Germany—Research Institute Connects With Nazi Past

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Germany—Research Institute Connects With Nazi Past

New Bavarian research institute to be sited on an old Messerschmitt slave labor compound.

In a surprisingly blatant statement issued this week, the new Bavarian International Aerospace and Security Campus (bicas) announced with a note of pride the historic connection between its chosen site and that site’s Nazi past.

A consortium comprising the Bundeswehr, the armament industry and civil high schools is building a new research institution on the premises of a former military Nazi research institute. reports that “bicas shall serve for the development of autonomous-acting combat drones, as well as ‘civil security techniques’” (April 22; translation ours). further reports that bicas’s declared aim is the implementation of results on the basis of research in “market-mature products” for the safeguarding of German “innovation and technology leadership.”

Indications are that the Bundeswehr and German armaments industry are especially keen to recruit “scientific young blood” and to exploit the “higher education of appropriate specialists” (ibid).

Yet of real concern here is the fact that the project’s sponsors have attached importance to the siting of the bicas campus on premises that were previously used by Messerschmitt to house the “Munich Aviation Research Institute” where World War ii airplane engines were developed for use by the Nazi war machine. bicas patrons even refer with a tinge of national pride to the “tradition” of the “worldwide unique” campus location (ibid).

What they neglect to mention is that at the original site, “The necessary construction work had to be executed by prisoners of the concentration camp Dachau—driven by the cruelty (or mistreatment) of the SS guards” (ibid).

It is one thing to reuse an old site for its originally intended purpose—research and development—notwithstanding its Nazi past. It is distinctly distasteful to tout the location’s past with a tinge of pride in its tainted tradition.

This is but one more episode indicating that German elites are more and more prepared to pop out of the woodwork showing no remorse for their nation’s terrible past of 70 years ago. It is a mindset that is increasingly revealing its arrogance as Germany, month by month, feels increasing muscle as the most powerful nation in Europe once again.

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