Islamophobia Rising in Germany


Islamophobia Rising in Germany

Anti-Islamic sentiments grow in Germany as Europe continues to detest Muslims.

Anti-Islamic sentiment in Germany is continuing to rise, as negative attitudes toward Muslims and Islam are becoming culturally acceptable.

In an article titled “German Bigotry Shifting From Race to Religion,” Germany’s Local reported that outright racism and xenophobia—which have been taboo in Germany—are giving way to Islamophobia. Alexander Häusler, a neo-Nazi expert from Düsseldorf’s technical university, explained that religious-based racism is more culturally acceptable in Germany, being seen as exercising freedom of opinion. “Criticism of Islam or Muslims appear acceptable, because it is not seen as classically racist,” he told German newspaper Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung on January 7.

Wilhelm Heitmeyer, head of research at Bielefeld University, showing how culturally acceptable Islamophobia was becoming, told the same paper how widespread these sentiments are. According to the Local,

Heitmeyer … found that Islamophobia seemed to exist not only in the far right, but was also present in more left-leaning and centrist circles. The sentiment was identifiable throughout the country, from the highest echelons of society to the lowest.

German police and intelligence officials categorize anti-Muslim/Islam sentiment generally as xenophobia. Muslim authorities in Germany are demanding that this hatred be categorized independently, because, as the head of the Central Council for Muslims in Germany, Aiman Mazyek, told Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung,hostility against Islam is being blurred out.”

These trends in Germany line up with the Bible’s prophecies of a coming clash between a German-led revival of the “Holy Roman Empire” and Islam. In the article “Why Do 10 Percent of Germans Want Another Führer?” we wrote,

Stay tuned to the ongoing debate in Germany about immigration and Islam. As anti-Muslim sentiment grows, tensions will intensify. … Soon, very soon, Germany will get its biblically prophesied führer!When he arrives, both history and prophecy reveal that he, like Hitler, will quickly set about confronting Islam!

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