Do We Agree With President Bush?

The Trumpet speaks out on a wide array of political issues. Just whose side are we on?
From the June 2004 Trumpet Print Edition

The Trumpet is a magazine that discusses at length the political decisions of leaders and nations. It talks about what actions are being taken, why they are significant and what they may or will lead to. You will find a lot about politics in our magazine.

But does that make the Trumpet a political magazine? Just what is our stance on politics? Do we have a political bias? Is the Trumpet a Bush supporter?

Bible View

The Trumpet’s purpose is to illustrate how world events are specifically fulfilling Bible prophecy—to prove that God’s Word is true, that what the Bible predicts is happening—and to declare the ultimate outcome. In so doing, we give biblical reasoning as to why God is allowing and, indeed, directing world events to play out as they are. God warns of the outcome so mankind can change that outcome if they so wish!

In the sequence of end-time events, one event that will increasingly affect each one of us involves the death of a superpower: the United States. The final death blow will be conquest by a foreign power; but before that time, a weakening of the U.S. from within and without is prophesied.

The Trumpet aims to illustrate how that weakening is taking place; in what ways the U.S. is losing pride in its power (Leviticus 26:19)—and, in doing so, to show the onward march of prophecy that will culminate with Jesus Christ’s return to rule Earth.

The Trumpet has regularly pointed out policy decisions of the U.S. and other nations that have resulted in negative consequences, hastening the fulfillment of this prophecy. In doing this, we do not seek to approve or disapprove of the political actions of any leader, but rather, to tell of their outcome. It is all about cause and effect. Fulfilled prophecy is the effect. The actions of our leaders and peoples are the cause. It is our job to link the two together.

In this broad scheme of things, however, the Trumpet does intend to give credit where credit is due. In doing so, we may appear in some people’s eyes to have a political bias.

The Bush Administration

Let’s take a brief look at how the Trumpet views the current administration in the U.S. and its efforts on the world scene.

First, President Bush deserves credit for his attempts to recognize the authority of God. He openly and publicly acknowledges God and recognizes the need for His divine guidance. However, no amount of using God’s name and having faith in a God whom people refuse to obey (Mark 7:6-7) will provide a solution to America’s woes.

Second, President Bush is aware of and acknowledges that his nation is in peril. As stated, the purpose of this magazine largely is to warn of danger coming upon America and the other modern nations of biblical Israel. (For more information, request The United States and Britain in Prophecy). We also warn about the danger coming upon the whole world. We agree with Mr. Bush insofar as we also acknowledge that the U.S. faces danger and must do something about it. Where we differ concerns the extent of the danger and what America should do about it.

The current leadership of the U.S. recognizes the seriousness of the threat of Islamic terror. President Bush deserves commendation for facing up to and attempting to lead his nation to takeaction. This the Trumpet has acknowledged. However, as we explained in our article “What President Bush Doesn’t Know!” in the November 2002 Trumpet, the administration is blind to the true danger and the solution.

Those who have been reading the Trumpet for any length of time would know that we have consistently delivered the message that the only sure way out of the present and coming dangers is for the people of America, as a whole, to turn to God in repentance—with their leaders showing the way. If we look back at the example of Abraham Lincoln, we can see how a leader can rally his nation in a time of crisis by calling on the nation to turn to God in prayer and fasting. We have seen no such action today.

While we have given credit to America’s toppling of an evil and cruel regime in Iraq, we don’t stop there. The Trumpet has many times pointed to the fact that the Bush administration has refused to deal decisively with the terrorist problem at its head: Iran. In recent issues, the Trumpet has exposed the actions of the current administration in actually furthering the cause of this most dangerous country in the Middle East through a policy of appeasement. In articles such as “Is America Empowering Iran?” (November 2003) and “Conquest Through Sabotage” (last month), we have exposed the underhandedness and hypocrisy of the current administration in its dealings with this “axis of evil” nation. In last month’s issue, our editor in chief stated, “President George W. Bush was asked by a reporter about how America was going to deal with Iran. There was no clear answer. … The Iraqi war will never be won, unless America confronts and conquers its dangerous lack of will to use its military might.”

The Trumpet clearly does not blindly support the present administration’s policies. Instead, we have aimed to show how America’s actions are hastening the fulfillment of Bible prophecy—e.g. in aiding the rise of the king of the south, a regional power in the Middle East (Daniel 11:40). We have also pointed out for many years that because of its lack of national will, the U.S. has won its last war—no matter what policy decisions the Bush administration implements!

This is the message the Trumpet brings. Despite any temporary successes of the current administration—which we may applaud—unless both the leadership and the people of the nation seek God, in true worship and obedience, the nation will increasingly find itself besieged on every side.

In accordance with the spirit of Romans 13:7—“Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour”—we give credit to a president who will point out to his nation a danger facing it and attempt to thwart the intents of the enemy. But that is as far as we can go in support of a human leader who does not know how to solve his nation’s deeper problems or even what the full extent of the dangers facing his nation is!

The most important questions are not being asked: Why is God allowing curses upon America and what should we do about it? In a June 2003 article titled “The Iraq Campaign and American Hypocrisy,” we pointed out that “Our leaders refuse to face even the simplest and most basic truths that God has revealed to man.” As long as that continues, we warn of continued and increasing curses upon America. Whatever the current administration does, without God on its side, the ultimate end will be failure.

Conservative Vs. Liberal

Let us briefly address another reason why the Trumpet may at times appear, to some, to be taking sides politically.

The Trumpet’s teaching is predicated on Bible-based principles. In Western politics, there are two major parties: one supposedly “conservative,” the other “liberal.” In reality, the policies and practices of each do not always divide along these lines. However, to the degree that a party endorses values that are in line with the Bible (which commonly are associated with “conservative” thinking), the Trumpet view may coincide with a particular party view.

These, of course, are not hard and fast rules—rather the general trends: Liberals tend to reject Bible-based morals, favoring moral relativity. Though they promote acceptance and tolerance, it is usually of things that are contrary to God’s Word: homosexuality, abortion, drug use. Conservatives, on the other hand, generally believe in the traditional values of family, are anti-abortion, are tougher on crime, and often tend to be more religious.

It is not our purpose here to examine Bush’s specific policies or personal convictions—or any other politician’s. But, in mentioning these general principles, readers may better understand why the Trumpet’s stance is often more in line with a Republican leader than a Democratic, or liberal, leader. It is not a matter of politics—it is a matter of morality and biblical principles.

Conversely, there are traits in liberal thinking that we may applaud, and conservative traits we may not condone. For instance, liberals pride themselves on detecting hypocrisy, while conservatives—commonly touting family values and high moral standards—often don’t practice what they preach.

We understand that the whole world is deceived (Revelation 12:9) and that “all have sinned” (Romans 3:23). That is why we base our position on God’s infallible Word.

To the degree a leader conforms to conservative, Bible-originated principles, the Trumpet can evidence support of those beliefs—but only to that degree! The Trumpet does not endorse any leader who is ruling in this world under Satan’s government (2 Corinthians 4:4).

Another point to note is that liberals tend to be more idealistic and conservatives more realistic in their view of the world. The idealistic school of thought assumes that human nature is essentially good and that the world’s problems are mainly due to a lack of knowledge or understanding. The realist on the other hand attributes the world’s imperfections to human nature, believing it is capable of enormous evil.

God is the ultimate realist. The Trumpet, when writing about world events, most often differs from the liberal, idealistic approach of most of the media and more often coincides with the more realistic approach of conservative publications and leaders.

Bible prophecy provides a realistic window through which to view each event occurring around the globe. From time to time, the views of a conservative national leader may be realistic—they may agree with what we know to be true. However, without knowledge of biblical prophecy and, more importantly, without knowledge of God’s law, no human being can truly have God’s perspective: the perspective the Trumpet endeavors to provide its readership.

The Powers That Be

The Trumpet aims to put the world’s political events in their true perspective—God’s perspective. The Bible is our guide—for both our moral standing and our political analysis. If you will, the Bible provides our “political bias.” None of our staff has any party affiliation. We are, however, intensely interested in the future of our countries and how present events will affect that future.

We agree with President Bush that terrorism is a danger that needs dealing with. We agree with him that we should acknowledge God; that we should have strong families and promote conservative, Bible-based beliefs. Various of his policies have resulted in a positive outcome for his country.

But that’s about where it stops. Neither President Bush nor any other human leader can solve the deep-rooted spiritual problems of the United States! Human government is innately limited in its capacity to do good because of its susceptibility to greed, selfishness and vanity. As Herbert W. Armstrong stated, God’s Spirit of love is not “in evidence in any of this world’s leaders” (Plain Truth, October/November 1980). No particular party or politician will or can provide solutions to the problems America is facing.

That being said, however, human government does have its purpose at this time, as Christ made clear when He was on Earth (Matthew 22:21). In Romans 13, the Apostle Paul says “the powers that be” are to “execute wrath upon him that doeth evil” (verses 1, 4). The Trumpet does attempt to uphold the authority God has given our human rulers in their pursuit of curbing evil—until the time comes of which the Prophet Daniel spoke, when “the God of heaven [shall] set up a kingdom [or government], which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever” (Daniel 2:44).