Coming: Inner-Core Europe—and War!


Coming: Inner-Core Europe—and War!

A German think tank predicts the prospect of a prosperous inner-core Europe clashing with a poorer periphery.

In a harbinger of the prophesied inner core of 10 European entities to prevail in Europe under the sway of the Rome/Berlin axis (Revelation 17:12-13), a German think tank has highlighted the prospect of the European Union breaking up into a core Europe under German domination—versus the rest. reports that the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, a think tank associated with the main German opposition party (Social Democratic Party) has “developed four possible scenarios for the future development of the EU under the pressure of the euro crisis” (March 20; translation ours).

Of the four scenarios outlined in a recent report, the foundation believes that the most likely outcome of the current euro crisis will be “the formation of a smaller union around the German center (‘Kerneuropa’), while the EU continues parallel in the form of a sort of greater free trade zone” (ibid). Inevitably, that “free trade zone” would be subject to the diktat of the more powerful inner core, directed by Germany.

Of real concern is the foundation’s conclusion that such an outcome would bring with it “a dramatic impoverishment of EU peripheries as well as a possible total breakdown of the eurozone.”

This report by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung goes on to observe that historically, the collapse of alliances such as the European Union has inevitably led to war. It points to the 1990s collapse of greater Yugoslavia as being a case in point: “The Ebert-Stiftung calls to remembrance that the decay of state-run unions can absolutely end in violence: One has to take this danger ‘seriously,’ it warned, with a specific reference to the former Yugoslavia” (ibid).

When one considers that it was Germany and the Vatican that lit the powder keg of the Balkan wars in a deliberate effort to break up that “state-run union” and deliver the Balkan Peninsula to the control of the Rome/Berlin axis, one surely has to consider a similar scenario as being a possible outcome of the European Union project—a German project under the spiritual influence of Rome from its beginning.

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