Rediscovering God’s Truth

From the June 2004 Trumpet Print Edition

If you want to save your company money, stay home when you are sick. A recent study found that employees who show up sick for work actually cost their company $225 a year. “That’s because, says the report in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, they have trouble concentrating, operate more sluggishly, and often have to repeat tasks, reducing overall productivity. What’s more, they can make their coworkers sick” (U.S. News & World Report, May 3, emphasis ours).

This is the latest example of a scientific study that verifies the immutable teachings of God. While doctors might not consider the Bible a health textbook, it does, nevertheless, contain the foundation of all knowledge. As such, it revealed millennia ago many essential health laws—some of which man has only recently “rediscovered.”

God instituted laws of sanitation and quarantine thousands of years ago in ancient Israel. If everyone followed these strict rules today, contagious diseases would simply not spread as they do in our society. Additionally, it would most likely hasten your own recovery process when sick—and save the boss money!