Germany More Than Doubles Weapons Exports Arabian Gulf Nations

Germany More Than Doubles Weapons Exports Arabian Gulf Nations

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Germany exported €1.42 billion (us$1.88 billion) worth of weapons to Arabian Gulf nations during 2012, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported February 22. In 2011, that figure was only €570 million (us$751 million).

Most of those exports—€1.24 billion of them—went to Saudi Arabia, an increase of 900 percent. The rest went to Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Most the money was spent on €1.1 billion worth of border security equipment for Saudi Arabia.

The newspaper claimed it received the data after a formal question from Germany’s Left Party.

Earlier in the month, German media reported that the government had given Saudi Arabia permission to buy €1.5 billion (us$2 billion) worth of patrol boats. This would be enough to buy somewhere between 60 and 150 of the ships.

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote as early as 1994 that Saudi Arabia would be among several Middle Eastern countries to ally themselves with Germany. Back then, Germany’s arms trade with Saudi Arabia was almost non-existent. It sold the Saudis 36 reconnaissance tanks and 100 diesel engines. That was it for the whole of the ’90s.

Now, Germany is using strategic arms sales to build an alliance of anti-Iranian nations across the Middle East. The explosion of its arms trade in the region has caught the attention of the world. For more information on this alliance, see our article “Next in Line, Please” from the December 2012 print edition of the Trumpet.

Hormone Disruptors in Everyday Chemicals Linked to Diseases

Hormone Disruptors in Everyday Chemicals Linked to Diseases


A report commissioned by the United Nations Environment Program and the World Health Organization has found pathogenic hormone-disrupting substances in a multitude of certain common, everyday materials like credit cards, sunglasses, toys, dashboards, pvc flooring, cosmetics and agricultural pesticides.

The report—produced over a period of two years by an international team of health experts—is titled “State of the Science of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals.” It was released February 19, and it notes the “serious consequences” for health of some of the culprit substances such as phthalates, bisphenol A and brominated flame retardants. According to the report, the consequences are grave enough to warrant a ban to protect future generations.

The report noted that the rise in health problems is just too rapid to be blamed on genes alone. It states that these endocrine disrupting chemicals (edcs)—some of which are airborne—have been linked to such health conditions as birth defects, stunted intelligence, autism, adhd, breast and prostate cancer, asthma, infertility and leukemia.

Natural hormones are vital to normal growth, development and overall health. When these hormones are disrupted by an edc, problems arise. Said the report:

The diverse systems affected by endocrine-disrupting chemicals likely include all hormonal systems and range from those controlling development and function of reproductive organs to the tissues and organs regulating metabolism and satiety.Effects on these systems can lead to obesity, infertility or reduced fertility, learning and memory difficulties, adult-onset diabetes or cardiovascular disease, as well as a variety of other diseases.

A 2002 report on the same study showed the adverse effects of these chemicals on wildlife populations. However, there was “very weak evidence that human health was similarly affected” by exposure to these endocrine disruptors back then. Ten years later, following comprehensive scientific work and improved understanding, there is concrete evidence to reinforce the link between edcs and a host of health problems.

The chemicals studied thus far, the report notes, may only be the “tip of the iceberg.”

God intended mankind to live in a healthy, disease-free, productive and uplifting environment, completely free of harmful pollutants and injurious chemicals such as edcs. In such a world, man’s potential would not be limited by chemicals and diseases.

Such a world is soon coming. Read our article “The Beautiful World Tomorrow” and write for our free booklet The Wonderful World Tomorrow—What It Will Be Like to understand more.

Web Exclusive: America Under Attack

Supreme Patriarch of Thailand Praised Herbert W. Armstrong

Supreme Patriarch of Thailand Praised Herbert W. Armstrong

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Ariyavangsagatayana said “the teachings that Mr. Armstrong spreads do good, and not harm.”

Ariyavangsagatayana, the 18th supreme patriarch of the Buddhist religion in Thailand, described the unofficial ambassador for world peace as “a spiritual leader of the Worldwide Church of God, and founder of Ambassador college,” reported the Nov. 1, 1982, Worldwide News.

Gathered in the Loma D. Armstrong Academic Center, prior to this special audience, the patriarch had met with Ambassador College students and associated Ambassador International Cultural Foundation staff involved in the acept program in his native Thailand.

This was the first historic meeting between the Thai dignitary and the beloved friend of world leaders. Usually, Mr. Armstrong met such dignitaries on their own turf. However, in this instance Ariyavangsagatayana met Mr. Armstrong in his executive office on the fourth floor of administration on the Ambassador College campus in Pasadena, California.

It’s easy to take for granted the frequency of meetings Mr. Armstrong had with world leaders and forget the regularity of language translation during these diplomatic encounters. This meeting was no exception, with Sawasdi Yingyuad, college faculty from 1972 to 1974, translating the unique interchange with subject matter dominated by the activities and welfare of King Bhumibol and international relations. Both men were well acquainted with both the king and queen.

Ariyavangsagatayana, as the 18th patriarch, represented the Thai monkshood or sangha. He was instilled in office by the king, along with consultation of leading monks. “He presides over the Sangha Supreme Council, which has both legislative and judicial functions” (Historical Dictionary of Thailand).

The patriarch presented his host with three of his own books along with a special bronze medal in honor of the participation of the college and foundation in the Thai government’s refugee enterprise.

In response, Mr. Armstrong gave Ariyavangsagatayana a signed copy of his book The Incredible Human Potential. (Request your free copy today!)

During the visit, college students gave a guided tour of the campus to the monks accompanying the supreme religious leader. The same Worldwide News edition quoted the patriarch saying “the greatest problem that has to be solved today is the selfishness of the governments of men.”

He further noted that “Mr. Armstrong, as ambassador for peace without portfolio, has an unusually important role to play in letting the nations know that they must change if we are to have world peace.”

In the presence of Thai leaders in Southern California, he opined that “the teachings that Mr. Armstrong spreads do good, and not harm, and are therefore in keeping with the principles which the supreme patriarch himself stands.”

“In what the Thai leadership regarded as a surprising statement, the supreme patriarch told them not only to listen to what Mr. Armstrong says, but to copy what we do as an example” (ibid).

After Mr. Armstrong’s death in 1986, those who took over ignored the unified call of world leaders, seeking to discredit his reputation and dismantle his teachings.

However, the king and queen of Thailand would be encouraged at the desire and actions of Trumpet founder Gerald Flurry to follow the recommendation of their emissary who sagely advised us to not only listen to what Mr. Armstrong said, but to follow his example.

To achieve this required much labor and restoration of a legacy. A six-year court battle between this publication’s sponsor and the Worldwide Church of God, ultimately yielding a victory out of court, enabled the teachings of the man so respected by the Thai elite to be given free to all who ask. Request Raising the Ruins to understand more.

Today, that legacy so honored by world leaders lives on through the spiritual work of the Philadelphia Church of God, the educational institution of Herbert W. Armstrong College, and charitable humanitarian activities carried out by Armstrong Foundation.

One wonders at the moment the Thai supreme patriarch opened his signed copy of the gift from Mr. Armstrong and read, “It’s positively astounding! It has remained undiscovered by science! No religion has revealed it! Higher education has never taught it! Is it possible the whole world has been deceived—regarding the awesome purpose of human life—about the way to world peace and how it will come?

“And could it be true that the real gospel message Christ brought from heaven revealed this missing dimension—but was suppressed? This is the eye-opening story of the real gospel message of Jesus Christ—of how this missing dimension was withheld, and the whole world deceived.”

As part of that spiritually liberating victory, we are pleased to offer you without cost, obligation or follow up, Mr. Armstrong’s book The Incredible Human Potential.

Investigation Proves China’s Army Is Hacking the U.S.

Investigation Proves China’s Army Is Hacking the U.S.


In light of this staggering evidence, will the United States finally stand up against these acts of war?

A shadowy branch of the Chinese military is one of the world’s “most prolific cyberespionage groups,” according to a report released Tuesday by a leading computer security company.

The report by Virginia-based Mandiant is significant because, before its publication, public evidence proving that the Chinese government sponsors the torrent of cyberattacks originating in China was in short supply. The document’s 60 pages are mostly about investigations Mandiant has conducted on a group of hackers it calls Advanced Persistent Threat 1 (apt1).

Evidence conclusively ties apt1 to attacks on 141 different organizations—mostly entities in America’s military, defense industry, energy infrastructure sectors, telecommunications industry and hi-tech research groups.

Despite Beijing’s persistent claims to the contrary, apt1 is not a group of rogue Chinese hackers.

PLA Unit 61398

“Our analysis has led us to conclude that apt1 is likely government-sponsored,” the report says. It goes on to pinpoint the Chinese military as the branch of the government sponsoring the espionage.

“[O]ur research found that People’s Liberation Army (pla) Unit 61398 is similar to apt1 in its mission, capabilities, and resources. pla Unit 61398 is also located in precisely the same area from which apt1 activity appears to originate. … [T]he totality of evidence” reveals that “apt1 is Unit 61398,” the report summarized.

(Unit 61398 is located inside a building on the outskirts of Shanghai that the Trumpet was able to locate on Google maps.)

With a degree of sarcasm, the authors explain the only other possible explanation for their findings:

A secret, resourced organization full of mainland Chinese speakers with direct access to Shanghai-based telecommunications infrastructure is engaged in a multi-year, enterprise-scale computer espionage campaign right outside of Unit 61398’s gates, performing tasks similar to Unit 61398’s known mission.

Unit 61398 is very seldom mentioned in China’s official descriptions of its military, but Mandiant’s findings reveal that it is perhaps the pla’s most effective and destructive unit.

Washington’s Response

The day after the report was released, the Obama administration announced a new effort to fight the growing theft of American trade secrets. Yet, the statement made no mention of China, the Chinese military or the threat posed to U.S. military and infrastructure.

Washington’s refusal to confront China’s assault in any meaningful way has worried some American leaders. “If the Chinese government flew planes into our airspace, our planes would escort them away. If it happened two, three or four times, the president would be on the phone and there would be threats of retaliation,” said Shawn Henry, former fbi executive assistant director. “This is happening thousands of times a day.”

Cyberattacks—which the U.S. officially labels “acts of war”—are happening thousands of times a day, and mountains of evidence shows that China’s military is behind many of the most destructive and persistent ones. The U.S. is bleeding military secrets, technological information, corporate strategies and billions of dollars. Evidence suggests that America has already suffered trial attacks on its vital infrastructure. Yet, U.S. leaders address Beijing’s brazen ongoing assaults only in the most indirect and toothless terms. They do absolutely nothing to retaliate against the attacks.

One unnamed intelligence official said “huge diplomatic sensitivities” were the cause of Washington’s reluctance to take any action against China.

Many of these “sensitivities” link to the fact that China is the U.S.’s biggest creditor. A staggering number of American politicians and entrepreneurs prioritize profit over patriotism. Chinese policymakers recognize that, under President Obama, the U.S. does not have any stomach for confrontation. So they continue these “acts of war” against America without fear of retaliation.

Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has warned of the U.S.’s cyber vulnerability for many years. In May 2005, he wrote:

I believe one key end-time Bible prophecy could well be fulfilled through … cyberterrorism … ‘they have blown the trumpet, even to make all ready; but none goeth to the battle: for my wrath is upon all the multitude thereof’ (Ezekiel 7:14). The trumpet of war is to be blown in Israel—mainly America and Britain. It seems everybody is expecting our people to go into battle, but the greatest tragedy imaginable occurs! Nobody goes to battle—even though the trumpet is blown! Will it be because of computer terrorism?

The Chinese government’s relentless cyber assaults against the U.S. are now public knowledge. The whole world can hear the shrill blasts of the trumpet of war. By refusing to take action to stop the attacks, America is showing the world that its will to use its power is broken.

To understand more, read “U.S. Vulnerable to Cyber Pearl Harbor.”

Herbert W. Armstrong College Library Miracle

Herbert W. Armstrong College Library Miracle


Preserving a legacy established by God in 1947

Are you aware of the recent demolition of the library building on the former campus of Ambassador College in Pasadena, California?

On New Year’s Eve, 1946, Herbert W. Armstrong spent the night as guest in a home which would, by July 1, become Ambassador College. He recalled it as the “present library, which we then called ‘the college,’ for the simple reason that it housed all classrooms, library, music department, assembly—everything, except business office” (Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong, Volume 2).

This month, the president of Grace Communion International, formerly the Worldwide Church of God, wrote to his supporters commenting on the leveling of the library by its owners in preparation for a modern housing complex.

“… I am sure many of us will have a twinge of nostalgia,” he noted. “That building, like the campus, was a part of our lives even if we had never attended Ambassador College. It had served its purpose, and it was time for us to move on.

“We cannot—and should not—try to preserve the past when it is time to move on. I am thankful for Ambassador’s legacy, which is not made up of buildings, but of ‘living stones,’ working together to make the good news of God’s salvation known to many people, in many places, in many ways” (February 1).

What is the true legacy of that library? For those who care to know, it was established over six decades ago and bears a vivid reminder to us all.

The special 16-page January 1947 edition of the Plain Truth magazine announced the future college in Pasadena. It was the first to boast a front cover, and featured in its debut a picture showing the entrance to the new college.

“The Plain Truth and the broadcast will provide us with students,” Mr. Armstrong recalled in his autobiography. The Plain Truth edition succeeded in returning applications for faculty and student positions.

“The center spread, pages 8 and 9, had a large four-column picture showing a portion of the new campus. The article announcing the new college began on that page, with a four-column headline:x And now … OUR OWN NEW COLLEGE!”

The special feature went on to declare, “Ambassador offers superior advantages in location, beauty of campus, nature of courses of study, high academic standards, advantages in our special recreational and social program, cultural advantages, physical education, as well as in religious instruction.

Ambassador is to be a general liberal arts institution—not a Bible school, ministers’ college, or theological seminary. It will fit students for all walks of life, offering a general and practical basic education. … There is no other college like Ambassador. It is, in a sense, a revolutionary new-type college … a forward-looking, progressive institution built on soundest principles, having highest goals and objectives, yet employing the best of proved methods of administration, and maintaining highest academic standards.

“But why should we establish and conduct a college in connection with this, God’s work? The reasons are concrete and vital. … The work has grown to a scope where called, consecrated, properly educated and specially trained assistants, ministers and evangelists to follow up this work in the field, have become an imperative need. The time has come; when God has given the answer, and moved miraculously to open the way before us. The only answer was a college of our own!

“Yet, the active ministry is different from every other profession in one very important respect. No man ever should enter it of his own volition. … A true minister of Jesus Christ must be specially called of God. And how may we know whether one is really called? Experience has shown human nature to be such that most who think that they are called are mistaken, and those who really are called invariably try to run from the calling! Jesus gave us the only test. ‘By their fruits,’ He said, ‘ye shall know.’ But the fruits are worked out by experience, and that requires time. For that very reason, our college cannot be a ministerial college—though it is being designed so that, should we be fortunate enough to find one out of 20 really and truly called to the ministry, that one will have been prepared and properly trained. … These considerations led naturally to the policy of making Ambassador a general liberal arts institution for all young men and women, regardless of future vocation, occupation or profession.”

The Plain Truth feature went on to provide details of the college, its facilities, curriculum and basic costs. Before concluding, it addressed the problems with this world’s education system—its drift into materialism and immorality. It declared to its readers that revelation from God was the foundation of true knowledge and the false theory of evolution had been falsely inserted as the foundation.

From the day the doors opened in 1947, from its only building, Ambassador College succeeded in its overall objectives. It was not without trial, test and miracles. As it expanded in California, it opened a sister campus in Bricketwood, England, and later in Big Sandy, Texas.

As God began opening doors in 1968 for Mr. Armstrong to personally deliver the Matthew 24:14 gospel message to world leaders, the profile of the college skyrocketed. Many of those world leaders, dignitaries and captains of industry made Ambassador College a destination. The construction of Ambassador Auditorium in the early 1970s further catapulted the college and the work of its founder onto the world scene as it supported numerous charitable and humanitarian endeavors at home and abroad.

By the mid-1980s, the Plain Truth had grown from the days of its first cover featuring Ambassador College library to nearly 8 million in circulation! The World Tomorrow program was on 400 stations, and the income of the Church reached $200 million. The Worldwide Church of God, Ambassador College, Herbert W. Armstrong and the adjuncts of his activities were household names.

This unprecedented favor of the world elite continued until the death of the college’s founder and the shunning of its founding spiritual principles by those entrusted to carry forward the work of God.

The thousands of students and hundreds of faculty who had the prized opportunity to attend this college established to honor the great God, are left individually responsible and accountable for applying the true education they received along with preserving the glorious past as typified by its historic beginning from that first building—the library.

One student who has proven such loyalty to this legacy is founder and chancellor of Herbert W. Armstrong College, Gerald Flurry. Not through lip service or revisionist historical musings, but through faith, sacrifice and total dependence on God, he has led a historic charge to raise the glorious past from the abject ruins it had become (Amos 9:11).

Over two decades of support from members, co-workers and donors of the Philadelphia Church of God have reestablished those spiritual traditions in honor of God. The Church leads its congregations around the world from a headquarters administration focused on reviving that work of Mr. Armstrong. It has revived the college and the cultural and humanitarian work in support of the gospel message being prophesied again (Revelation 10:11).

We here at the Trumpet work to preserve the glorious legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong, which enables us to move boldly forward as the Apostle Paul encouraged us, and “grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).

After a six-year court battle with those who would rather bury and demolish Mr. Armstrong’s legacy, the fruits of our out-of-court victory included the very autobiography of the man world leaders dubbed, the “unofficial ambassador for world peace.”

That book was in Mr. Flurry’s personal collection when the Philadelphia Church of God began, then on the shelves of the smaller library of its original administration building, later on the library shelves of Imperial College of Edmond, and today resides in the sleek, modern and diverse library of Herbert W. Armstrong College.

It is indeed a miracle that God would permit numerous books, along with the music library, that were on the shelves of the very first college building at Ambassador, which made their way later to Big Sandy as the defunct church sought accreditation as a university, only to be sold and repatriated onto the library shelves to be held in the hands of Armstrong College students and faculty today.

That is what it means to be thankful for this legacy.