Croatia to Join EU Though Flouting Rules


Croatia to Join EU Though Flouting Rules

Croatia’s long-awaited acceptance into EU membership is about to happen.

Despite its failure to address charges of deep-seated internal corruption, failure to comply with EU rules on its economy, and with a credit rating at junk status, Croatia is slated to become the 28th member of the European Union in July.

It was inevitable—it’s just that it’s taken so long.

From the time Germany and the Vatican endorsed the recognition of Croatia along with Slovenia as being sovereign states separate from greater Yugoslavia, it was just a matter of time before Catholic Croatia, akin to Slovenia, would become a member nation of the EU club, now overseen by the Rome/Berlin axis, despite its endemic corruption.

In fact, we can take from this move by EU elites, their project of empire building in Europe is about to consummate. There’s very little territory remaining on the Continent to draw into the EU maw. What remains now is the reorganization of the EU into its prophesied 10 constituent parts as prophesied in Revelation 13 and 17.

As we have pointed out since Germany and the Vatican combined to stimulate the Balkan wars of the 1990s, access to a warm-water seaway, its ports and strategic inland waterways, was crucial to the Holy Roman imperialists’ vision of seeking to extend hegemony south and east in pursuit of imperial territorial gain.

Croatia is the seaway hinge on which the German merchant marine and navy increasingly depend for access to the Mediterranean and beyond. Croatia’s direct link to Germany via the Danube River system is vital to this strategic connection. It eases access to ship maintenance facilities available in Malta, to the ship-building and sea-port infrastructure it is increasingly securing in Greece, to the vital ports and listening posts of Cyprus now in its grasp, and especially to the toehold in Turkey via Germany’s new missile base in that nation. This also begs the question, will Bundesmarine access east via the Dardanelles be the next goal of EU imperialist elites, taking them right up to Russia’s doorstep?

Put all this together with the growing influence of the Bundesmarine’s deployment in the Mediterranean and off the Horn of Africa and we see that Germany suddenly has open to it a vital chain of marine access in the imperialist elites’ march south and east in their quest for empire—a Holy Roman Empire! And it all started with bilateral recognition by Germany and Rome of the state of Croatia as a sovereign nation in its own right.

The great paradox is that, come July, Croatia sacrifices that sovereignty for recognition as just another state within the imperialist European empire. Berlin and Rome will then have won the prize they set out to seize back in 1991—and an empire will have been won in the process.

Study the booklet Germany and the Holy Roman Empire for more historic and prophetic background on the rise of the seventh, and final, resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire.