Chancellor Merkel’s Dangerous Doubletalk

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Chancellor Merkel’s Dangerous Doubletalk

Merkel disclaims German European hegemony while calling for EU member states to sacrifice more national sovereignty.

In a startling example of doublespeak, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has denied the obvious German hegemony extant in Europe today while at the same time calling for European Union nations to yield up more of their precious national sovereignty to the German-dominated EU imperialist regime.

“Chancellor Angela Merkel has said there is no German hegemony in Europe, but insisted that euro countries cede more sovereignty to overcome the crisis” (, April 22).

That is classic Protean Germanism. It’s the sheep bleating in the German character “there is no German hegemony” and the wolf howling in concert “cede more sovereignty.” The two statements are completely incompatible when you truly understand the imperialist thrust behind the grand EU vision.

“We need to be ready to accept that Europe has the last say in certain areas. Otherwise we won’t be able to continue to build Europe,” Merkel noted. If ever there was an undemocratic stance, denying nations the right for their own elected representatives to make parliamentary decisions to meet the desire of their constituents, it surely is embodied in that statement!

Yet, from its very beginnings, the EU was designed as a most undemocratic enterprise. It’s just that its real iron teeth are finally being bared now that German elites have Europe economically on the ropes, just where they want it, ripe for the plucking.

As Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge put it, “[E]arlier today Germany’s Angela Merkel once again reminded everyone just what the stakes are in order to achieve a truly stable, and sustainable European union: nothing short of ceding sovereignty to Germany. And with that we are back to square one, because that has always been the trade-off—want a unified, fiscally and monetarily, Europe? You can get it: Just bow down to Merkel” (April 22).

The EU was built by treaty. A careful reading of those treaties, from the 1957 Treaties of Rome to the 2009 ratification by all member states of the Lisbon Treaty, demonstrates just how carefully German dominance of the EU has been achieved. The concept of the European Union has cloaked the aspirations of German elites for European hegemony in a façade of legitimacy. But the demands of these elites are daily becoming more strident in their current desire to hasten their corporatist efforts to forge a new European empire under the combined aegis of Berlin and Rome.

Angela Merkel stated that “We need to be ready to accept that Europe has the last say in certain areas. Otherwise we won’t be able to continue to build Europe.”

Tyler Durden comments, “[W]here Merkel says ‘Europe’ she means Germany. This is confirmed by the immediate denial of precisely this, adding ‘it would be “dangerous” if other countries in Europe felt Germany was imposing its own economic model across the entire bloc.’”

Yet that is exactly what Germany has been doing since the signing of the Treaties of Rome back in 1957. The pièce de résistance was the implementation of the euro via enactment of the Maastricht Treaty of 1991. The replacement of their sovereign means of exchange by the euro was a first, gigantic step toward the progressive loss of national sovereignty by the euro group of nations. The end result of this folly is seen in the virtual financial enslavement of such broke nations as Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus to the Berlin/Rome axis.

As Tyler Durden rightly observes, “Merkel is of course ready to head the asset-strip-mined continent. The question is who else in Europe is willing to hand over their liberties to the next iteration of the German Reich?”

In our November/December 2011 edition, our editor in chief pointed to a couple of headlines that appeared in two British newspapers: “Here are two of the most alarming headlines that have been printed since World War ii. The first appeared in the Telegraph Online on July 21: ‘The euro crisis will give Germany the empire it’s always dreamed of.’ The second was in the Mail Online on August 17: ‘Rise of the Fourth Reich, how Germany is using the financial crisis to conquer Europe.’”

He then went on to point out that “These headlines are from major mainstream media outlets. What is remarkable is that they are almost identical to headlines Herbert W. Armstrong wrote immediately after World War ii. For 65 years, we continued to prophesy and explain these headlines when nobody else was. Now several other voices are writing similar headlines.”

Due to our prophetic vision, centered on the biblically revealed outcome of current major world events, the Trumpet is able to stay well ahead of secular news commentary. When major news sources begin to pick up the thread of what is truly happening in Europe today, it only serves to strongly endorse the veracity of the Bible prophecies for our day and the far-sighted vision given to the one through whom God is challenging the public to face up to their reality.

The point is that what is happening in Europe today is going to soon reach beyond the confines of Europe and begin to truly affect your life. The Bible prophecies forecast this, especially in relation to the Anglo-Saxon nations.

Those prophecies were written in some instances over five millennia ago, but they are as up to date today as though written just yesterday. Many are summarized in Herbert Armstrong’s book The United States and Britain in Prophecy, available free of charge upon request, or downloadable here. That book, read in conjunction with our publication Germany and the Holy Roman Empire, will give you startling insight into the reality behind today’s European Union and its surprising outcome.

If you really want to understand world events in their true perspective, then study those publications immediately and watch this website daily for regular updates on the major news events that are increasingly going to impact your life and the lives of your loved ones.

The real difference between secular news sources and the Trumpet is that we tell you why an event is happening—and we tell you its end result!

Most important of all, in a world filled with negativity, staggering on in the darkness of leaderless confusion, we offer you the one and only true, biblically prophesied hope for true joy in living today in preparation for an unbelievably joyous future in a far better World Tomorrow!