Opportunity Rover Still Looking for Answers


Opportunity Rover Still Looking for Answers

After nine years, NASA rover Opportunity is still scouring the surface of Mars.

It has been a long tour of duty for the small, oddly shaped buggy named Opportunity. For nine years it has trundled across the surface of Mars. It has diligently photographed, filmed, drilled, dug, sampled and sifted its way through a number of craters on the red planet. But so far, it has failed to answer some of science’s most crucial questions. Is there life on Mars? Has there ever been life there? Is the planet capable of sustaining life?

Opportunity touched down on Jan. 24, 2004, in Eagle Crater. There it began its study of the planet. It was not entirely alone in the mission. Another rover was sent with it. This one was named Spirit. Both were sent to work for three months. During 2010, Spirit bogged down in Martian sand and from that time on, Opportunity worked alone on the planet.

When Opportunity landed, it was quick to make important discoveries. It came across minerals that only form in the presence of water. This was seen as a sign that Mars was once far warmer and wetter than the cold desert we see today.

Then in 2011, nasa sent Curiosity. Equipped with even more gizmos, Curiosity is set to shed more light on the planet that has remained cloaked in mystery for so long. Curiosity landed five months ago and has already set to work sampling the soil and rock of the planet surface.

Such discoveries don’t come cheaply. Opportunity and Spirit cost around $1 billion to build and operate. Curiosity cost more than $2.5 billion. Such is the price scientists are willing to pay to try to understand Mars, and answer the age-old question, “Are we alone in the universe?” Despite toiling for 10 years, Opportunity has not overturned a single rock that could answer this question. Curiosity has failed on that score too.

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