Germany—Filling the Gap

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Germany—Filling the Gap

The recent move by Germany to deploy military personnel and missile hardware to Turkey hastens the fulfillment of end-time prophecy on two fronts.

The Balkan Peninsula, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Turkey. These are the stepping stones from Mitteleuropa, via the Mediterranean, to Jerusalem.

With the German Parliament finally approving the deployment of 400 troops, and multiple batteries of Patriot missiles to Turkey, this has further enhanced the strategic linkage between Europe and the Middle East that German elites have desired all along. It literally hastens the prospect of the prophesied king of the north surrounding Jerusalem with armies (Luke 21: 20). All that now stands between this deployment of German military strength and its marching a peace-keeping force into Jerusalem is the dislocating nation of Syria. And as has noted, Germany is well embedded in the process of influencing the outcome of the Syrian debacle .

Not only that, with this move Germany also strengthens its strategic process of surrounding Iran in preparation for its projected assault on that nation.

The whole process began with Berlin stimulating the Balkan wars of the 1990s by unilateral recognition of Croatia and Slovenia as sovereign states separate from greater Yugoslavia. The Vatican quickly seconded that move. Thus began the revival of the old Rome/Berlin axis which had caused so much bloodshed in the past, most especially in the form of the Holy Roman Empire.

Drawing Malta, Greece and Cyprus into the EU maw was a natural progression of German Balkan strategy. The acceptance of Greece and Cyprus into the European Monetary Union, when clearly neither had met the criteria for membership, only guaranteed their future economic enslavement by Berlin once their respective economies failed, which under euro criteria they were bound to do. As a consequence, as this scenario plays out, Germany, via the European Union, will soon have possession of some of the most militarily strategic locations en route via the Mediterranean to the Middle East.

Germany’s linkage with Turkey is slated to play out against the strategic interests of the United States, Britain and the embattled nation of Israel, according to Bible prophecy. Yet it also gives Germany a missile base on Iran’s western flank, a very handy position for it to be in to fulfill the prophecy of its soon coming against the king of the south like a veritable nuclear whirlwind! (Daniel 11:40).

The great hope in all of this is that it portends the greatest event ever to befall this planet—the return of its Redeemer to put down all rebellion against the Creator and finally bring world peace to an everlasting reality (Luke 21:28).

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