Pope Benedict—Preparing for Future Action?

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Pope Benedict—Preparing for Future Action?

In his final Angelus message, Pope Benedict gives a hint of further action to come.

It was a bit like the global warmists’ claim that the planet is heating up when so much evidence points to the contrary.

Despite the brickbats hurled at the pope by the liberal press and mass media since he announced his resignation and the charges of his unpopularity led by the aggressive homosexual lobby, a crowd estimated at 200,000 gathered Sunday to hear Benedict’s final Angelus, filling the piazza fronting the papal apartment at Vatican Square and overflowing into via della Conciliazione.

Hardly an indication of unpopularity!

This demonstration of affection for Benedict cut right across what Deacon Nick Donnelly had termed “the ferocious pack of media dogs who are attacking Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church” (protectthepope.com, February 20).

It was not unlike the outcome of the anti-pope media and press campaign led by Spiegel in advance of Benedict’s visit to his home country, Germany, in 2011. In that instance, despite the strenuous efforts of the liberal, homophile German press and mass media to besmirch Benedict’s character in the mind of the public, the general public ignored that effort and welcomed the pope with open arms. When push comes to shove, religion moves the masses more than any secularist ideology in Europe.

As Pope Benedict retires from the papacy, “to devote more time to prayer and meditation” as he declared in his Angelus, he has given the clearest signal yet that he intends to remain a force within the Vatican by following that statement with the declaration “but this does not mean I’m abandoning the Church” (The Moynihan Letters, February 24).

Parsing Benedict’s Angelus reveals further hints of his future intentions.

“However, praying does not mean isolating oneself from the world and its contradictions, as St. Peter would have liked to have done on Mount Tabor, but prayer leads us back to the path, to action” (ibid).

As Dr. Robert Moynihan, founder and editor in chief of Inside the Vatican magazine asks, “Could the Pope intend to ‘act’ after immersing himself in prayer? If so, in what way?”

That’s the burning question.

Moynihan attempts to answer it but is not really successful.

Benedict reinforced his hint of action to come, following a period devoted to prayer and meditation, with the words, “Christian existence—I have written in the Message for this Lent—means to continuously climb up the mount for our encounter with God, so that afterward we can descend again filled with His love and strength to serve our brothers and sisters with the very love of God” (ibid).

Highly intelligent, brilliant in papal strategy that defies the cheap shots of a liberal socialist, homophile press and mass media, Benedict no doubt has a plan articulated for the future that he is pursuing in a typical deliberate, organized German manner.

As he further stated, his resignation does not mean that he is “abandoning the Church, but rather, if God has requested this of me, it is so that I can continue to serve the Church with the same dedication and the same love with which I have done up until now, but in a way adapted to my age and my strength” (ibid).

The Trumpet’s editor in chief has stated that Benedict is key to the seventh and final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire. This is a fact of which the press and mass media at large continue to remain absolutely clueless, with very few exceptions. But it is a fact.

What’s more, it’s a prophetic fact!

Stay tuned to the Key of David television program for revelation of further developments in the unfolding story surrounding Pope Benedict’s resignation. The final outcome is destined to shake the world!