Our Homophilia Fascination

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Our Homophilia Fascination

The collective mindset of the public is increasingly fascinated by homosexuality. Where is it leading?

I’m not one for writing overly much on social issues.

The reason is that I have spent a lifetime observing the transition of the Western mind from a general occupation on things uplifting and profitable to human success, to a perverse preoccupation with the very opposite. I find nothing uplifting in writing about nor on overly reading about one wretched phenomena that is flooding the public’s collective mindset in particular.

This mindset—this fascination with all things homosexual—has emanated from our general education changing over time from a cultural commitment to generally accepted, biblically based moral standards—by their very nature being outward looking, away from undue concentration on the self—to the very opposite: a mindset geared to “self-fulfillment” and “self-actualization.” In other words, sheer, hedonistic, self-indulgence.

The postwar elevation of liberal socialism—with its destruction of traditional mores in favor of each individual establishing his own “set of values”—and its wretched outgrowth, the socially destructive feminist movement—have combined to warp the public’s sense of our God-ordained gender roles as men and women, as fathers and mothers, and of the reason that God established the whole institution of the family (Genesis 2:24;1:28).

This has progressively, over the past 60 years, succeeding in promoting the perversity of homosexuality as an “alternative lifestyle” choice, open to all.

The degree to which this fascination with the perverse has attracted our curiosity is starkly revealed in a survey conducted by cns News.

On May 6, cns reported that “In the eight days since nba player Jason Collins announced he was gay, the news media have covered the story in 2,381 places. But in the first eight days of the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell and his ‘House of Horrors’ abortion business, the media covered the story in 115 places, meaning that Collins’ ‘gay’ news received more than 1,970.4 percent more news coverage.”

This is also a powerful demonstration as to the extent that the Fourth Estate in Western society—in particular within the U.S.—has been significantly penetrated and influenced by a homophilic mindset.

What is homophilia? It’s the opposite of homophobia, a pejorative used by the media and the homosexual lobbyists who have captivated the media’s mind to describe any person that hews to the Creator God’s assessment of homosexuality (Leviticus 20:13). It describes those who have a fixation on homosexuality as an “alternative lifestyle” that they maintain ought to be embraced, even promoted, by society in general.

cns describes the difference in the extent of media coverage of Kermit Gosnell’s alleged crimes and the announcement by Jason Collins of his “alternative lifestyle” as follows: “Jason Collins, who plays center for the Washington Wizards, announced he was a homosexual in a self-written article for the Sports Illustrated website on April 29. Kermit Gosnell is charged with five counts of murder and 263 other criminal offenses related to his abortion business in Philadelphia; his trial started on March 18 and the jury currently is still deliberating.”

The cns comparison of media coverage from all sources reveals, “[I]n the first eight days of coverage, there were 2,266 more news stories about Jason Collins coming out of the closet as gay than news stories about Gosnell who, specifically, is charged with killing four babies born alive during abortions by snipping their spinal cords with surgical scissors. The fifth murder charge against Gosnell concerns a woman who died from an anesthesia-overdose” (ibid).

cns points out that included in the 263 charges against Gosnell are additional accusations including “conspiracy, solicitation, infanticide, theft by deception, corruption of minors, and tampering with or fabricating evidence. The grand jury report on the Gosnell case states there were ‘hundreds’ of ‘snippings,’ and that Gosnell ‘committed hundreds of acts of infanticide.’”

Again, this means that the Collins story received 1,970.4 percent more media coverage than the Gosnell story.

That says it all.

The Apostle Paul declared that “it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret” (Ephesians 5:12). Verses 3-5 of that same chapter and Ephesians 4:19 reveal that the context here is perverted human lust.

The problem is, instead of heeding Paul’s instruction, we have gone in the opposite direction, literally flooding our mass media and entertainment with a huge excess of “speaking of those things done of them in secret”!

The result is that we are raising generations whose minds are poisoned with perversion, to the point where our lawmakers even reverse the natural law of God. They do so by entrenching in state law the very opposite of the legal behavior legitimized by the Creator who made us and laid down the divine, immutable law that directs human affairs the way they were intended to be.

We will pay a mighty penalty for this.

God’s law is immutable. It defines what real love for God and humankind is. It is outgoing, outflowing, uplifting and replete with instruction in how to fulfill the incredible human potential we were designed to achieve.

All of us are affected to one degree or another by the excess of publicity given to homosexual behavior and gender confusion in this age. Each one of us needs our minds to be thoroughly cleansed of that which our Creator deems an “abomination.” That won’t happen if we perpetuate a penchant for reading about it in the media. It will happen if we devote the time to opening up our minds to that which is truly uplifting, inspirational to the human spirit, and profitable for our mental health. The only true source of such is God’s Word!

A good place to commence such a study would be by reading our inspirational books Mystery of the Ages and The Incredible Human Potential. They will give you a true guide as to how to study the Scriptures with a genuinely open mind, a mind geared to drinking in the plain truth about why you exist and the way you were designed to live—even gaining an understanding of how to gain life eternal!

The rapid descent of Western society into the cesspool of gross immorality is a sign that ready access to the material we offer you—free of charge and obligation—is running out. Do not delay and risk missing the opportunity to gain this life-changing knowledge now. It’s life-changing knowledge, designed to aid you to straighten out your mind and begin to fulfill that incredible human potential that your Creator has given you!