Germany Steps Up Mideast Combat Training

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Germany Steps Up Mideast Combat Training

Germany is strengthening its Middle Eastern alliances by stepping up weaponry and combat training to Gulf states.

Germany is increasing its active Bundeswehr combat training with key Gulf states that regard Iran as the enemy, reports “At the end of the year, the German Air Force completed two major training measures in the United Arab Emirates, that included joint force operations” (January 11).

In parallel with the prophesied development of a future alliance with Arabian Gulf states (Psalm 83), the report continued, “Participating next to the Emirate soldiers were, among others, military from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and nato states.”

Of particular note was an exercise that “emphasized a ‘fictive crisis scenery in the Gulf region,’ in which Germany had to rush ‘to help a befriended state.’ The only imaginable scenario would be a war against Iran, in which nato and the Gulf dictatorships would fight together” (ibid).

This degree of cooperation between the Bundeswehr and key Arabian Gulf states has a history that extends back to the Schröder/Fischer government initiatives in the region, which have been further strengthened under the Merkel government.

Part of locking these Mideast nations into German Mideast strategy is Germany’s introduction to the United Arab Emirates of the Eurofighter. “Berlin will supply [Eurofighters] to the country in a continued multibillions heavy armament export program to the dictatorships of the Arabian Peninsula for the hegemonic war against Iran” (ibid).

These initiatives by Germany, the prophesied lead nation in the combine identified biblically as the “king of the north,” are additional proof of the rapid development of the Psalm 83 alliance in anticipation of that king of the north soon coming against its chief Mideast enemy, Iran, the biblical king of the south, like a whirlwind in blitzkrieg war.

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