Germany’s Indonesia Connection

yohanes budiyanto/flickr

Germany’s Indonesia Connection

Germany continues to forge links with Pacific powers in forming its Asia-Pacific hegemonic strategy.

Having recently strengthened its strategic alliance with Australia, Germany is now intent on building regional cooperation with Indonesia. recently reported: “Jakarta offers itself as a partner for Berlin in Southeast Asia, says an analysis by the Foundation for Science and Politics [Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (swp)]; it is politically as well as economically on the rise, and in the region considered as a ‘leading power,’ and additionally, controls the ‘Strait of Malacca,’ one of the ‘world’s most important seaways,’ with great importance for China” (February 7; translation ours).

As is the case now with Germany’s expanding alliances with Arabian peninsula governments, the export of German weaponry to Indonesia is an important contributor to the developing relationship between the two.

“The military can be considered a sustaining pillar of cooperation: Indonesia’s armed forces acquire their weapons to a not insignificant degree from Germany. This is of special significance, since to influence the battle for influence in Southeast Asia, it is always about seeking a strategic front-line position against the People’s Republic of China” (ibid).

As the prophecy of Isaiah 23 indicates, at this particular juncture in history, China and the German-led European Union are mutually dependent for their continuing commercial development on the sea trade that they have built up with each other over recent decades. Yet this market interdependency does not obviate the need to ensure that each is secure from the other defensively. Each has the power potential to become the world’s next superpower and is hence wary of the other’s ultimate intentions.

In fact, as the prophecies for our day declare, each, in turn, does become a singular superpower in its own right—first the German-led EU (Revelation 13, 17), then a China-led Eastern bloc (Ezekiel 38).

Germany’s increasingly aggressive strategic moves in Australia and Indonesia are but strong indications of the fulfillment of the prophecies of Isaiah 23.

Our booklet Daniel Unlocks Revelation gives a detailed account of where the fulfillment of these prophecies is headed. The outcome is predicted to affect every man, woman and child on the planet in a manner that will so shock the world as to powerfully work to prepare the way for the elimination of all competition between nations—forever!

Only when that situation occurs will it be possible to fulfill man’s desire of the ages—a world at peace, with all humanity living in harmony with each other.