Germany’s Bundesmarine Deploys off Iranian Coast


Germany’s Bundesmarine Deploys off Iranian Coast

In a sign of things to come, the German Bundesmarine sends a highly armored frigate to the Iranian coast.

It’s billed as part of war games exercises being carried out jointly with the U.S. Navy, but both the choice of vessel and the selection of its strategic location are most significant.

Germany has deployed the frigate Hamburg, which is armed with extraordinary defense capacities against air attacks, to patrol a stretch of water near the Iranian coast.

The Hamburg has recently been included in the Carrier Strike Group Eight deployed around U.S. aircraft carrier uss Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Persian Gulf.

This is the second time that the Bundesmarine has carried out such a function in cooperation with the U.S. Navy. It follows the several-month-long integration of the frigate Hessen in a U.S. carrier strike group patrolling Gulf waters in 2010. claims that “experts believe that German war ships will practice this function more often in the future” (March 5; translation ours).

This is in keeping with German defense elites’ strategy of gradually encircling Iran, biding their time before planned swift reaction to Iran’s continuing foreign-policy push against Europe.

It is entirely in keeping with the prophecy of Daniel 11:40-41, which speaks of the imminence of a blitzkrieg strike by Germany against Iran, the momentum of which carries a German-led European military force right into the heartland of Jerusalem!

The fulfillment of that particular prophecy demonstrates the proximity of the timing of Jesus Christ’s return to this Earth to put down all wars and finally bring peace to this Earth (Luke 21:20, 27-28).

The signs are that day is now rapidly approaching!