Jesuit Priest Communicator of the Year

Catholic Church (England and Wales)/flickr

Jesuit Priest Communicator of the Year

Yet another Jesuit gains high profile in an award ceremony.

Over recent years we have noted the impact of the Jesuits on the development of the European Union. Last Wednesday, the director of the Holy See Press Office, Federico Lombardi, S.J., was awarded the title Communicator of the Year by the giant German-owned financial services group Allianz.

The significance of this award has triple impact on students of Bible prophecy as it relates to the Rome/Berlin axis, now the dominant alliance within Europe. For the award marries the Vatican, Germany and global finance together in a neat tripartite package that is so symbolic of what we see developing in Europe today.

Allianz Group is represented in over 70 countries serving over 78 million clients globally. That the Vatican’s chief press representative should be awarded this honor above all competition from secular journalists is another first for Rome. Yet it is also indicative of the trend that is increasingly amalgamating Germany and Rome in the financial arena.

It is also interesting to note that Lombardi is a Jesuit. We now have a Jesuit pope, Francis, a Jesuit president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, a Jesuit president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, and fulsome endorsement by the Italian Jesuit technocrat, Mario Monti, for Pope Emeritus Benedict’s blueprint of a new global financial order. And now a Jesuit recognized as Communicator of the Year by one of the largest financial companies (German-owned) on the planet.

Can’t we see the trend here?

One would have to be blind not to.

This is not just coincidence. It is the outcome of the promotion by “Holy Roman” elites of their own storm trooper representatives into positions of influence as they move to put the finishing touches on their grand imperial dream.

Allianz notes that Friar Lombardi “represents the key to understanding and interpreting the Holy See with great refinement and experience.” So why would a German financial giant consider “understanding and interpreting the Holy See with great refinement and experience” as a necessity? Perhaps it recognizes the importance of Rome to the ultimate goal of EU elites of gaining the cooperation of EU nations in yielding to their fiscal vision, something which amid today’s euro crisis remains distasteful to many.

Perhaps it recognizes that the only glue that will eventually bind those nations together in a great economic, financial, political and military union necessary to achieve their imperialist dream is the glue of religion—the religion of Rome!

Keep watching for trends such as Allianz’s endorsement of Rome’s chief press spokesman as EU elites move to increasingly propagandize their Holy Roman vision.

Read Germany and the Holy Roman Empire for a more detailed explanation of that which is accelerating toward fruition in Europe today, and where it is all ultimately leading.