paves the way for possible travel bans against members of its military wing.

The decision triggered concerns in Lebanon that EU funding for the country would be affected. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius assured that economic aid would continue unchanged.

[SOUNDBITE: William Hague, British foreign secretary]

“The United Kingdom welcomes this decision. This is something that we asked for, that we pressed other countries for, and that we proposed a couple of months ago. So I am very pleased that that has been agreed, that the EU has shown strong unity on that—it shows that there are consequences for violent action on European soil, that European countries will stand together, will use the powers that are available to them.”

Several EU nations have pointed to Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria as further reason for the change.

As Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria became public, Sunni-Shiite tensions in Lebanon spiked. Gun battles have erupted in several cities across Lebanon.

Many Lebanese Sunnis support the Sunni uprising against Syrian President Bashar Assad. However, Shiites generally back Hezbollah and the regime in Damascus.

The EU made its decision only after ensuring that political channels would remain open with all players in Lebanon.

Hezbollah is heavily backed by Iran. Watch for tensions to escalate between the German-led European Union and Iranian-led Islamic nations. For more, read The King of the South.

An Heir to the World’s Oldest Throne Is Born!

An Heir to the World’s Oldest Throne Is Born!

Getty Images

The royal baby’s birth has captured global attention, but few understand the true importance—both past and future—of the throne to which he is heir.

On Monday afternoon at 4:24 local time, a baby boy was born in London to Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The child’s name is not yet determined, but his title is His Royal Highness Prince of Cambridge, and he is the third in line to the British throne after his grandfather Prince Charles and his father.

Devoted journalists, weary from weeks of camping outside St. Mary’s, sprung to life to report on the long-awaited birth. Not just in the United Kingdom, but around the whole world, the crowds around tvs were vast and the interest levels were high.

But to most onlookers, the British throne the boy is heir to is only an interesting relic of a bygone age. It is viewed as a historic curiosity, like one of the last remaining specimens of some endangered, ornate species. Yet, none but the most iconoclastic radicals can resist developing some interest in landmark events for that royal family, such as the expansion it joyously underwent yesterday. In fact, many of the largest television audiences ever in history have assembled for coronations, weddings and other royal family milestones.

People all over the globe are interested in this monarchy, though virtually no one knows the true history and glorious destiny of the British royal throne.

A Guardian article from yesterday, titled “Tracing the Royal Baby’s Lineage,” demonstrates the modern myopia on this topic. The piece tracks the child’s line back through the decades and centuries, but says that the earliest chapter of the royal family’s history was just over a thousand years ago. The royal child is “the 43rd monarch since William the Conqueror obtained the English crown in 1066, but is also 41st in direct line of descent from Egbert, king of Wessex, who ruled from 802 to 839,” the author writes.

Does the royal baby’s ancestry only begin in the ninth century?

Yesterday’s birth presents the UK and the whole world with an opportunity to explore the stirring truth about Britain’s royal family that has been almost entirely lost.

The World’s Oldest Throne

Back in June of 1837, on the day Victoria was crowned queen, a mainstream British journal called the London Sun published an article about the origins of some aspects of the British monarchy. Its author reaches back vastly further into history than today’s Guardian writers and other journalists are willing to. In a description of the royal coronation chair, the article said, “Between the seat and this board is enclosed a stone, commonly called Jacob’s, or the fatal Marble …. History relates that it is the stone whereon the patriarch Jacob laid his head in the plains of Luz” (June 28, 1837).

What possible connection could the royal boy born today have with a rock that the patriarch Jacob rested his head on some 4,000 years ago, in the account recorded in Genesis 28? The “stone of Jacob” or “stone of destiny” is something modern historians and journalists are ignorant about. Yet, it is an absolutely vital key to understanding the true origin and significance of the royal baby’s lineage.

The article went on:

[T]his stone was conveyed into Ireland by way of Spain about 700 years before Christ. From there it was taken into Scotland by King Fergus, about 370 years later; and in the year 350 b.c., it was placed in the abbey of Scone …. This antique regal chair, having (together with the golden scepter and crown of Scotland) been solemnly offered by King Edward i to St. Edward the Confessor, in the year 1297 (from whence it derives the appellation of St. Edward’s chair), has ever since been kept in the chapel called by his name ….

The stone was later placed under England’s authority as it remains today, though it is now on display in Scotland. And this ancient stone has always been an element of the coronation of English monarchs.

The history of Britain’s royal family actually begins with Jacob’s grandfather, Abraham, to whom God made a landmark promise: “I will make of thee a great nation … kings shall come out of thee” (Genesis 12:1-2; 17:1-4). The royal baby boy that was born a few hours ago is a descendant of Abraham, and he, his father, his grandfather and Queen Elizabeth are living proof of the ongoing fulfillment of that promise God made to Abraham!

The promise was reiterated to Abraham’s son Isaac (Genesis 26:3-5), and his grandson Jacob (Genesis 48:3-4), and “the stone of Jacob,” which is still used in British coronation ceremonies, symbolizes elements of that promise! Almost a thousand years after God’s promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God reiterated them to their descendant David. “And when thy days be fulfilled, and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, I will set up thy seed after thee … and I will establish his kingdom. He shall build an house for my name, and I will stablish the throne of his kingdom for ever. … And thine house and thy kingdom shall be established for ever before thee: thy throne shall be established for ever” (2 Samuel 7:12-16).

2 Chronicles 23:11-13 describe the coronation of Joash, a king of Judah who lived several generations after King David. The “pillar” mentioned in this passage is none other than the stone that Jacob had laid his head on over a thousand years before (Genesis 28:11-18).

King David’s dynasty continued on from Joash and through many generations to Zedekiah, Judah’s last king before the nation was overthrown by the Babylonian Empire. But it did not end there!

This history of how God kept His unbreakable promise to the patriarchs after the Fall of Judah is astonishing, and it is available. To understand that history, the true significance of the newborn prince’s birth and the jaw-dropping details about the future King who will reign on that same throne for all eternity, request a free copy of The United States and Britain in Prophecy.

Progress Report: European and German IT Expansion

Progress Report: European and German IT Expansion

Getty Images

Attacking American control of the Internet economy

Europe has a dream to be the motherboard where entrepreneurs and innovators set up, grow internationally, and remain headquartered.

Last December we reported on the unveiling of the European Commission’s agenda for digital expansion through 2014. The goal was to breathe fresh air into the Continent’s sagging economy, with job prospects in the millions. Brussels calculated the European Union’s collective digital wealth was outpacing all other sectors by “seven times.”

At the press briefing, the EC vice president, Neelie Kroes, presented a two-year “to do” list. The bloc has been enticing greater venture capital in broadband and cloud technologies, redefining far-reaching perimeters in fields of e-governance, security and copyright.

Kroes went on to claim the current structure renders the Continent unable to attain its “full digital potential,” and that these announced priorities would save over a million employment vacancies over the next three years.

The EU’s “Digital Agenda” established a 10-year plan using information and communication technologies to enlarge the Union’s economic clout, and also identified and addressed social objectives. The project offered a €160 billion boost to Europe’s economy.

So what is the progress so far? The Commission’s scoreboard detailing 13 target sectors shows growth—such as, 45 percent of Europeans are purchasing items online, 70 percent are using the Internet regularly, and 95 percent have broadband coverage.

This month the EC announced that its member states and industry will invest over €22 billion within seven years in innovation technology for aeronautics, bio-based industries, medicines, fuel cells, hydrogen and electronics, all in an effort to boost competitiveness and add to these market segments, which already produce millions of jobs.

In April the Continent’s leading entrepreneurs were honored in Amsterdam at the first Europioneers awards. Start-up innovators of Berlin-based SoundCloud won European Entrepreneurs of the Year while London-based SwiftKey creators were presented Young European Entrepreneur of the Year.

The Wall Street Journal reported, “In making the award in Amsterdam Wednesday, EC Vice President and Commissioner for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes made clear her ambition to tackle U.S. domination of the Internet economy. ‘When people think about start-ups, they often think about America, and the American Dream,’ she said. ‘Well, I have a European Dream, too. That Europe becomes a place where entrepreneurs and innovators start and stay—before growing globally.”

As evidence of the ongoing impact of this growing expansionism, Klaus Wowereit, mayor of Berlin, “said the digital economy has now overtaken the building industry in revenue and is getting close to that of the tourism sector” (Venture Village, July 2).

As with many other industries in Europe, Germany, with 20 percent of market share, boasts the biggest tech mart on the continent. Last year, information technology income was €137 billion, and indicators forecast more growth, particularly in cloud computing, where predictions of income are staggeringly bullish within the next three years, spiking from €3.5 billion to a mammoth €13 billion!

The establishment of the Microsoft Center in Berlin, aimed at helping start-up companies in speed of establishment and funding, in addition to Apple’s recent announcement during its worldwide developer conference of its completion of a unique store and theater in the city, which opened to spectacularly large throngs, underscores the present and future growth potential for Europe and its leading economy.

Additionally, the German Silicon Valley Accelerator program in California gives entrepreneurs three months of training and instruction to help international start-ups. Every four months German tech start-up founders return to Silicon Valley to speed up and expand their business models. Perhaps the most notable factor of the program is the introduction to U.S. market strategy and venture capital prospects.

For Europe’s tech dream to become a reality it needs more growth from its most powerful and dominant economy—Germany. Keep watching its economic fortunes as they rise, driven by corporate, imperialist motives geared more directly to gross domestic product.

Bible prophecy declares the short-lived reality of the European dream, as captains of industry first rejoice in their economic success, and later mourn their losses at the economy’s catastrophic collapse (Revelation 18:3, 11-15). To understand more of this prophecy and how it will impact your very life, request your free copy of Who or What Is the Prophetic Beast?