Radical Islam Conquering Egypt

Egypt’s new Islamist-backed constitution passed with a 63.8 percent majority in a referendum, it was announced Tuesday. The Election Commission rejected opposition allegations of significant vote fraud.

Turnout for the vote was much lower than expected. Only 32.9 percent of Egypt’s nearly 52 million registered voters cast a ballot.

The low turnout reflects boycotts by opposition groups—which claim the new constitution will usher in dictatorial Islamic rule in Egypt.

During the lead-up to the vote, opposition group protests resulted in massive street violence that sometimes turned deadly.

Following the approval of the new constitution, angry anti-government protesters again took to the streets in Tahrir Square.

Egypt’s new constitution, which is based on sharia law, was the big goal of the Muslim Brotherhood. Notice what Stephen Flurry said on a December 12 Trumpet Daily.

Now that Egypt has gone Islamic, this will have huge and rapid consequences for the Middle East. Gerald Flurry explains what this means for America, Europe, Iran and Israel on his September 9 Key of David program, “Daniel 11:42 and 43 Now Fulfilled.”